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Cult Classic Zombie Movies Brain Dead 1992 ( Dead Alive 1992 )

Cult Classic Zombie Movies Brain Dead 1992 ( Dead Alive 1992 )

Brain Dead 1992,The Most Horribly Cult Classic Horror/Zombie movie in 1990’s
Brain Dead 1992 Poster Review By Stoneeman

Brain Dead 1992,The Most Horribly Cult Classic Horror/Zombie movie in 1990’s

Directors : Petter Jackson

Brain Dead 1992 is a zombie film  with horror  elements that are fusiond with dark comedy.  By combining horror & Comedy  elements, this film is  very suitable to watch for cult classic  horror movie enthusiasts, this film  is one of  the  groups of cult classic movies that developed in  the 1990's.

Brain Dead 1992 was directed by director petter Jackson, Petter Jackson  is a director who helped develop  cult classic movies in the  90's generation. If you   have   ever watched The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, Bad Taste, king-kong, The Frighteners are the  best works  of petter Jackson who   have certainly been known to the  public since the 2000's.

If you are    a  90's generation, of course, you  are familiar with the  name Petter Jackson, he is one of the directors  that we must know as a director who preserves the development of   cult classic movies in the  90's.

Back to the topic, Brain dead 1992 or known as dead alive is a zombie horror  film with  a comedy feel in the  narrative / story script in this film, This film  was successfully worked on by petter Jackson with  budget $3million. This film  is an achievement with the highest budget  of the films  – petter Jackson films that usually use low budget. 

Full of blood & Fussed narratives with dark comedy

Petter Jackson and his team made this  1992 brain dead  more  cult with an uncomplicated & complex narrative making this horror film more interesting to enjoy at night.

 Brain dead is one of  the  advancements of bad taste  that got the title as a cult classic movie among cult classic  horror  fans, after that Petter Jackson worked on Dead alive  which was released in   1992 which was successful became one of  the  cult classic horror movies that developed in the  1990's. This film     was known as brain dead 1992 but  because there were already other horror films that used this title, this movie  finally changed its  name to Dead alive 1992.  


Full of blood & Fussed narratives with dark comedy
Simian Raticus ( Rat Monkey Sumatra )

The story begins with  a  prologue that tells a  flashback  to the   plague bearer, Simian Raticus (Rat Monkey Sumatra), as petter Jackson packaged the narrative of this film  very well and easily understood  because the  storyline   at the beginning of this  film is easy to digest and makes a lot of  sense.

The  film opens with a group of   expeditions seeking  savage rare animals on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in  1957.  Surely  this animal  is a  fictional animal to make the movie more  plausible.  To be honest, this zombie movie directed  by petter Jackson  is the most  sensible zombie movie of  most  movies – a zombie movie that is thriving at    this point.


The next scene  we  are introduced to the core  characters in this film  are Lionel Cosgrove (Tim  Balme), Paquita Maria S (Diana Penalver), Vera Cosgrove (Elizabeth Moody).   Lionel  Cosgrove  is the  main character in this film  who   will survive  the zombie  outbreak &  the first to be exposed to  the virus from Simian Raticus is the mother of  Lionel  namely Vera Cosgrove.   In combination with the  innocent romance narrative  intertwined  by Lionel & Paquita, this film  feels more colorful but not dominant in its  romance narrative.

Cult Classic Zombie Movies 1990's ( Brain Dead 1992 )
Baby Zombie in Dead Alive 1992

With a narrative that  is fussed by  dark comedy  elements making this film even more exciting, Plus petter Jackson  is very good at slipping the plot – the comedy plot in the middle –  in the  midst of the bitterness of zombie horror classics with the property  used is very classic,  in the year  1990's films – films like Brain Dead 1992   are a very different zombie-horror film from  the  current  zombie movies.

This class of films such as Brain dead 1992  is one of  the films that has managed to take away the  view of the cult classic horror  community because the visual  development used reminds me of the films   – cult classic horror films in    the    1970's  until the 1980's such as the evil dead 1981,Possessi on 1980,Halloween 1978,The Thing 1982,Prince  Of Darkness  1987  . I think Petter Jackson  was inspired by some  of these horror films so that  Brain Dead 1992 was created with  a typical zombie-horror fusion with  dark comedy elements that were tucked away   very  cleverly by petter Jackson.

Cult Classic Zombie Movies Brain Dead 1992 ( Dead Alive 1992 )
Cult Classic Zombie Movies 1990's ( Brain Dead 1992 )

There areseveral iconic scenes that we can encounter when watching this dead alive movie, Such as the scene of   eating with lionel's mother  who has been invectioned from the  bite of  a Sumatran monkey, Nazi Doctor  Sinting, Baby Zombie, Pieces of zombie  heads in  a blender, Zombies  with spoons, Scenes of zombies having sex like humans, Zombies  lionel's  mother who becomes a giant. There are     so many  iconic scenes that make this film  unique that  only  found in films directed  by Peter's Jackson.

Of course, Petter Jackson  is a  producer who also has a speciality in working on films  – his films  that have been successfully crowned as cult classic movies, one of which is dead alive / brain dead. This movie is packed with a mature narrative of horror classic & dark situation elements that are used as black comedy, making this film have a distinctive that is different from the cult classic horror in the previous generation.

Braindead 1992 is not  a playful horror  film, the film directed  by petter Jackson  is  an update of the previous generation of cult classic horror, because the production of this   dead alive film  is packaged with a genius  concept.

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