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9 Psychological Crime Thriller Movies with Good Storytelling

9 Psychological Crime Thriller Movies with Good Storytelling


The Best Psychological Crime/Thriller Recommendation

The Best Psychological Crime/Thriller Recommendation

Well, like the title above, this time I will share recommendations regarding Crime films that have narratives and concepts that will surprise the audience every time. Not only that, the choice of movies that I give below is the best of the best psychological crime movies, which there are several adaptations of crime fiction novels that are very thick with understanding the behavior of a criminal. 


What are you waiting for, let's just watch the films below:


- Manhunter ( 1986 ) 


Directors : Michael Mann



Manhunter is a Crime-Thriller film adapted from a 1981 novel entitled Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, Thomas Harris is a novelist with the Criminology Behavior writing style which in his novels tells about an understanding of typical behavior and motivation. a murderer why he could commit such cruel acts, and also concerns the killer's psychology. With his most famous character, Hannibal Lecter, a Forensic Psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.



Okay, let's go on to the discussion of this movie, this movie is the result of an adaptation of Thomas Harris' first novel, Red Dragon 1981, which is where Hannibal Lecter's character first appeared. This movie was one of the first breakthroughs in a modern visual form at that time called Neo-Noir, And also this Manhunter Movie is a movie adaptation of the first Red Dragon novel which was later used as the basis for a subsequent film released in 2002 with the title the same as the novel And even after that many more novels written by Thomas harris were adapted into a film.



Manhunter tells the story of an FBI Criminal Profiler or can be called a strategy Investigator, where this agent is played by William Petersen (Will Graham). Will Graham is an FBI agent who has retired and is mentally disturbed due to his last assignment, which is to arrest Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Then he is persuaded to return to duty by his former boss Jack Crawford to handle a serial murder case committed by Francis Dollarhyde (Tom Noonan).

This is what's interesting about the films adapted from Thomas Harris' novels, where Will Graham investigates crime scenes in a unique way, namely trying to enter the mindset of the killer and finally finding some evidence to investigate further.


A little of the synopsis explanation of the storyline that I can convey, the rest about this film I can only convey to the actor who plays Will Graham (William Petersen) as an actor who is very intelligent in playing his role so that there is no feeling of boredom when we watch the movie.


- The Silence Of The Lambs ( 1991 ) 

Directors : Jonathan Demme



The Silence Of The Lambs is a film adapted from a novel by Thomas Harris "The Silence Of The Lambs (1988)" with the theme of Horror Fiction and Criminology Behavior (Psychological or the behavior of a criminal). Indeed, for novels of this class, if it is adapted into a film, it is something extraordinary in my opinion, where the director represents a work of other people's thoughts and makes it in the form of a visual scene that tells about solving a problem related to psychology.



This movie is very inspiring, of course, which basically provides a lot of lessons or descriptions about the behavior of a serial killer who is clearly suffering from mental illness. For those of you who are interested in Crime and thriller genre movies, this movie is very interesting to watch with the dynamics of tension that makes the audience enthusiastic and also mystery solving schemes that make us as viewers curious about what kind of story line in the future! 


Starring two well-known actors, namely Jodie Foster (Clarce Starling) & Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lecter), which tells the story of an intern FBI agent who just got his first assignment, namely to explore the serial murder case committed by Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine). To explore a motive and also solve a clue, this Clarice agent asks for help from a psychiatrist, genius killer and also a cannibal, namely Hannibal Lecter.


Although hannibal lecter is a murderer and also a cannibal but he is a genius and also adheres to social norms and behavior when talking one-on-one with Clarice, that's what makes the storyline in this movie feel more mysterious.

That's enough of a synopsis explanation, it's better to watch it right away for those who like to lick serial killer movies.


- Hannibal ( 2001 ) 


Directors : Ridley Scott


Hannibal ( 2001 ) is a continuation of the Hannibal Lecter movie series which is based on a novel written by Thomas Harris in 1991, this movie is a sequel to the movie The Silence Of The Lambs (1991). 

In this sequel, it was directed by Ridley Scott who was chosen to direct this film because of his success in directing the film Gladiator (2000). This hanibal movie is not as mysterious as the first sequel, but in terms of psychological crime and solving the mystery contained in this movie, it is still thick so that it makes us interested and curious about this movie. 


Tells about agent Clarice Starling (Juliane Moore) who is known as a famous FBI agent because of the previous case he managed to save the child of a president who was held hostage by serial killer Jame Gumb. most wanted. 

In this series, agent starling is tracking the genius and cold-blooded villain, namely hannibal lecter, in this series the character of Hannibal Lecter is the main character (main character) well even though in the previous series he was only used as an antagonist who is being locked up at home mentally ill, but here the character of Hannibal is highlighted very specifically. 


- Basic Instinct ( 1992 ) 

Directors : Paul Verhoeven 

Basic Instinct is an erotic-thriller movie using a classic neo-noir style combined with elements of criminal psychology in solving mysteries by detective Nick Curran. This film was directed by Paul Verhoeven, whose track record is a genius director from the Netherlands whose name has become legit in Hollywood and screenwriting was developed by Joe Eszterhas in 1980. 

This movie is honestly considered very controversial and gets a lot of criticism because it is considered too over sexuality and violence that is shown in the movie, but again, a movie like this is called a classic underground movie which tends to reveal the psychological condition of a criminal's behavior.


And indeed the Basic Instinct film can be said to be in the same class as the three films above because of its badass storytelling and of course the pressure of vulgarity given by this film will also make the audience's mood up and down, and of course don't forget the actors like Michael Douglas (Detective Nick Curran). )  & Sharon Stone ( Catherine Tramell ) who became the pioneers and the sensual spotlight on these two actors when exploring their roles. 


- Memento ( 2000 ) 

Directors : Christopher Nolan

Well, Memento (2000) Movies this one is a Psychological Fiction Crime wrapped in mystery solving with a narrative concept that is quite complicated to understand. Yup, he is Christopher Nolan, the cultivator of this fascinating film. Of course, this director is well known in his tactical crime, psychological, adventure & Mystery films, all of which are generally liked by all of his film graduates. Even this one director is a director that many cult classic movie lovers like this year because he is the drafter of the Apocalypse Trilogy on superman & batman films. 

Previously I have also discussed this one movie in the article below 

The Best Psychedelic Movies That Will Tripping You Out | Stoneeman Recommendation


Yup, I also included this film in one of the lists in the Psychedelic Movies Article because there are indeed some psychedelic elements and elements in this one movie. 



- The Call ( 2013 ) 


Director : Brad Anderson 


The Call (2013) is a movie that is quite impressive in the presentation of narration and visuals that will make the audience tense with the sensation of Thriller and Crime. Cultivator Brad Anderson is indeed the best in presenting Psychological Crime, especially in his previous films such as: The Machinist (2004), Transsiberian (2008), Session 9 (2001).  

The Call itself is a film that many like because its concept is not kidding, just like Memento, Solving the Mystery in The Call itself is quite complicated because Brad Anderson is known as a master of Psychological fiction crime concept in the 2000s.


- Misery 1990

Director : Rob Reiner

Misery (1990) is a movie that is quite popular because this film is a movie based on Stephen King's novel (Famous horror novelist  ) entitled misery (1987).

 Who does not know Stephen king a novelist who is famous for   his horror &crime novels  such as (The Shining 1977, Pet Sematary 1983) managed to be known to  many people until now   because of the uniqueness of the way the  narrative is written that he uses.

The film,   which is adapted from a  novel by Stephen King,  tells the story of  a Novelist, Paul Sheldon,  the  main character  , who was made Sandra by her die-hard fan  , Annie Wilkes.

  But honestly,  I think this Misery movie  is less tense in  my opinion,  but the narrative in this movie is what can be used  to our  estimate whether the famous Novelist Paul Sheldon will survive   his hostage or not.

- The Sixth Sense ( 1999 )

Director : M. Night Shyamalan

The Sixth Sense 1999,  this movie  is the  movie with the  best narrative and can change the   mood of the audience because honestly this  film is not too tense to be able to  categorize as a suspense movie, but this movie  has a different way of conveying a surprising Ending.

Short Synopsis :

It tells the story of  a   boy (Cole Sear)  who has supernatural abilities, namely he can speak and see dead spirits. The scene opens with the actor, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a Psychiatrist who  treats many patients with   psychiatric disorders.  Dr. Malcolm was killed by one of  his patients who had a  mental disorder, Because Malcolm died with his spirit still  not accepting his death he also became a curious spirit who  would later  in the help of  a boy who has supernatural  abilities.


- When a Stranger Calls ( 2006 )

Director : Simon West

When A stranger Calls 2006 is a Psychological/Horror Movie that has a very tense narrative, Just like  the Scream movie '  This one movie  has  the  same aura and sensation when the audience watches it.

 Plus this movie  is a remake of the first film directed by Fred Walton with the same  title. In its first movie  , which  was released in  1979', it was a movie dedicated as a  cult classic horror movie due to the many remake requests from die-hard fans  at that time.

 At First the movie who directed by Fred Walton  has been remake  in  1993 with the  title " When Stranger Calls Back", Because it has become one of  the lists of films that are crowned as Cult Classic Movie, this movie finally remake again and worked on  by  a  talented young Director  , Simon West in  2006 with the  same  title in  the first film made by Fred Walton, and screenwriting was rewritten  by jake Wade.

This movie is  a must-watch for you, especially if you like the Suspense genre,  this movie is very suitable to be your first menu  when  you  are looking at   a psychological movie Horror.




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