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Two Evil Eyes 1990 Review movie | Best 90's Cult Classic Horror Movies

Two Evil Eyes 1990 Review movie | Best 90's Cult Classic Horror Movies


Two Evil Eyes 1990 poster movie, review movie

Two Evil Eyes 1990 Review & Explanation

Directors : George A. Romero & Dario Argento

Two Evil Eyes 1990 is a psychological horror that uses the concept of film anthology. This two evil eyes film  is also included in the  cult classic movie  class, with psychological horror elements/genres that managed to grab the  views of cult classic  horror movie  lovers in the 1990's.

Movie Two evil  eyes 1990 is a  film with the  concept of anthology,The cultivator of the  movie two evils eyes itself is George A.Romero & Dario Argento who collaborated on the creation of the best  psychological horror  in  the 1990's,  Degan   two different  narrative plots, namely " The  Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar" worked on  by George & starring the  horror actor  of  the legend  of the golden year,  Adrienne Barbeau, and  the second narrative entitled "The Black Cat"  was  worked on  by Dario Argento and starring  Harvey Keitel.

  The two different narratives  are adapted from a short  novel written by  a novelist & poetry  who  was  given the title of figure of romanticism in the  18th century, he was Edgar Allan Poe.


The 1990 two evil eyes movie is  a psychological horror  movie that  has been named a cult classic horror movie because the narrative and visuals  in this  film were   carefully worked on by George & Dario, both directors are also  cultivators  which also played a  role in the  development of cult classic horror movies in  the 1990's, Just like Brain Dead 1992 which was worked on by petter Jackson.Brain Dead  is  a film that  is as old as the   same  1990 Two evil eyes    – the same has a distinctive work on  horror classics that flourished in the  1990's.


Synopsis & Explanation

This movie is   divided into  two different  storylines  with the same elements  and uses suspense  elements whose  level of tension is also the same, usually movies that use the  concept of film anthology such as  This has a difference in the tension that hangs if the  first storyline is  different from the second   storyline.  But Two evil eyes 1990's was  carefully worked on  by a duo director who had the title  of cult classic horror cultivator in the  1990's.   The 1990 Two Evil eyes  film was not the result of the  first collaboration between the two of  them, In  1978 George & Argento had collaborated well  on the film Dawn of The Dead.

This duo director   does have a different signature that also enlivens the development of cult classic horror movies to date.


The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

The fact in the case  of M.Valdemar is the  title of the  prologue  of the   first storyline  of psychological horror which  will later be played by  the legendary cult classic horror actor   Adrienne Barbeau.

Adrienne Barbeau Movie
Adrienne Barbeau

   If you are one of the  fans of cult classic horror movies, of course you   are familiar with this senior actor.   Adrenne Barbeau  is  a legendary actor  who was active from the 1970's and is one of the  actors who  has appeared in many films – the horror classic films of the   1970's  until now  is actually  her  face  It is still widely used in horror   films, just because now this senior actor  is aging,  he only appears as a side character in horror films today.

Back to the topic, The film  opens with the  character Adrienne who is riding a  taxi to  go to  a bank, in a taxi    Adrienne is training her acting so that  she can deceive the bank     to get  agreed to the  application for  taking money in the name of the  old husband she married. Well, actually, this psychological Horror  narrative is  not  complicated to understand because  I think the  fictional script  in this film  tells about a reality. which actually happens a lot in the reality of human life.

  I think George  is very smart  in adapting the  narrative of the short novel made  by  Edgar, George makes this film  more mature  in dramatic  horror elements by making visuals, sound effects + property/ Wardobe is like a cult classic horror movie  in  the 1970's. 


The Black Cat ( Diadaptasi dari short novel Edgar Allan Poe )

  As  I explained above, this film is divided into  two different storylines. The first prologue   entitled The  fact in the case of M.Valdemar was worked on by  George A.Romero, while the  second narrative entitled 'The Black Cat'  was worked on by Dario Argento.

Even   though the    storyline is different  and worked on by  two different directors,  the synergy  or atmosphere of tension contained in the film with the two titles  still provides tension / sensation creepy  the same – just as bitter.

Harvey Keitel Movies
Harvey Keitel

   If in terms of title &  narrative  it is different, in casting the black cat itself uses a different character  also from the narrative of  the first film  . Here we can find one of  the  actor legends who  appeared in many films  – cult classic films from the early  1970's to the 2000's, he was Harvey Keitel.

This senior  actor is the main character  in   the  second story of the  prologue of the psychological horror film two evil eyes 1990, Here Harvey plays the main character as a villain where  he is motivated to do things    cruel because of his work as a crime scene photographer in the police force.   Against    the backdrop of  his work that is always related to  murder, Harvey Keitel suddenly becomes a  somber man   and starts doing cruel things  to cats his wife's pet  black.


The movie that  Dario  argento worked on is very carefully set-up and the use of visual effects and backing sound effects can make a thrilling sensation.  Two evil eyes 1990 was indeed worked on by  different directors,  usually   if 2 short films  are made into one with different  cultivators   there will usually be  a difference in tension When  Watching it, especially since Two Evil Eyes 1990 is a mystery film with psychological/suspense  elements. These two short films  with  different   titles have the  same  horror  sensation – equally tense, Two evil eyes are successfully classified as one of  the cult classic horror movies  Because two  crazy cultivators collaborated so well to create a new signature in  the Rana Cult Classic Horror movie in the  1990's. 

 I highly recommend this  movie   as a cult classic movie that  is suitable for you to enjoy in the middle of the night.

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