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What is Psychedelic art ? | Literature of Psychedelic art

What is Psychedelic art ? | Literature of Psychedelic art


What is Psychedelic art ? | Literature of Psychedelic art
Psychedelic art by stoneeman

What does Psychedelic art mean? Have you  guys ever heard the term psychedelic before?  Maybe for some people who already know 'psychedelic' will be very related to this article. This time  stoneeman will  discuss a topic that  will  certainly  be related to the  previous stoneeman review  which discussed 'Psychedelic' in full.


Do you know what psychedelic art is?


Well, if you have ever studied what 'psychedelic' is, Psychedelic itself from its  general literature is interpreted as Mind-Manifesting which means manifesting thoughts. Not only that, Psychedelic is honestly   a sub-culture that developed as a result of experiments, exploration, which were finally manifested   in   a movement carried out by hippies (Counter-culture)  in the year  1960's in United States America.

Then came  psychedelic art which can be said to be  a  sub-genre of psychedelic that flourished in  the 1960's to the late 1970's. 


You  can read  in full about the psychedelic  review below:

The word psychedelic comes from two Greek words meaning “mind manifesting.”


The beginning of the emergence of psychedelic art

Have you ever heard of hippies?  If you haven't read the  review of the 'Historic Movement  of the Hippies'.    A massive  movement called   the  pioneer ( Counter-Culture ) of  the development of psychedelic culture.

Maybe you think Psychedelic art is  part of a  music genre, indeed Psychedelic is a culture that has  gained many fields, ranging from 'Music, Art, Movie'.psychedelic itself   has  become a  culture   local in America because of the movement carried out by hippies in the 1970's, Because the movement that is filled with creativity creates new branches / fields that are created due to the  impact of  the  movement   performed by hippies in the  70's.

Psychedelic art is one of  the  fields that hippie uses in implementing its protests against the government into the  form of creative media.  At that time  hippie received a lot  of  support from musicians, artists, literati in   enlivening their movements  , because of this  is what Psychedelic can be in say it as a  culture that was inherent in the development of hippie  culture at that time.


 Pioneer artist who pursued the  development of psychedelic art in  1960

 To be honest there is one graphic   that you introduced psychedelic  style to art in 1922 he was William Addison Dwiggins, an American  typographic artist in   1922's (  Roots  of psychedelic art artist ). However,  the development of psychedelic art itself began to develop in the 1960's where hippies began to apply and develop  their psychedelic art  style  in the form of posters that  contained many  elements  typography & combination of  contrast colors that will soothe the eyes When looking at it, here  are some examples of  psychedelic works of hippies at that time  :

 1.Wes Wilson

What is Psychedelic art ? | Literature of Psychedelic art
Psychedelic Poster art/Cover album Created by Wes Wilson

wes Wilson  is  an artist who is generally known as the  father of  rock concert posters in the  1960s,He is one of the most recognized artists/  artists as   one of  the  most psychedelic poster designers famous at that time.

Here are  his works that emphasize the typographic elements and contrast colors that made the  characteristic psychedelic art at that time.  


2.Stanley Mouse ( Mouse & Kelly )

What is Psychedelic art ? | Literature of Psychedelic art
Psychedelic Poster art/Cover album Created by Stanley Mouse

Stanley  George Miller or commonly known  as stanley mouse, He was an American artist who helped pursue the  development of psychedelic art in the  1960's. Stanley mouse became famous for the  psychedelic rock concert poster  design  he made in  the 1960's for the   psychedelic band's album cover gratefull  dead, Journey,Jefferson Airplane,thirteenth Floor Elevators  .

  Typical psychedelic art in  the 1960-1970's contained  in posters or album covers at that time  had a characteristic marked  with a  font shape that was made twists and turns and collaborated with contrasting   colors.

3.Psychedelic example of the best poster film of the 1960's – 1970's

3.Psychedelic example of the best poster film of the 1960's – 1970's
Good Psychedelic Poster Movie You Should Watch

Not only on album covers, music festival  posters, Psychedelic art in the 1960's  we can also find in  movie posters, the average  film  that uses  psychedelic posters as above is  a categorical film    psychedelic movies.  Like a psychedelic poster  marker above are some of the cult classic movies that were popular in the  late 1960-1970s.

When talking about psychedelic movie posters, coincidentally,  stoneeman has also   often discussed & provided references or information about  psychedelic  movies,  cult classic movies, you can read the reviews below  :

Best Psychedelic Movies & Cult Classic movie 

1. Best Psychedelic Movies Review

2. Cult Classic Movies Review

4. Mati Klarwein

Mati Klarwein is a  painter from France who also  has a  quite unique style & is very familiar  with his work which has  a  surrealist style,If I may interpret a little about his work which is quite  phenomenal on the album abraxas which is in       released by santana  in  1970, Carlos santana used a painting made by mati for his album cover  because it   has a psychedelic  feel in the  painting.

What is Psychedelic art ? | Literature of Psychedelic art
Psychedelic art cover album created by Mati Klarwein

In    his works we  can analyze that in  the  70's he had created a new formula  in the development of the  genre  of painting, even more so  against the flow  of painting. psychedelic art.  And in addition to the  three album covers made by mati klarwein  above are the best albums  you can listen to if you like jazz,   jazz fusion, funk, soul.     Klarwein's works are widely used by  musicians     cool and wild musicians such as santana who also enlivened the culmination of the hippie  cultural movement in  Woodstock in the late  1969-1970's.


  As  I've explained in previous reviews of  psychedelic, Psychedelic  is a  sub-culture that  developed in the  1960's due to the creative movement of  hippies.  of course, talking about the psychedelic & psychedelic art genre will not be separated from the hippies because they were the ones who started this counterculture to their predecessors who he said were tough.

Because many get support from several  musicians / artists / artists, even some directors who also enliven the vibes of these hippies  into the  form of cinema ( film ), so that psychedelic is divided - divide into  several  scena & field.

The development of psychedelic art in the field of visual arts at that time was also referred to as pop-culture which is still developing today.


The development of Psychedelic art in modern visual design


It is  undeniable that in this modern era,  psychedelic art is not a new face  in the field of design. Psychedelic    art is  a pop trend   that existed  in the  1960's and was developed into an art culture that is still preserved today by artists/culturalists & designers.

 And please note that pop culture that  already existed in the  1960's  is  a visual formula   that  is advantageous in the development of  psychedelic art today, In this modern era  psychedelic art developed  into  varied forms. If  you are a design  practitioner or observer,  of course, you  are familiar  with the term psychedelic art.


Poster Created by Stoneeman ( @Horcux_07 )
Poster Created by Stoneeman ( @Horcux_07 )

Because I  am a design activist/practitioner who likes & pursues the flow of psychedelic art, you can check it yourself on the official stoneeman Instagram  (@horcux_07).  For me in this modern era,  Psychedelic  art is a visual  that can  be combined into various design elements such as manipulation  art, surealm art,  pop art, and many others that  we can find in media like Instagram, facebook if you want to explore it.  The following  are some examples of modern psychedelic art that Stoneman made:


What is Psychedelic art ? | Literature of Psychedelic art
Psychedelic art by stoneeman ( @Horcux_07 ) 


Self Interprestasi

If I may interpret the  notion of  psychedelic  art in the  visual art tradition  of this modern era; Psychedelic   art  is not  something that  is created because of  substance, but psychedelic art is part of what we can feel in our daily lives.  For me, the  application in  making psychedelic art is not  complicated, If you have a strong interest or feel & soul, you only need to develop a formula that already existed in the    1960's and combine them into an imaginary visual form.


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