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Midnight Movies Explanation | Stoneeman

Midnight Movies Explanation | Stoneeman




What is Midnight Movies?


Stoneeman Review – Hello  fellow, loyal readers of stoneeman. this time  as the  captain of the  ship from I would like to give some explanations related to 'Midnight movies; which   stoneeman has   been mentioning in every article Review of the movie that  Stoneeman has published.

In  this    topic,  stoneeman will discuss the  definition of 'midnight movies' along with the  literature on the beginning of the emergence of  the term & developments and examples of films that can be classified as    Become a Midnight Movie.

If you are an activist or  can be   said  to be 'movie hollic', 'Movie maniac' or commonly said as a movie  hunter,  of course you must know the  term midnight movie which is one of  the     The benchmark for  cult   classic movie fans in categorizing cult classic movies that are suitable to watch at night. 

Oh yes before we get into the  topic of discussion  about 'Midnight movie' of course  this  term will relate  to the  cult classic movie discussion that  I  have previously revealed, If you want to read the explanation of  'What is a cult classic movie ? ; You can read some of the articles below   :


Now that you understand the   term  cult classic  movie from the  article above, let's examine the  term 'Midnight movie' along with  the development  literature from the beginning  of  its appearance & development to the present.


Definition of the term 'Midnight Movies'

  Midnight movies are  one of  the  terms that are widely used When you want to watch a movie  at night, most people know that midnight  movie is  a routine that is usually done by   movie fans when want to watch  movies that are suitable to watch at night. 

It can  indeed be interpreted  as  such,  but if we explore & study more deeply, midnight movie has become a market targeted  by cultivators/directors as  a  spectacle that  can only  be enjoyed at night.  As a result  of many enthusiasts who liked midnight movies, the  term midnight  movie  was formed and coined in the  1970's.


History of the emergence of  'midnight movies'

  As  I mentioned above,  Midnight Movie is like a trading market  for the cultivators/directors who have preserved this term from the  1950's. 

The term midnight movie arose because it has its roots in several cultivators who have practiced and pursued its development since the 1950's on local television stations in the United States.

At that time  midnight movies  were made  in such a  way with a  budget that was certainly not large and used visuals  that were still black-and-white at that time  (low budget).

  After entering the    packaging years of  the development of films  precisely in the  1960-1980's began to emerge cultivators who preserved cult classic movies which  penetrated into many genres along with elements  that  cannot be classified as  one, but will be explained below.


Is midnight movies a derivative of cult classic movie?

From  the literature that  Stoneeman has studied, Midnight movies also come from films – cult classic films whose development  developed very rapidly in  the 1970's where  visuals, sounds, effects  , genres, etc. developed in that era. 

More precisely, the  beginning of the emergence of  cult classic  movies was followed in line with the  development of 'midnight movies' from the 1970's to the present.   The phenomenon of midnight movies has also  developed since the  cult classic movie in the  1970's because many cultivators/directors began to preserve and develop a  trend  that became a cultur  in America to date.

Oh yes, if you  are curious about  the meaning of 'what is a cult classic movie?' you can immediately see the article below  : 


Types of films underlying the development of 'Midnight Movies'


From the explanation above,  if you have read the  article discussing  cult classic movies, just like the '  cult classic movie' midnight movie is also one of  the  film groups that has nuances, sensations & distinctive elements   that can be grouped as midnight movie.

After  the film  noir  period ended in the 1960's, in 1970's midnight movies appeared with a new face that was  identic with horror  movies or suspense movies that had begun to be modern because in the golden year of the 1970's there were many changes in the film industry ranging from genres, visual effects, editing, sound, etc.    

In the 1970's there were several  cultivators who  specialised in  preserving & developing the cultivation of this  midnight movie,From  several directors in   the   1970's who followed the development  of cult classic movies & midnight movies   one of them is 'Jim Sharman' an  Australian  cultivator who worked on 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975; The  film   is one of  the  midnight movie  phenomena that has succeeded in  changing the economy in the underground film industry / film  exhibition  in the United States.

Alejandro Jodorowsky, stanley Kubrick,  and  other cult classic  producers also  helped develop the  phenomenon of  midnight movies  in the  golden year to  be precise starting in the late 1960s  to  1980 and even continuing to  grow until the moment  this.

So basically midnight  movies are not   only based on genres  – horror/suspense or thriller genres, you need  to know that Midnight movies are also similar to  cult classic movies because they develop in    time in the industry movie.


The movie that entered the terms of 'midnight movies'


There is a rumor that not all horror films can be classified as 'midnight movies'    and  not all  midnight movies are  horror  movies, because there are 2 factors that make   midnight   movies  can be classified as  Midnight Movie :


 1.Low-budget  commercial films


2. Underrated film that earned the  title of cult classic movie


In the  1960's there was  a fairly progressive   explosion of  progress in the development of  cult films following midnight movies that had become a culture of  watching movies/theatrical events at night   in the united states of america .  Because  of   the  screening of these strange films  or commonly referred to  as underrated movies at night  in  the  1970's finally the phenomenon of 'midnight movies' spread  widely throughout  the country and   became a trend that was very much in  demand by some circles so that the  films  that were always screened in  the middle of the  night built  an audience  / audience who liked the midnight movie show  so that  A  cult/community was formed  that encouraged the  development of Midnight Movie  itself.

Some examples of midnight movies that you must watch

The term midnight    movie was formed because of the market / audience that really worships cult classic movies, so there are  several cultivators who are indeed examples  in following the development of this midnight movie, here is  are some examples of movies that  you must watch if you are a true midnight movie  devotee:  

Old Midnight movies that became a pioneer

Ø  Lolita 1962 ( Stanley Kubrick )

Ø  El Topo 1970 ( Alejandro Jodorowsky )

Ø  The Devils 1971 ( Ken Russell )

Ø  The Hourglass Sanatorium 1973 ( Wojciech Has )

Ø  Gothic 1986 ( Ken Russel )

Ø  Prince of Darkness 1987 ( John Carpenter )

New era midnight movies

Ø  Two Evil Eyes 1990 ( George A.romero & Dario Argento )

Ø  The Silence of the Lambs 1991 ( Jonathan Demme )

Ø  Brain Dead 1992 ( Petter Jackson )

Ø  Basic Instinct 1992 ( Paul Verhoeven )

Ø  Requiem for a Dream 2000 ( Darren Aronofsky )

Ø  Donnie Darko 2001 ( Richard Kelly )

Ø  The Butterfly Effect 2004 ( Eric Bress )

Ø  Under the Silver Lake 2018 ( David Robert Mitchell )


Some  of the  film titles above  are  examples of  films that are included in the 'midnight movie'  group from their golden era  to their  development to  the present  day which continues to be generational in each –    annually.  Not only in the horror.suspense  genre, thriller  which can be classified as a 'midnight movie' there are several underlying factors  if you already understand the literature & elements that  can be characterized whether it is in the  form of narrative, visual, or even editing  style in the film, it will all look very clear and become a difference from commercial films    others.


So  that's the   whole interpretation that Stoneeman has explained, and hopefully the information   that Stoneeman has explained above can be   useful  and useful for you  loyal readers   of  The coolest movie review website  at the moment,


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