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Schindler's List Movie Review & Summary | Stoneeman Review

Schindler's List Movie Review & Summary | Stoneeman Review


Schindler's List ( 1993 ) Movie Review

Schindler's List ( 1993 ) Movie Review - Who doesn't know Schindler's List 1993, This is a historical war movie for the world, moreover, the war is very heartbreaking if remembered for the American camp. Because the storytelling conveys the atrocities committed by humans in the 2nd world global war Precisely tells the story of Nazi ( German ) atrocities  Against Jews ( American citizenship ). This Schindle's List movie is one of the works of a well-known veteran senior director, moreover, his name has received a lot of awards and moreover he is the Co-Founder of Dreamworks Studio, he is Steven Alan Spielberg. There have been a lot of movies made by him that have received many awards, especially Schindler's List is one of his works that has received awards and rankings on the Greatest Films Ever Made list.

Schindler's List is apparently the result of an adaptation of a novel written by Thomas Keneally with the title Schindler's Ark which was released in 1982, No wonder the film Epic is apparently the result of an adaptation of a historical novel that is also epic in terms of writing a realist narrative, this novel can be categorized as a Biographical novel because it raises and tells one of the famous German characters, namely Oskar Schindler.

Of the many films about atrocities committed by the Nazis (Germans) such as Playing For Time ( 1980 )  By Daniel Mann, Life Is Beatiful ( 1997 ), The Pianist ( 2002 ), The Diary Of Anne Frank ( 1959 )  And many more, it turns out that Schindler's List was put in the first row of the Best Holocaust Movie award list. Why can it be put in the first row? Perhaps because the storytelling is very heartbreaking and the depiction of the situation is made to resemble the same as the events of world war 2 and raises the name of a character, Oskar Schindler as his heroic main character and also perhaps because of his visual depiction made in Black and White as a sign that this film is one of the Dark Drama-historical Movies.



Schindler's List itself is honestly not just an ordinary historical drama film worked on by Steven Spielberg, Because in the delivery of the story in his film there are many meanings and subjects that are too broad accompanied by a tragic disaster for the Jews, From the narrative scheme created by Steven it seems that he made a storyline that can be digested very well,  In his method, he not only focused the storyline of this movie on the Holocaust, but Steven combined and made the storyline in this film really very detailed and we as an audience can easily understand the elements of humanity, the advantages that can be taken when war occurs (Profit of War), Tragedy of humanity that takes place, Mental disorders accompanied by psychology experienced when the war lasts,  and many more visualized by Steven for us to watch in his film.

Apart from that, the film with the main actor who played Oskar Schindler's in  this film is  Liam Neeson ( Oskar ) who has received many award certificates for his achievements in competing in the film world, Who does not know him he is a famous senior actor who is still in demand today.

Talking about Oskar Schindler's character in this movie is as honest as he is a short-sighted person and is someone who took advantage of the opportunity while the second world war was going on, He was a german who used war as a substance to gain an advantage. He opened an industrial factory when all the jews in Poland were being invaded by the Germans ( Nazis ) and he took advantage of the jewish workers for a small fee who later without the knowledge of oskar who was notably a member of the nazi party who defected to his people because his sympathy for the jewish workers touched his human conscience and historically he was a german who saved 1,200 jewish lives from the tragedy of the massacre  Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis.


The film opens with a group of Jewish families praying at the dinner table in their language and then the visuals on the film transition from colorful to Black-and-White. This is where Steven uses his intellectuals in interpreting Schindler's Ark novels  in a different way. Of the several films that tell the same story about the Holocaust, it is Schindler's List that I think is the most complete and understandable storyline in discussing the history of nazi atrocities at that time.

After the visuals transitioned to black-and-white, the Scene turned a little dramatic as the Germans successfully invaded Poland in 1939 by defeating the Polish army in two weeks. In this scene, the german army ordered all Polish residents of Jewish blood or descent to be recorded which later all the recorded population would be relocated to a concentration camp of Jewish prisoners, namely dikrakow.


Then Scene changed to Oskar Schindler's a business man who attended a Nazi Party with the aim of bribing the higher-ups so that he could be facilitated later with the opportunity to open an industrial business in a war situation. He was a man who took advantage of profits during the war, When the nazi soldiers focused on judging the jews, Oskar Schindler's seized the moment to hire jewish prisoners as his workers in the industrial factories he owned.

In this scene, Actor Liam Neeson deserves 4 thumbs up in his performance playing oskar schindler's who looks very authoritative and dignified in his performance playing schindler's.


In the next scene After Oskar Schindler's managed to bribe the nazi higher-ups, Then Scene changed to a more serious script by showing jews being treated inhumanely by german soldiers and of course the main character, Oskar Schindler, was in the middle of the ongoing events at the time, When he visited a building of a special complaints agency for jewish residents in poland. Oskar visited there to meet Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley) a learned Jew who had experience in accounting, Oskar appointed him as his assistant to help him run his business during the war.

In this scene we can know and learn how to do business that oskar schindler's did during the war, He made a contract to the german army so that oskar could take some jewish workers to work for him, And not only that here we will be shown that the power of money was already in force at that time even before that money had considerable power or impact on human development during the war.


This is where I think the greatness of thinking in the scripting done by steven spielberg must be thumbs up, He makes the character of Oskar Schindler's begin as if he were a protagonist who took advantage of the opportunity to make a big profit during the war, But after that in the middle of the film we can see a change in disposition from oskar who had a purpose behind hiring jewish prisoners then turned into  a rescuer who defected from german to protect his Jewish workers from being taken to Camp concentration to be killed.


In addition, Liam Neeson's acting turned into a good character and has a close relationship like his best friend with his assistant, Itzhak Stern, makes the nuances of this film even more sad due to the Chemistry between Oskar and Itzhak.



And even more so what makes this film included in the list of Greatest Films Ever Made!  perhaps because there are several scenes or scenes that highlight the sexuality and violence committed by the german against the jews which is highlighted in the form of satire ( satire ) And also tells the heroic story of Oskar Schindler's who sacrificed his money to save thousands of jewish lives. Not only that, in my opinion, what makes this film look like a commercial film is because there are no scenes of the war between the German Army and the Army from the allied camps from america, but Schindler's List is packaged as a drama of saving the Jews that Oskar did and shows the true reality that happened to both sides while the war was going on.

The film, which lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes, will certainly change the mood of the audience to sadless mode, It is certain that you will be totally sadless made into this historical drama film because the ending is also packed with saddest.

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