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Best Horror Movies of All Time

Best Horror Movies of All Time

 Recommended Selection of the Best Horror Movies of All Time

Best Horror Movies of All Time


On the topic of movie reference this time I will share some lists of movies with the Scariest Horror genre. Of course, I will share a Horror reference that is different from others, because before I share I have researched and watched the Movie first. And of course the movies that I will share are all unique and of course it would scary / suspenseful to the upper reaches of the heart,Our list of best horror movies includes some of the most terrifying films ever made. You'll be scared silly by these creepy flicks! 

Okay, just take a look at some of the horror movie lists below:

- Poltergeist ( 1982 ) 

Directors : Tobe Hooper

Poltergeist 1982 is a Supernatural horror movie directed by Tobe Hooper who is indeed a very well known person as one of the most influential horror filmmakers for the film industry, especially horror movies. Not only that, apparently the story design in this Poltergeist Movie was also made by Steven Spielberg, a well-known director who at the time of making this Poltergeist film, apparently he was also working on other films directed by himself, so he only contributed as a screen writing and also producer of the Poltergeist movie. 

This Horror Movie if in my own opinion is a movie whose depiction is very thick with supernatural things and teaching about the existence of other lives after death, And also if you are a fan of horror movies such as insidious and also the conjuring maybe you will see a little similarity in this Poltergeist movie because maybe actually this poltergeist is the basis for the formation of horror movies like Insidious and also the  conjuring.

And also because this movie is very tense and received many awards and sold well in the film industry, finally this film was made into 3 continuous movie series with the same character.


This movie focuses on a family living in california, planned community, cuesta verde precisely in a newly built housing estate, Starring  Craig T.Nelson ( Steve Freeling ) and JoBeth Williams ( Diane Freeling ) as Father and Mother of Dana, Robbie and Carol Anne.

This family is a happy family because the father Steve Freeling is at the peak of his glory at his job, As time goes by Diane begins to realize there is an oddity in his house and also Carol Anne, the daughter of steve and diane apparently has a special ability that no one else has, namely being able to communicate with ethereal beings. then unbeknownst to Steve and diane, over time Carol often communicated with ethereal beings and finally because there was an attraction between ethereal beings and carols, finally the carol was taken to another dimension.

Steve and Diane also seek help from Parapsychologists to help find their missing daughter Carol.

A little explanation of the storyline that I can explain, For the rest, I can only tell that this movie is really mandatory to watch and also of course you also have to watch 2 sequels to the follow-up to the Poltergeist movie series, namely:

- Poltergeist II : The Other Side ( 1986 )  : 

By being directed by Brian Gibson and still spurring into the story created by Steven Spielberg !

For this second series, it seems that the storyline is expanded with the actor who plays the core character still remains the same, especially the actor who plays Carol Anne (Heather O'Rourke), but there is a slight change in the storyline because the actor who plays Dana Freeling, Namely Dominique Dunne, cannot be presented in this second sequel because she was found dead because she was killed by her own boyfriend.


- Poltergeist III  ( 1988 ) : 

In this last Sequel directed by Gary Sherman, Gary Sherman is a prolific director who is indeed suggestive of the horror genre so he dared to take over to direct the storyline in this third movie series from the second sequel.

for the storyline in this third movie series, there seems to be a change that can be seen starting from the addition of characters and the expansion of the storyline where here Carol Anne lives with her aunt and uncle for a while in Chicago because she has to attend a special school for children who have emotional problems.

And also need to know that in this third movie series is dedicated to Heather O'Rourke (Carol Anne) who died 4 months before her film realese due to septic shock ( septic shock ).


- Pet Sematary ( 1989 )

Directors : Mary Lambert

Pet Sematary 1989 is a Supernatural horror movie that was first adapted from the novel written by Stephen King " Pet Sematary 1983 ", Who does not know Stephen King with his novels that are average in the Horror genre and the most familiar is The Shining which was once adapted into a film directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Pet Sematary is directed by Mary Lambert, a director who is indeed most of the films she makes in the average Horror genre and with the help of Stephen King himself who also assisted in writing the screenplay so as to make the storyline of this film more tense and dramatic when we watch it.

And for additional information about the 1989 Pet Sematary movie directed by Mary Lambert!  divided into two sequel movies released in 1992 under the title "Pet Sematary Two". Which tells about the same horror story but with different characters.


It tells the story of a family with the nickname The Creed Familly consisting of 4 members, namely Louis Creed ( Dale Midkiff ), Rachel Creed ( Denise Crosby ), Ellie Creed ( Blaze Berdahl ) And Gage Creed ( Miko Hughes ) who have just moved from Chicago to the ludlow village area, Maine, Because louis's father got a job in the area as a doctor.

On the first day the family moved they were approached by their new, older neighbour, Jud Crandall, Jud gave them a warning that the road in front of their house was very vulnerable because it was crossed by trucks and he also told about many animals that died as a result of being hit by a truck and he also did not forget to inform them about the animal cemetery near the creed family's house.

Then on the next day Louis started to go to work on his first day, and he also met one of the patients who was hit by a truck, namely Victor Pascow (Brad Greenquist) who when in the handler of louis he could not be saved, But because The Spirit of Victor wanted to express his gratitude to him, Victor also informed and warned louis about the story of the indian tribe funeral located behind the pet sematary (animal cemetery) so as not to go there  for there is a funeral there that can raise the dead to life but not to return to full man.

A little bit of a storyline that I can explain ! Anyway, this movie is creepy, especially because it is adapted from a novel written by Stephen king, of course, this is not an indiscriminate horror movie with an easy-to-guess plot.

- Pet Sematary Two ( 1992 )  :

This movie is the second Sequel to the first pet sematary movie series, with the same director but the screenplay written by Richard Outten.

For the storyline and also the characters in this movie seem to be different from the first series, but it still leads to the core story about an ancient Indian cemetery that can resurrect the dead back to life.

Anyway, you must watch it for the second sequel to avdol.

- Sleepy Hollow ( 1999 ) 

Directors : Tim Burton 

Sleepy Hollow is a supernatural horror movie directed by Tim Burton, this movie is the result of an adaptation of a novel written by Washington Irving under the title " The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (1820) ". The novel written by Washington Irving seemed to be so legendary at that time that it was adapted into a film and even published in a Tv series.

For the genre in this sleepy hollow movie itself is Horror / Mystery And from the title alone we already know that this movie has a Gothic genre combined with supernatural horror.

And also this Sleepy hollow film is not just scary and suspenseful to watch, but it is very interesting to watch because the fictional characters in this film are played by big actors who are already veterans in this era. Starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci as the main characters in the film, along with other actors who complemented the film as a story of the ghost of a beheaded horseman.

Not only scary and scary, one of the advantages that makes this film seem more horror and gothic is because of the visual effects whose depictions are made like movies - old-school movies and a very tense soundtrack, and even more so because the main fictional character in the film is assigned to investigate a murder case where all the victims do not have a head, making the mystery solving carried out by Ichabod Crane seem more horror.


- Thirteen Ghosts ( 2001 )

Directors : Steve Beck

Thirteen Ghost ( 2001 ) is a supernatural horror and also this thriller directed by Steve beck, Which turns out the film Thirteen Ghost ( 2001 ) is the result of a remake of the first film made in 1960 by William Castle.

This movie is one of the movies that accompanied my childhood, of course, which is where the storyline in this movie is so scary that it was carried away by dreams when I was in elementary school.

Synopsis :

It tells the story of someone who is obsessed with the ghost world, cyrus Kriticos, can be called a ghosthunter ( ghost hunter ). Cyrus formed a team of ghost hunters with Dennis Rafkin (Matthew Lillard) along with several other people, with the aim of collecting the 13 ghosts to be placed in a mansion that Cyrus had built.Behind the goal of collecting the 13 ghosts very ambitiously, apparently Cyrus had a very pelcik intention to dominate the world by utilizing the 13 ghosts using ancient spells to move the time machine that merged with the mansion that Cyrus had designed.  You can imagine that when it comes to time machines, there must be things that cyrus wants to change.

A little synopsis that I can explain about this movie thirteen ghost, For the storyline, it is quite tense and unpredictable. In addition, the ghosts shown in this movie are so scary and there will be many jumpscares that make this movie even more scary.


- As Above,So Below ( 2014 )

Directors :  John Erick Dowdle

A Horror/Thriller movie that tells the story of a female archaeologist named Scarlett Marlowe who spends a lot of time in her life looking for the most precious treasure in history, namely the stone named Philosopher's Stone. Let's put aside first about the storyline of this movie, this movie can be said to be packaged as a documentary film with a very simple camera shooting style or can be called Guerilla Style Filming.

This movie is presented in a scary adventure style under the Paris Catacombs, the Paris catacombs are a sinister underground path inhabited by thousands of human skulls. Plus the creepy exploratory atmosphere and full of mystery has made this movie look tense and of course there are unexpected jumpscares.


Well, it's enough to get here first for the Reference horror movies that you must watch, anyway, some of the movies above that I have listed the Top horror movies hahahaha.


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