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10 Psychedelic Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Psychedelic Movies That Will Blow Your Mind


10 Psychedelic Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 10 Psychedelic Movies Of All Time - A list of the best psychedelic movies ever made.

As the title above, this time  I will share an article about the 10 best Psychedelic movies  that must be watched in   2022.  As before – previously I have shared several articles about Psychedelic movies that   you can read below  :

Psychedelic films are often misunderstood, but they've had an enormous influence on popular culture. In fact, many people believe that these movies were responsible for the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

The Psychedelic film genre is characterized by  the impact of psychedelia in films. Psychedelic films generally contain  visual distortions and   narratives that are full of experimental, and often emphasize the elements or elements of sound effects, visual effects and most importantly the narrative in the film. So the 10 movies below  are the  best choices of stoneeman that  you must watch at night.



- The Mole (1970)


Director : Alejandro Jodorowsky


El Topo is the first movie produced by a crazy director or often called The Father Of Midnight Movies, namely alejandro jodorowsky, Who doesn't know this director with all the high-level forms of art that he distributes to every movie he works on. From several movies that he worked on such as El Topo (1970) then followed by The Holy Mountain (1973) Average starting from the screenplay, storyline, and also the visuals are very surreal and combined with mystical and also religious genres so as to make the movie contain many meanings or can be said to be multi-interpretation.



- Wonderwall ( 1968 )


Director: Joe Massot


A Trippin movie on this one will certainly make us convulsive - convulsive with the classic visual style and also the backing sound which will make the audience hypnotized by the accompaniment sound ( tone ) which is packed with Indian-style culturistics, the backing sound cultivators who are so Chruncy are 2 legend musicians, namely George Harrison and Eric Clapton. This psychedelic movie was the best hit in the late 1960s by Joe Massot who collaborated with Gerard Brach, a senior screenwriter from France ( France ) , There is no doubt that Joe Massot, an American-born gandengan collaborated with Gerard Brach who is from France.


The problem is that on average, French or Polish Directors, they are very skilled in designing and incorporating elements of Surrealism into the script or in the form of live visuals, for example the cultivator Wjociech Jerzy Has with his film entitled: The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973).


A little plot that I can describe in this Wonderwall film is a film that combines psychological elements against an old scientist named Oscar Collins ( Played by a senior actor in the cult classic movies shutter, Jack MacGowran ) who was obsessed with the culture of young people at that time in the 1960s, namely Hippies. He is obsessed with his ambitions for hippies, especially interested in one of the female ^_^ hippies , Yup his name is also Psychedelic Movies must highlight the sensuality of human ambitions hehehe.



- The Hourglass Sanatorium ( 1973 ) 


Director : Wjociech Jerzy Has 


As I mentioned above, The Hourglas Sanatorium is one of the psychedelic movies that also has strange-elements like the two films above that I have explained. With a polish cultivator, of course, it is not much different from alejandro jodorowsky ! Jerzy is one of the cultivators who pursues Surrealism / Surrealist art in each of the

movies, especially The Hourglass Sanatorium itself is very thick with the nuances of Surrealism which is certainly a Cult among Psychedelic Movies fans.



- Psych-Out ( 1968 ) 


Director : Richard Rush


well, Psych-Out 1968 movies this one is a psychedelic film with a drama-musical genre. This film certainly almost resembles a wonderwall film because it carries the theme of American culture at that time, precisely in San Francisco which tells about hippies culture, Psychedelic Music, Psychedelic Art which became a counterculture movement in the 1960s. The only thing that distinguishes this film from the

wonderwall is that Psych-out is thicker with cultural introductions (Like Documenter Historical Film), and of course this film has become a cult among psychedelic fans of the film.


Apart from that, of course, this Psych-out movie is not a film that is too heavy to understand like other psychedelic films, But what I like about this film is Two legendary actors, jack Nicholson and Susan Elizabeth strasberg, are acting in a hipster romance full of sensuality. And not only that, in this film we can see how dashing Jack Nicholson is when he is young hehehe.


- 2001 : A Space Odyssey ( 1968 ) 


Director : Stanley Kubrick 


Trippin Movies on this one is the best of the best psychedelic movies that are so complex and unpredictable To understand, 2001 : Space Odyssey is Sci-fi ( Science Fiction ) & Adventure Film directed by Stanley Kubrick. the work of this senior director's film has not failed and has always been a cult among fans of psychedelic films or other audiences, because Space Odyssey is one of the science fiction films with the most intense Psychedelic elements.


Because Kubrick is a director who is known as the best senior director in the design of Narratives, Photography, and also Cinematic Visuals which has a distinctive and formula that not all directors at this time have.


For Synopsis in the film A Space Odyssey, it seems very futuristic because the theme of the narrative is about the Advancement of technology and the rapidly developing way of thinking of humans who are packaged in the concept of travel in space to research a living monolith that exists in space. But that was if you've ever watched other films by Kubrick such as: The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut! On average, the film contains deep meaning and interpretation of all aspects, And that is the so-called High-level presentation of art that allows the audience to explore the film - kubrick's film which is full of puzzles and mystery.



- Naked Lunch ( 1991 ) 


Director : David Cronenberg


Naked Lunch this one film will definitely amaze the junkies all over the world hahahaha, My opinion about naked lunch is a junkies film that is packed intellectually by the producer David Gronenberg, But to be honest This film is the result of an adaptation of a fiction novel which of course is a novel itself has been very wild to be converted into visual form. The novel with the same title Naked Lunch as the film adaptation was written by William S.Burroughs an American writer who was known as a popular influence of culture in his time.


To be honest, I really like the work by David Cronenberg on this one, because this Director has a unique distinctiveness also in every film work. Like The Fly, Videodrome ,To Die For, Gilak is a film directed by this one is crazy men, And doi is also one of the directors who included preserving Cult Classic Movies in the early 80s - 2000s.


And the last word to say is, You can dig up all of the best psychedelic film from that old man yaw ! Even Fear & loathing in las vegas is inspired by David Cronenberg work on this film.


-  Memento ( 2000 ) 

Director : Christopher Nolan 

Memento, Hmm sounds familiar ? Of course, this film is a Thriller & Mystery that is so complicated and can make the audience ling-lung when they first watch it. Yup, that's Christopher Nolan, a producer who is known as a director who cannot be forgotten today who has become a Cult among Sci-fi fans and mystery films.


Memento, which was released in 2000, will certainly anesthetize us all with the storyline of the film which uses the Foward -> Backward technique and the concept of this film is also based on a novel written by nolan's brother, Jonathan Nolan with the novel title Memento-mori. well of course this is a really chill out brotherhood relationship between Christopher and jonathan, Sampe collaborated together to make a movie.


Apart from the very intense fraternal relationship, It seems that this film also has elements of Psychedelia that are very dense from the visual packaging and also the narrative, This film is made like a dark film and uses black-and-white images at certain moments so that it seems tense.

 3 The Best From Directors Darren Aronofsky

-  Requiem For a Dream ( 2000 ) 

Directors : Darren Aronofsky

Requiem For a Dream (2000)  a unique movie  with high  ratting  on this one is a psychological drama or can  also be called a dark drama movie directed by Darren Aronofsky.


Darren Aronofsky himself is known as a  director who pursues the  field of Psychological fiction (Psychological Fiction) in films, the average  film work he works on is an achievement of life in the modern era. Moreover, darren's  name also began to change when he received an award in  1998 with the  nickname of the best independent spirit award  in scriptwriting.


Short Synopsis :

  It   tells the story of a lonely old woman ( Sara Goldfarb ) who lives alone in the  midst of an individualist urban  civilization, Her husband has long since died and  his only child  ( Harry Goldfarb ) is busy with his own world. The poor old  woman could only enjoy her old age  by watching Tv and she really liked one of  the  tv game shows that she really  coveted - coveted to be able to  participate participated in the event. When it was a  dream that he coveted -  he  would be close to reality when he received a  telvon from one of  the tv programs that broadcast his favorite show, He was optimistic and obsessed with  slimming down so that  she  could wear the  red  dress she had worn when Harry graduated precisely at the golden age of  her  family's harmonious relationship .


- The Fountain 2006

The Fountain 2006, A movie directed by Darren Aronofsky also with the  romantic drama film genre.    This director is indeed an expert in making blended movies such as The Fountain, Requim For a Dream, and also Pi.

The Fountain itself is not an ordinary romantic drama film   like movies –  romantic drama commercial films that  are widely scattered at  this time, The Fountain can be said to be a film that  combines many elements of   Science Fiction,Fantasy, History, And Spiritualilty.

If you have watched  Requiem For a Dream & Pi, surely if you have watched  the  two films  you will know the difference between the films - films with Psychedelic elements directed by Darren Aronofsky  are a little different from    director – other directors.


Pi 1998

Director : Darren Aronofsky

This one  is the most curcial movie  you must watch as your meal at night. Because it can be said  that this movie  is a  midnight movie because the  visuals used in this movie are  black & white so it is very suitable to be watched at night  . Not only from the visual appearance  so that this movie  can be said to be a midnight movie,  the  storyline  and narrative contained in this movie are  also crazy so that it  can make  people who watch it become like  they're confused.

Actually,    it's not just that  , Movie Pi (1998) is a Psychological Thriller that is combined with the science and visuals used in darren's movie  using cinematic film noir which was commonly used  in  the 1940s as  classic period films  in  that year.  Not only that, what makes this  film not worth watching by teenagers who are only 16 years old, the Sound Effect and high contrast that envelop the visuals in  this Pi  movie are almost  the same as  the film Naked Lunch ( 1991 ).

Indeed,   the ratting in the 1998 Pi movie is very high for originality and entertaining narrative, but this  movie  is not a film for entertainment or entertaining mainstream movies like other movies.  This movie is a little different and almost the same as Naked Lunch 1991, If you want something different Pi 1998 It's worth  watching at night.






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