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7 films with the title of Midnight Movies You Should Watch in 2023

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7 films  with the  title of Midnight Movies You Should Watch in 2023


7 film you should watch in the middle of the night
7 film you should watch in the middle of the night

Holla,  today will discuss/provide a reference to the film which is certainly very interesting & memorable When you watch it at midnight.  The following  are 7 films  with the  title of cult classic movie  that you must watch at  night, you can say from the  seven films below that  I will explain later there    are indeed  Several films that have received the  title of cult classic movie because they are worked on by directors who pursue & implement the development of cult classic movies to date. 


 Immediately you look at  7 movies with the  title of cult classic movie that  you must watch at midnight  :



1. The Thing ( 1982 )

Directors : John Carpenter 


The Things 1982 was a  cult classic movie that became one of the  best science fiction horror  films in  the golden year of  cult classic movie  development in the   1980's. The Things 1982 was worked on by the director who  has the  title 'The master of horror  fiction' he is  John Carpenter, The things itself is one of the best horror productions  from several other films  that have indeed received a lot  Good appreciation  from the cult classic horror community.


The Thing 1982 is   a perfect meal for you   midnight movies connoisseurs, this movie that gets the title of  cult classic movie  has a distinctive that is attached to the narrative & visuals.


2. To Die For ( 1995 ) 

To Die For 2005 Film

Directors : Gus Van Sant


To Die For 1995 is a biographical  film packaged into a satirical/black comedy film directed  by  Gus van Sant, and screenwriting by    bucky henry. To Die for is  a film  biography adapted from the  novel  of the  same name written by novelist 'Joyce Maynard'.


The film is inspired by a  novel that tells the story of a tragedy   of premeditated murder  committed by 'pamela smart', because this film is worked on by  a director  who does have the title of director who   Many elevate  marginal  cultures/marginalized subcultures.   With  his distinctiveness,  he is also  included in the group of  directors who preserve the development of cult classic movies to this day.


To Die For    is   a must-watch because it  is based on  a  true story that  takes place in the real world  & this film  has an appeal that is filled with sensuality, obsession so as to make a film    this is  one of  the midnight movie  groups because it  has elements that can hypnotize the audience when watching it at  midnight. 

3. Buffalo '66 ( 1998 ) 

Director : Vincent Gallo 

Vincent Gallo is a Director and Main Actor in this film, It can be said that Vincent Gallo is a Multitallent artist who did have a different Taste in the making of Buffalo '66.


With a lead actor named Billy Brown who has just Escaped from his five-year prison term. During his time in prison he lied to his parents that he had a job and was married. But when he quickly visits his parents' house he kidnaps a dancing woman named Layla, Lalu devises a lie so that he can escape the bad shadows of his parents towards him. But Billy brown also holds a grudge against Scott wood because scott wood has plunged him into jail for losing the bet. But Billy realizes that his actions are a mistake that will plunge him back into the Detention Cell, and plus he realizes he has found his love interest, Layla. And happy ending!!

Indeed, when you hear the movie that ends up Happy ending is a very practical thing and is very often found in movies today. However, according to the cave, there is an important message contained in this film that is especially shown to someone who experiences mental illnesss ( Mental disorders ) or Bipolar Disorder !

4. Big Bad Wolves ( 2013 ) 

Directors : Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado

The film directed by these two people is Crime,Thriller from Israel which makes the cave interested in listing this Movie/Movie in the reference that Gua will share this time. Gua was attracted to this film because it combines elements of Thriller-Crime and Dark Komedy which makes this film interesting to watch.


At the beginning of this movie scene, 2 girls and one boy are seen playing hide-and-seek in an empty house, and suddenly one of the girls disappears. And the scene turned to the police who had found the main suspect who was being interrogated inside an empty house.

Indeed, there have been many cases of kidnapping of little girls that lead to rape and murder, And one of the main suspects has been caught, namely Dror (Rotem Keinan) a teacher who was released because it has not been proven, But because there were eyewitnesses who recorded when the police interrogated Dror and uploaded it on the internet, The video became a boast - a boast of the community and Dror was temporarily quit his job.

But the investigation is still continuing and finally the girl's body is found, Because the father cannot take it for granted because his daughter was killed he also intervenes to unmask the Dror. Gidi ( Tzahi Grad ) is the father of the murdered girl is a military veteran who conducts investigations in his way, And he also cooperates with Micki a policeman to interrogate Dror in a cruel way.

Anyway, you must watch this film to fill your free time, with suspense and also full of mystery, The dynamics of this film become very good and make the audience curious.

5. Cashback ( 2006 ) 

cashback 2006 movie poster

Directors : Sean Ellis 

Cashback 2006 is a romance/comedy movie that contains artistic elements in a British style directed by Sean Ellis, The movie directed by Sean Ellis deserves thumbs up because initially this movie was only exhibited at an art exhibition in 2004 as a short film, Then Sean also developed the short movie he made into a 1hr42-minute film by combining the British style and artistic elements that we can understand if  We understand more deeply about the delivery of this movie.

At first, at first glance, this movie was a biography because the storytelling style in this movie was divided into 2 directions, namely Present time and past time which focused on the life process of Ben Willis (the main character). But it turns out that this is all the result of a thought written by Sean Ellis himself. From the visual concept and also the storyline in this movie, it is very exciting because it smells - an artistic smell that is combined with comedy-romance so that it creates a taste like watching a semi-biographical movie.

6. Odd Thomas ( 2013 ) 


Directors : Stephen Sommers


Odd Thomas 2013 is  a mystery  /thriller  film with a supernatural  feel like a horror film but the  essence of horror in  this film is not so thick, this film is more inclined to the mystery disclosure made  by  the main character  is Odd Thomas who has supernatural  powers like an indigo  child.


Odd   Thomas 2013 is worked on with a fairly simple  narrative  for the  mystery  film  because it  is combined with supernatural  elements, more precisely this film  can be said to be a science fiction horror that  of course,  you  must watch it at night  because this movie  is included in the Midnight Movies  group.




7. The Call ( 2013 )

 Directors : Brad Anderson


The Call 2013 was the  best psychological crime/thriller movie  in  2013, This film was worked on by a director  who is classified as a  cultivator who helped preserve the  development of cult classic movies this year.  He  is  Brad Anderson, a producer who has a  distinctive psychological  element in film,  Average the psychological  film he worked on  is quite  complicated to interpret, especially in the  film 'The Call 2013'.


The Call 2013 is one of  the psychological crimes  that   you must watch at night, because psychological  crime films such as 'The Call 2013' are movies that get the title of  'Cult Classic Movie', 'Midnight Movies;





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3 The Best From Rob Zombie Movies | His Called The Firefly Trilogy

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3 The Best From Rob Zombie Movies | His Called The Firefly Trilogy


3 cult classic movies called 'The Firefly Film Series

3 cult classic movies called 'The Firefly Film Series - Well, this time we are back again with one of stoneeman's mainstay topics,  namely discussing and reviewing 3 cult classic movies called 'The Firefly Film Series' which became so popular and thick with adoration of the 3 main characters in this film who played their roles gloriously.


These 3 characters are Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie), Otis Driftwood (Bill Moseley), These three fictional characters played by 3 actors will make this film more terrible because of the sensation, tension and typical psycho of these 3- people will stick to us audience if we watch the trilogy series worked on by Director Rob Zombie.


If you are  someone who  really adores cult classic horror, these 3 horror series films by  Rob Zombie  are the  best choice of stoneeman for you.   Because these three films  have become the most puja horror legends  by  cult classic movie fans, and not only that because this  horror is combined by  black comedy elements, this film  is very suitable for watch at  midnight, even the three series  of films that are classified as one of  the legendary Cult classic midnight movies to    date.


Robert Bartleh Cummings or commonly called by his stage name Rob Zombie, It is necessary to know that this Director is also a musician and a vocalist of a heavy metal band called White Zombie, Well of course from the background of the narrative designer of these 3 (three) legendary films alone we can know he is a perfectionist in working on the terrible trilogy that is given the nickname the firefly film series.



Rob Zombie this multifunctional director, in my opinion, is already very thick with classic horror elements that he has, starting from stage dressing up, Property, Album, Album Cover, even the music genre contains elements of dark music heavy metal (Satanic).


And what's more, these three movie series do contain elements of black comedy combined with psychological horror.



-  House Of 1000 Corpses 2003


Director : Rob Zombie 


House Of 1000 Corpses (2003) the first series directed by Rob Zombie is quite impressive and seems like a classic slash horror film in the 70s. In this first series, we will be introduced to a psychotic family that becomes an urban legend in a mountainous area whose location is unknown.


This film was made  with the concept of Slash horror and wild narrative and also  nasty which made this film into the category of Cult classic movies  , due to the impact of fans who liked the presentation of weird and nasty movies that were packaged like 70s movies.


Synopsis :


-  House Of 1000 Corpses 2003
The Famous Captain Spaulding 


In October30,1977 We will be  introduced to the  clown character  named 'Captain Spaulding ( Sid Haig ), The film opens with two amateur criminals  who are robbing a  shop ( Gas station ) which apparently the  store  is owned by Captain Spaulding .  The lives of these two robbers were eventually lost because they faced captain Spaulding   , Captain Spaulding  is a  psycho and he is a clown who has a haunted house caravan   ( The Museum of Monsters & Madmen) where   there will be 4 young people who visit his caravan and are successfully persuaded by captain Spaulding due to the  creepy urban local  story about Dr.Satan, As a  result of the story   urban legend narrated  by   'Captain Spaulding' Thesefour young people were finally given clues & the location where Dr. Satan was.


3 The Best From Rob Zombie Movies | His Called The Firefly Trilogy
Should we Call Great Firefly Family ?


The main plot of  the film  centers on a  group of teenagers who are kidnapped & tortured by  a psychotic family When Halloween is going on.   The narrative concept  in this film  is  very well designed  by Rob, the visuals & properties  in this film  are also made like a Halloween movie  and combined with elements  of  suspense and  visual effects in Use is also classified as Midnight Movies.



- The Devil’s Rejects 2005


Directors : Rob Zombie 


The Devil's  Rejects  2005 is the second sequel  to the 'House of 1000 Corpses' which is part of the  'Firefly film series'. In the second sequel  written  and also worked on by Rob Zombie, it  was a bit wild from the first film.


Because the devil's   rejects  is a sequel to the 'firefly film series' which still tells about the  antagonist family  in the first film  , House of 1000 Corpses, but in this second  sequel  the narrative  is made a little different against the three Characters who  were originally  psychotic antagonists become evil protagonists  who begin to be haunted by  police pursuits   for murders/crimes they committed.


The main plot  of this film  tells the story of an  escape from a psychotic  family (firefly family) who begins to be haunted by   the   police chase for the murders/crimes they  committed in the previous film    , It sounds like a very simple plot & easy for the  audience to follow if you watch the  movie  from the first series.

- The Devil’s Rejects 2005
Three Lucky Bastards

 What makes the devil's rejects  even more exciting to enjoy is that  Rob Zombie always inserts unexpected plots   from these three characters, where  in  this second sequel  these three characters   should be  had  approached his death as they had fallen into  police  traps several times  and almost always  died,  but the three of them  always   had  good luck/congratulations  From the  trap it seemed as if the devil was on  their side. It can be said that these three core  characters are The Lucky Bastard who became a  legend in the third sequel  later.


- 3 From Hell 2019

 'Spesial Performing from the old ghost'

3 From Hell 2019, Well in this sequel we  can see a  slight change accompanied by a new face that  we will  encounter in the third sequel  which  has received a lot of  good responses from fans &  film critics. 


In  this third sequel  we can see Back  the psychotic crazy action performed by Baby  (Sheri Moon Zombie), Otis B Driftwood (Bill Moseley), Winslow Foxworth (Richard Brake), And  sorry  we can't  find 'captain Spaulding   the amazing ( Sid Haig )' k arena he has met his death When the film   premiered  on September 16,2019.


The Legend Has Returned,- 3 From Hell 2019
The Legend Has Returned


The main plot  in the third film  is quite surprising because the  three characters who should have been declared  dead due to the  impact of  hundreds of bullets that penetrated their bodies, and it turns out that Rob zombie made a plot  Another  unexpected surprise for these three characters.  It seems that Rob Zombie really loves these  three characters because  they have become urban legends  in  America because his appearance  in the second sequel  makes the audience ask if there will be  a  replacement role in the third sequel  because the  ending of the second sequel  should be the three characters, namely Spaulding, Baby & Otis, have been confirmed to have died.

Firefly Trilogy, which was worked on by Rob Zombie, is a  film that is very difficult to guess the  plot if you watch it for   the first time, it is not an ordinary thing  for a Director like rob zombie in  working on  A  very dark movie like the Firefly Trilogy, which in fact he is a former lead vocal of the heavy metal  band White Zombie.  Plus some of the movie breaks  that were worked on by rob zombies such as The Lords of Salem, Halloween 2, 31 which penetrated into a  cult classic movie horror  group that has a unique signature in  this modern era.

Although indeed this firefly trilogy  is supported by the big label   Lionsgate Company which  in fact accommodates a lot of commercial horror films  with a fairly large budget, But put that aside because  for me Rob Zombie   himself is    a multi-talented person with a distinctive that does not escape sadistic &  satanic things.

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Apa yang dimaksud dengan midnight movies ? Berikut ini adalah pengertiannya !

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Apa yang dimaksud dengan midnight movies ? Berikut ini adalah pengertiannya !


Apa itu Midnight Movie ?

Apa itu Midnight Movies ?

Stoneeman Review – Halo rekan pembaca setia stoneeman, pada kali ini saya selaku nahkoda kapal dari ingin memberikan beberapa penjelasan terkait ‘Midnight movies; yang selama ini stoneeman mention pada setiap artikel review movie yang sudah stoneeman publish.

Di topik pembahasan kali ini stoneeman akan membahas definisi dari ‘midnight movie’ beserta literatur awal mula muncul nya istilah tersebut & perkembangan  serta contoh dari film yang dapat di golongkan menjadi midnight movie.

Jika kalian adalah seorang penggiat atau bisa di katakan sebagai ‘movie hollic’,’Movie maniac’ atau biasa di katakan sebagai pemburu film, Tentunya kalian harus tahu istilah midnight movie yang menjadi salah satu patokan bagi para penggemar cult classic movie dalam mengkategorikan film cult classic yang cocok untuk di tonton pada malam hari.

Oh ya sebelum kita memasuki topik pembahasan mengenai ‘Midnight movie’ tentunya istilah ini akan relate dengan pembahasan cult classic movie yang pernah saya ungkap sebelumnya, Jika kalian ingin membaca penjelasan mengenai ‘Apa itu cult classic movie ?; Kalian bisa membaca beberapa artikelnya di bawah ini :


Cult Classic Film : The classified as a Cult Classic movie

Setelah kalian memahami istilah cult classic movie dari artikel diatas, mari kita bedah istilah dari ‘Midnight movie’ beserta literatur perkembangannya dari awal mula kemunculannya & perkembangannya hingga saat ini.


Pengertian istilah ‘Midnight Movies’

Midnight movies adalah salah satu istilah yang banyak dipakai Ketika kalian ingin menonton film pada malam hari, kebanyakan orang tau midnight movie adalah sebuah rutinitas yang biasa di lakukan oleh penggemar film Ketika ingin menonton film – film yang cocok di tonton pada malam hari.

Memang dapat di artikan seperti itu, Akan tetapi jika kita telusuri & telaah lebih dalam lagi, midnight movie telah menjadi sebuah pasar yang di targetkan oleh para penggarap/director sebagai tontonan yang hanya bisa di nikmati pada malam hari.  Akibat banyak nya peminat yang menyukai midnight movie maka terbentuk dan tercetuslah istilah midnight movie di tahun 1970’s.


Sejarah kemunculan istilah/ketentuan ‘midnight movies’

Seperti yang sudah saya sampaikan diatas midnight movie ibaratkan sebuah pasar perdagangan bagi para penggarap/director yang telah melestarikan istilah ini dari tahun 1950’s. 

Istilah midnight movie ini muncul karena berakar dari beberapa penggarap yang sudah mempraktekan dan menekuni perkembangannya sedari tahun 1950’s pada stasiun televisi local di amerika serikat.

Pada kala itu midnight movie dibuat dengan sedemikan rupa dengan budget yang tentunya tidak besar dan menggunakan visual yang masih hitam-putih dengan minim modal ( low budget ).

Setelah memasuki tahun – tahun kemasan dari perkembangan film tepatnya di tahun 1960-1980’s mulailah bermunculan para penggarap yang melestarikan cult classic movie yang dimana meramba ke dalam banyak genre beserta elemen – elemen yang tidak bisa di golongkan satu – satu, tapi akan stoneeman jelaskan dibawah.


Apakah midnight movies adalah turunan dari cult classicmovie ?

Dari literatur yang sudah stoneeman pelajari, Midnight movie jugalah berasal dari film – film cult classic yang perkembangannya berkembang sangat pesat pada tahun 1970’s yang dimana visual,sound,effect ,genre,dll berkembang pada era itu.  

Lebih tepatnya awal mula kemunculan cult classic movie di ikuti sejalan dengan perkembangan ‘midnight movie’ mulai tahun 1970’s hingga saat ini. Fenomena midnight movie juga turut berkembang semenjak cult classic movie di tahun 1970’s karena banyak penggarap/director yang mulai melestarikan dan mengembangkan sebuah trend tersebut yang menjadi sebuah cultur di amerika hingga saat ini. terlepas dari perkembangan cult classic movie/midnight movie yang menjadi sebuah budaya di amerika, itu semua terjadi dan terbentuk karena adanya sebuah revolusi/gebrakan yang dilakukan oleh anak muda generasi 1960's akhir dengan pergerakan yang di namai counter-culture.

Oh iya jika kalian penasaran dengan pengertian ‘apa itu cult classic movie ?’ kalian bisa langsung simak artikelnya dibawah ini :

 Apa Yang dimaksud dengan cult classis movie ? 


Jenis – jenis film yang mendasari perkembangan ‘Midnight Movies’


Dari penjelasan diatas jika kalian sudah membaca artikel pembahasan mengenai cult classic movie, sama layaknya seperti ‘cult classic movie’ midnight movie juga salah satu golongan film yang mempunyai nuansa,sensasi & elemen nan khas yang dapat di kelompokan sebagai midnight movie.

Setelah periode noir film ber-akhir pada tahun 1960’s, pada tahun 1970’s midnight movie muncul dengan wajah baru yang identic dengan movie horror ataupun suspense movie yang sudah mulai modern karena di tahun ke-emasan 1970’s banyak sekali perubahan dalam industry film mulai dari genre,effect visual,editing,sound,dll.

Di tahun 1970’s ada dari beberapa penggarap yang memang khusus melestarikan & mengembangkan penggarapan dari midnight movie ini,Dari beberapa director pada tahun 1970’s yang mengikuti perkembangan cult classic movie & midnight movie salah satunya ialah ‘Jim Sharman’ seorang penggarap asal Australia yang menggarap ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975; Film tersebut adalah salah satu fenomena midnight movie yang berhasil merubah ekonomi dalam industry perfilm-an/pameran film underground yang ada di amerika serikat.

Alejandro Jodorowsky,stanley Kubrick, beserta penggarap cult classic lainnya juga turut mengembangangkan fenomena midnight movie pada tahun ke-emasan tepatnya dimulai di 1960 akhir sampai 1980 dan bahkan terus berkembang hingga saat ini.

Jadi pada dasarnya midnight movie tidak hanya berpatok pada genre – genre horror/suspense ataupun thriller,Perlu di ketahui bahwa Midnight movie juga serupa dengan cult classic movie karena memang berkembang seiringan dalam perjalanan waktu pada industry film.


Film yang masuk gologan ‘midnight movies’


 Ada perumpaan bahwa tidak semua film horror bisa di golongkan menjadi ‘midnight movie’ dan tidak semua midnight movie adalah horror movie, karena ada 2 faktor yang membuat midnight movie bisa di golongkan menjadi midnight movie :

1.Film komersial yang ber-anggaran rendah

2. Film underrated yang mendapatkan gelar cult classic movie

Pada tahun 1960’s terjadi sebuah ledakan kemajuan yang cukup progressive didalam perkembangan cult film mengikuti dengan midnight movie yang sudah menjadi budaya menonton film/acara teater pada malam hari di united stated amerika. Karena adanya pemutaran film – film aneh tersebut ataupun biasa di sebut sebagai underrated movie pada malam hari di tahun 1970’s akhirnya fenomena ‘midnight movie’ pun tersebar luas ke seluruh negeri dan menjadi sebuah trend yang sangat banyak diminati oleh beberapa kalangan sehingga film – film yang selalu diputar di tengah malam tersebut membangun sebuah audience/penonton yang menggemari midnight movie show sehingga terbentuklah sebuah sekte/komunitas yang menggiati perkembangan midnight movie itu sendiri.

Beberapa contoh midnight movie yang wajib kalian tonton

Istilah midnight  movie ini terbentuk karena adanya pasar/audience yang memang benar – benar memuja cult classic movie, sehingga ada beberapa penggarap yang memang menjadi contoh dalam mengikuti perkembangan midnight movie ini, berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh film yang wajib kalian tonton jika memang kalian adalah pemuja midnight movie sejati :

Old Midnight movies yang menjadi pelopor

  • Ø  Lolita 1962 ( Stanley Kubrick )
  • Ø  El Topo 1970 ( Alejandro Jodorowsky )
  • Ø  The Devils 1971 ( Ken Russell )
  • Ø  The Hourglass Sanatorium 1973 ( Wojciech Has )
  • Ø  Gothic 1986 ( Ken Russel )
  • Ø  Prince of Darkness 1987 ( John Carpenter )

New era midnight movies

  • Ø  Two Evil Eyes 1990 ( George A.romero & Dario Argento )
  • Ø  The Silence of the Lambs 1991 ( Jonathan Demme )
  • Ø  Brain Dead 1992 ( Petter Jackson )
  • Ø  Basic Instinct 1992 ( Paul Verhoeven )
  • Ø  Requiem for a Dream 2000 ( Darren Aronofsky )
  • Ø  Donnie Darko 2001 ( Richard Kelly )
  • Ø  The Butterfly Effect 2004 ( Eric Bress )
  • Ø  Under the Silver Lake 2018 ( David Robert Mitchell )

Beberapa judul film diatas adalah salah satu contoh dari film yang dimasukan kedalam golongan ‘midnight movie’ dari era ke-emasannya sampai perkembangannya hingga saat ini yang terus ber-generasi pada tiap – tiap tahun. Tidak hanya dalam genre horror.suspense,thriller saja yang bisa di golongkan menjadi ‘midnight movie’ ada beberapa factor yang mendasari jika kalian sudah memahami literatur & elemen yang dapat dicirikan entah itu dalam bentuk narasi,visual, bahkan gaya editing didalam filmnya, itu semua akan terlihat sangat jelas dan menjadi sebuah perbedaan dari film – film komersial lainnya.

Jadi seperti itu lah keseluruhan dari interpretasi yang sudah stoneeman jelaskan, dan semoga informasi yang stoneeman sudah jelaskan diatas dapat berguna dan bermanfaat bagi kalian pembaca setia dari website review movie terkeren pada saat ini,