The word psychedelic comes from two Greek words meaning “mind manifesting.”-TheStoneman

Friday, October 14, 2022

The word psychedelic comes from two Greek words meaning “mind manifesting.”

Great To Know Psychedelic

Great To Know Psychedelic

well, this time I will give a topic of discussion that of course many Indonesians do not know and how many deviations there are about the definition of Psychedelic itself. So this time we will look together about what psychedelic is ?! 

In this summary, I will dissect and explain in its entirety about 'What is Psychedelic?!  What does psychedelic mean ?! Can Psychedelic be applied in reality?!  ' This Summary may be a bit heavy to absorb for some people, But f* With their Sh* ! Let's do this Sh* !


What Is Psychedelic ?

Psychedelic, Well Psychedelic for now is widely known as a form of alternative medicine. From year to year Psychedelic has been widely analyzed and studied in several major countries such as America (USA), Singapore, Japan and moreover except Indonesia. Actually, Psychedelic does not only lead to treatment, most of them must think that this psychedelic is an addictive substance or a very dangerous drug! Owh obviously if we recall back in school days, since junior high school we have been given teachings and even seminars in the style of orthodoxes that stated " The Dangers of Addictive Substances To The Future Of The Nation ".

Now as a result of the orthodox teaching we have received so far, Some of the few people may be a bit disillusioned if they read this discussion. Because this is our reality in the life of the nation and the state.  To be honest, Psychedelic is divided into several methods and streams, which we can even refer to as ( Culture ) and moreover psychedelic has become a new way of thinking if we look backwards to the history of the notion of Psychedelic.

Psychedelic Meaning 

 With a study that continues to be developed in this era regarding Psychedelic, of course, research cannot be developed without the formulation of roots. The meaning of Psychedelic itself does not only lead to one oponent, Psych (Which means Mind, Soul and mental) Delic (meaning Manifesting/realizing).  Holy mama, From the meaning of the word alone it is a heavy kick and of course we can realize that this Psychedelic is related to the psychological.


Where Was Psychedelic First Discovered ?

 From the results of research that I have done during the life of the nation and country, my analysis of this Psychedelic states that Psychedelic is a method of thinking about life that has been applied since the 1950s in major countries. But the basis of the word Psychedelic itself comes from greece which may have been applied in the 18th century precisely in the age of enlightenment.

 And whereas according to the Reference and application of the existing culture, this Psychedelic began to appear in the 1960s precisely since the start of the 'Hippies' movement that opposed the United State of America (USA) against the attempted conscription for young people of that era, Which indeed at that time A great intellectual war was underway in vietnam and america as an ally against south vietnam intervened in fighting the resistance to the development of communist ideology at that time  that.

 Allright may sound a little sotoy ( In english sotoy may call Mr.know-it-all ), But we need to realize that indeed the war is true and has resulted in many casualties against both sides moreover the american camp lost many young people and survivors were physically handicapped in the presence of psychiatric disorders. It was as a result of this that the Hippies movement was formed to counter the wrong system implemented by the american government at that time.

Well, long story short, you can first look at some articles about the Vietnam War below:

Well, if you have watched it, of course it will relate to the main theme of the discussion that we will discuss.

Is Psychedelic a Sub Cultur of hippies ?


Based on the reality of existing social experiments, Psychedelic itself developed into a Culture, Experimentation, Meditation, Art, Music, Spiritual among us and God, And then bla.. Blah... blaa something new is always being discovered if we talk about psychedelic itself.


Well indeed, the Psychedelic Sub-Culture itself was formed because of a movement (movement) which was pioneered with the nickname Hippie (Hippy), while following the development of Hippie in that era Psychedelic also developed more Progressive and branched.


The Development of Psychedelics At the time of the Hippie movement ?


Revolution, evolution is a constant thing that can happen to humans, as well as this psychedelic culture.  At that time the hippies movement could be said to be a creative and also experimental movement in opposing the wrong american system of government in humanizing its people, And its greatest motive was that of war.


The movement carried out by hippies became very massive and received a lot of support from artists, musicians, atheists, and several other religious groups who also supported it in the form of painting, music, and spiritual matters concerned.

Why at that time did hippies fight creatively ? Because Art is the most neutral and pure medium to apply,Well even though it is well their nation is a learned nation it is natural to form such an evolution.


As a result of such a progressive development, Psychedelic was formed automatically into a branch of culture that had its own elements and groups. Even because of the wide range of Psychedelic integration, Psychedelic was used as experimental material to be used as a cure for the future human being.


Psychedelic is divided into How Many Methods ?

Hmmmm, Like the meaning of psychedelic itself, which is to realize the "Vision Of Mind". Hell yes, As a result of the clash of Pluralism with the reality of the stuttering, a branch was finally formed - a new branch of american culture's progress towards psychedelics.

Psychedelic developed and took root into a social culture, With different forms and concepts - different Psychedelics were divided into several groups, the following are the groups of media for the application of Psychedelic:

  • Psychedelic Art

Psychedelic Art or often referred to as Trippy Art, is a branch of the Psychedelic genre that has been popular since the hippies movement lasted from the 1960s to the 1970s and continues to grow. Psychedelic Art itself is a form of method and application in exploring Psychedelic drugs into the form of imaginery paintings.  And of course, Psychedelic Art is also divided into several other sub-genre branches such as, Trippy Art, Space Art, which continues to regenerate from time to time.


For those of you who want to know what the visual shape of the underlying Psychedelic art looks like You can visit the link below, Incidentally, I myself am studying more deeply about this Psychedelic Art! Let's check together - the link below:


  • Psychedelic Music

Psychedelic Music, Talking about Psychedelic is certainly not far from the historical of music, because of the hippies movement that I have explained above! There was some support from musicians and bands - big bands that were also in the era with the hippies movement, As a result of the formation of a spontaneity that existed created Psychedelic Music which decorated the golden times of hipsters which of course were generations to this day.


And how can Psychedelic music be created?


Well, Although I had said it was formed spotan of course it does not deny the experience of the Psychedelic itself. Because it goes back to the Psychedelic drug exploration method that was carried out in the 60s. And Psychedelic music has also become a cultural group in the music industry since the 1950s which was evaluated and developed in the golden years of the Hippies.


Ohya is just like Psychedelic Art, Psychedelic Music was also developed and popularized into several branches of the genre of music such as:

o    Psychedelic Rock 

o     Psychedelic Jazz

o     Acid Rock

o     Acid Jazz

And then,blah.. Blah.. Blah... everything!!  in each of the genres, All are explored with a high level of intellectual understanding.

  • Psychedelic Movie

Well, this Psychedelic Movie is honestly an impressive progression. Why ? When juxtaposed with Psychedelic Music which visualizes or realizes a vision, perspective, or perspective through audible tone chanting, while Psychedelic Movie itself is an advancement of Psychedelic Arts and Psychedelic Music which has interpretations in the form of visuals and sounds.

Now to make it easier for us to digest what I mean above, it's better for you to read an article that is relatable to the application of the method applied to the Psychedelic Movie below:

 Example of Psychedelic Movie:  Recommendation.html


Application of Psychedelic To Medication ?

Well, As I explained in the Section 'What Is Psychedelic?' Like a field of learning, Psychedelic is not only a Culture! Psychedelic has also developed into a research material for the continuation of human health.


For the information that I have gotten so far anyway, There are several countries that have implemented research on Curing diseases related to mental and psychiatric using Psychedelic Drugs such as Marijuana.


And related material you can see from my friend's website below

Well, you can talk about Psychedelic For Mental Health in the article above. Doi is pretty concerned about Psychedelic against medication.



Of the many formulations behind the word Psychedelic, to be honest, Psychedelic itself has a free interpretation of its application (or it can be called Multi-interpretation). But even though the definition can be interpreted personally, we still have to return to the formulation and culture that already exists.  

 Psychedelic drugs work by altering brain chemistry. These changes allow users to perceive reality differently than usual. This altered state of mind has been described as an expanded awareness of one’s surroundings, a sense of unity with nature, and a feeling of being connected to something greater than oneself. That is my final opinion about Psychedelic meaning.

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