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Lords of Chaos 2018 | When the death metal become a real pain

Lords of Chaos 2018 | When the death metal become a real pain

 Lords of Chaos 2018 Review & Explanation by Stoneeman

Lords of Chaos 2018 | When the death metal become a real pain

Director :  Jonas Akerlund


Lords of Chaos 2018  provided a horror & suspense that became real in the horror/Thriller film industry in  2018.   Since the release  of 'Lords of chaos'  in 2018   , When I watched it in  2020, this  film has never stopped giving me a  very traumatic impression. 

In  this review, I   will dissect the  2018 lords of chaos film which I admire so much because it  has inspired me to rise from  the  slump & the darkness that envelops, This film   is not direct is  a  biography film, that inspired by the  life  story of Oystein Aarseth or known by his stage name 'Euronymous'. 

Of course, Lords of Chaos 2018  is  a new Horror  film  that is very dramatizing and can make the audience  traumatized by blood when watching visuals full of sadistic  scenes in this film. Telling the story of the biography of a leader  , Euronymous from the black metal band named Mayhem  , Biographical Film  tells the  story of a fantastic life journey and can be an inspiration for the general public  , However,  the  lord of Chaos reveals  about a bloody tragedy  that befell Euronymous as the  founder or leader  of the mayhem band. 

This movie  was directed by Jonas Akerlund, he is known as the  drummer of one of  the black metal bands in Sweden, namely 'Bathory;    But for me Jonas is one of  the most  wild  producers in working on the film.

Writer/director Jonas akerlund  ( Assisted also by Dennis Magnusso ), 'Lords of Chaos'  is very well packaged  by Jonas akerlund.   Packed with  hate,Traumatic & sadistic is a fitting word  ornament to envelop the lords of chaos movie;' Lords of  Chaos' was apparently adapted from a book of the same  name as the film (written by Didrik Soderlind). 

The narrative that  takes place in the lord of chaos is   very neatly arranged  & slips a lot  of plot – a plot that deserves attention and has a deep meaning about death from my perspective  When   watched it. The totality of Jonas in working on this  film  must  be given credit,Because this  film  is a biography and introduction to the  norwegian black metal band  accompanied by the tragedy that occurred  to the band  in its past. 



Lords of Chaos 2018 Review & Explanation by Stoneeman
Based on Truth,Lies that should you watch and what actually happened.

Synopsis & Explanation


This film is the  scariest biography I've ever watched, as it  tells the story of the  biography of the  life journey of a 'Euronymous' leader of a black metal band from   the  Norwegian outskirts   of 'Mayhem'   to death as a  result of his life as a satanic  believer in metal music;  With the use of concepts like biographies and mixed with horror & suspense  elements, this  film is even more tense and can cause traumatic effects when watching it.  


The character 'Euronymous' is played by  a young actor  who has a charismatic personality he is 'Rory Culkin  ; The beginning of the Scene opens like a biographical film by   telling how  Oystein Aarseth AKA 'Euronymous' formed the  band mayhem for the first time.  It is told here that  Oystein is a very visionary  character in   forming & promoting his band  , Everything related to black metal he is in  even applying in his life on a daily basis,  he even formed a  cult called 'The black circle' which   was originally just a group of core  team of mayhem band  personnel. However,  when  the suicide  tragedy that occurred in  mayhem's vocalist 'Pelle' AKA 'Dead' made the  initial foundation  of mayhem  damaged & instantly varg ( Being bassist in mayhem )    came up with  Initially,   he was a poser who wanted to become one of  the black metal  fans in the  black metal  music scene in Norway at that time.


The film is a semi-biographical   adaptation of  the book 'Lord  of Chaos : The  Bloody Rise of The Satanic Metal Underground; With  the  theme of the book,  Jonas collaborated it with the  fictional narrative of drama/horror  so that a  semi-biographical fiction was  formed with a storyline  and characters that  were indeed happened in the past.


Self Interpretation :

Lords of Chaos 2018 | When the death metal become a real pain
Dead alive 1992 appearing in a while

What makes Lord of Chaos even more sinister  is that  Jonas  slips a lot of  easter-eggs in the plot  and combines them with a little dark comedy element in it. Like the  footage above, jonas completes the story of the lords of chaos film by showing Dead Alive 1992 in  the middle of  the storyline  as a  form of  warning or a sign that  the narrative of lord of chaos  is   more sinister  because it is based on past events.

  For myself, this  film  is already very terrible to watch because the  narrative & visuals are very dark for us to interpret ourselves When watching it.

At the end of the film we can see a little sense of humor about the true meaning of death, and a little quote from Euronymous 'Not to feel sorry for him'.

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