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Best of the best following cult classic horror film

Best of the best following cult classic horror film


Best of the best following cult classic horror film

Top 10 best cult classic horror – Best of the best following cult classic horror film

10 best film/movies  in terms of  cinematics and  the  most mysterious storylines, For those of you  who are fans of cult classic  horror, of course you  will  like the 10 cult classic horror films that  Stoneeman will share this time.

Horror film is   a genre  that was known in  the  1970's, at that time  horror film was one of  the  meals of  movie connoisseurs at night.    The  1970's were the   years when cult classic horror was  booming, and   that year it  could be said that it was the   golden year for the development of cult classic films.   Of course, cult classic films have developed with the  presence of directors or cultivators who often contribute to  enliven the  market that has been formed in  the  film community from the 1970's to  the present  .

  For those of you who want to know  the full explanation  about Cult classic movies, you can read the full explanation  below  :


For those of you who have read the  explanation of  Cult Classic Movie in  the discussion above, let's  continue to the  discussion session  about some of the classic horror cult movies/movies that  you must know.

  Of course, the films that  I will discuss are films that are worked on by several directors who are indeed involved in or contribute to the advancement of cult classic horror films, here are  some directors/   cultivators pursuing  Cult Classic Horror movies : Alfred Hitchcock,Stanley Kubrick,Ken Russell,  Andrej zulawski ,Alejandro Jodorowsky, John Carpenter,Ken Russell,Dario  Argento,George A.Romero,Tobe   Hooper,Rob   Zombies,David Lynch, David Cronenberg.

Of the many directors who pursue and contribute to the  development of cult classic horror movies, here  are some of  the best selected cult classic horror  films  from stoneeman:


1.The Devils 1971

Directors : Ken Russell

The Devils 1971 is  a historical horror drama movie that is very thick with elements –  suspense elements in the  narrative created by ken russel, The visual  work and soundtrack in this film  is also not playing because  a lot of using elements – elements that are quite familiar in my view. The film, directed  by Ken Russell, is also  one of  the  sutrada who participated in   and contributed to the development of cult classic horror movies in the  1980s.

This  director's  style of working on this one also has  characteristics that  are unique to other directors who  also enliven the development of  cult classic films.  Plus The Devils 1971  is a film that is  recognized as the most controversial film  of all time, although it is a historical drama, but this  film  is blocked in some countries and even  not worth  showing because it  contains elements that violate the  basic norms of  religious human beings, besides that  in this film  also exploits the truth   that    In a religious  institution or government has been ruled by  the power of Satan.

Even   though it is blocked in some countries, but  I  highly recommend this  film  as your watch meal at night because  I am sure you will get an epiphany when watching this movie,   because the  movie This reveals   a  truth that happened  to a history that   has been covered up.

2.The Devil 1972

Directors : Andrej zulawski

The Devil 1972 is a historical film with horror elements directed  by   Polish director Andrej Zulawski. Andrej Zulawski is a  director who  is known as a director who opposes the  currents of  commercialism in the films he worked on, Like The Devil 1972 is  a historical film that tells the  story of   about  german who invaded poland in  the 1790's.  

But this film  does not tell the  full  story of the  ongoing war at  that   time, this film  tells the story of  Jakub who was held back on charges that he would kill the king as part of  of conspiracy.

  This film   almost resembles the 1971 film The Devils which  was directed by Ken russel,The only difference is that the  devil mechanism in this  film is depicted with Jakub blindly after he learns the truth about his family & also his lover who was snatched by his own friend.

You must  watch the 1972 film the devil because this film  is also one of the  cult classic horror  that shows the  truth about the power of  demons  that  can  rule humans at any time, because demons can  reigns if the human mind is ruled by hatred.

3.Shivers 1975

Directors : David Cronenberg

Shivers 1975 is a  pretty scary movie  to watch,Shivers' movie is known as The Parasite murders in the French & Canada region. This movie  was directed by a director who also pursued the  development of cult classic horror in  the  1970-1990's and continued  by   his son,  brandon Cronenberg, who helped preserve   his father's career. in the cult classic horror movie industry to date.

Shivers 1975 is a movie known  as Body horror, science fiction film, this year   the  nuances of horror like shivers are  something new and  experimental in the  design of  screen writing made  by David Cronenberg.

The horror shown  in this film  is thick with the depiction of a parasite that can change the  soul &  physical condition in humans.

4.Eraserhead 1977

Directors : David Lynch

Eraserhead 1977 is a film that deserves to be said to be a  cult classic horror film, with the visual  concept used is made like  a film noir. This film   is   one of  the  works that is quite  horror with a  storyline narrative that is   quite difficult to understand, If you have ever watched films from several directors who  participated  contributed to  the development of cult classic films such as: Stanley Kubrick, Alejandro Jodorowsky, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, If you have ever watched Naked Lunch I think this 1977 Eraserhead film  has a style that  The same in visual  application  as well as the narrative which uses a surreal writing style.


5.The Fog

Director : John Carpenter

The Fog 1980,  Surely if you are  a cult classic horror  connoisseur, of course you are familiar with the  name john carpenter in the  1980's.   He is one  of  the directors  who can be said to be a  director who pursues the  Horror shutter and has a unique style  in every production  of his films.

The fog movie is  one of  the best hits of  john carpenter after he released Halloween 1978  , Halloween 1978 is one  of  the  cult classic horror that has managed  to  become legendary among the  horror  community from his time to  this moment.

To read the  full synopis & summary about  the  film the fog 1980 you can read below  :



6.Possession 1981

Directors : Andrej zulawski

  Possession 1981 was the best Psychological Horror  in the  1980s worked on  by  a director who developed in Poland,  Based on  the history of filmmaking,  there  are indeed many directors  pursuing   genres and  unique cultivation styles comes  from Poland.

For me Possesion itself is   one of  the  best films from Andrej, In the 1980s it was  indeed a  genre – the suspense horror genre was indeed many but  rarely had unique characteristics. Suspense 1981 is one of  the  cult classic horror movies  that  has a unique  characteristic with a  narrative style that can make the audience  logic go back and forth when watching  the film. 


7.The Evil Dead 1981

Director : Sam Raimi

The Evil Dead 1981 is  a supernatural horror film directed  by  Sam Raimi, For those  of you who already know  evil dead, of course you already know who  Sam Raimi is. Sam Raimi is a well-known producer because  he created several famous films  such as the  Spiderman Trilogy, and became one of the  directors who helped pursue the  development of  cult classic horror  because  He managed to work on Evil Dead which became very famous in the 1980's-2000's.

The evil dead 1981 became very legendary because the  application of visuals, backing sound and also the property used in  this film was packed very tensely, so that one's first impression when watching this film  would be  It feels creepy because the  devil  packaging in the narrative is made very  realistic & plus  the  storyline is very tense. 


8.Bad Taste 1987

Directors : Peter Jackson

Bad   taste 1987 is a science fiction,Horror comedy which is one of  the cult classic horror that you must watch, When you are looking for some movies about  cult classic horror  Bad taste 1987 stoneeman recommends as Classic horror movie meal that  you must watch at night.


9.Two Evil Eyes 1990

Directors : Dario Argento & George A.Romero

Two Evil Eyes 1990, the horror movie one is my best  recommendation to you guys. Worked on by  two directors who  existed in  1970's-2000's Dario Argento & George A.Romero, these two  directors  are known  as cultivators who pursue the horror film  scene.  Plus the  two of them  are also directors who pursued the  development of cult classic horror in the  early 1970's. 

 You  must watch this film  because the  narrative in  this film   is divided into  2  stories  , namely "The  Facts in the Case of Mr.Valdemar" & "The Black Cat", These two different  stories  will cause a horror sensation which is different. In addition, the  narrative in these two different stories has psychological horror & suspense  elements,  I recommend this film  to watch at night  because it  will be much felt  more stressful.


10.Sleepy Hollow 1999

Directors : Tim Burton

Sleepy Hollow 1999 is a Supernatural Horror film that has  a gothic feel / element in the use of property and  visual effects. The  narrative used is also lifted from a well-known novelist, Washington Irving  , based on a short novel  by Washington Irving in  1820 entitled 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'.  This film  became one of the  urban legends in Hollywood because  it managed to become one of the  cult classic  horror in   the  1990's because it had a unique characteristic in the production  of  horror films that year  .

Tim Burton is also  one of  the activists who followed the  development of cult classic movies in the  1990's, This cultivator  also has a  gothic  style in working on his films such as Miss  peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, Sleepy Hollow 1999 and several of his films that have been  widely known by the public.



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