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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Session 9 Movie Review | Psychological Horror Which Received The Tittle of Cult Classic Movie

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Session 9 Movie Review | Psychological Horror Which Received The Tittle of Cult Classic Movie

Psychological Horror Which Received The Tittle of Cult Classic Movie

Session 9 ( 2001 )  Movie Review & Film Summary  

Since Brad Anderson's emergence in the film  industry we can find a kind of fresh formula from the 80's in the 2000s to the present day because his film is so sticky with genres - genres that are quite complicated. He is known as a director who focuses his films in the Psychological genre and also Thriller movies, although the first 2 films are Next Stop Wonderland 1998 and Happy Accidents 2000 which if I think these two movies are a bit mellow yahh before he is known as a fierce director hahaha. And even more so since he released Psychological Horror Thriller entitled Session 9, I felt a new tension from the horror shutter that circulated in the 2000s. 

A new form of synergy in the horror shutter of Session 9 apparently also received a lot of scathing criticism from horror seniors, But there is no need to worry because this movie remains as scary even though the criticism has similarities that lead to Stainley Kubrick's film entitled The Shining ( 1980 ).  But to be honest, according to the results of the wild analysis that I found, it seems that Brad Anderson was referenced and influenzaed by Sutrada Alfred Hitchcock, Because the tension and paranoia effect provided by Session 9 is almost - almost equal to the film - the film directed by the legendary director. 

Back to the topic, Session 9 itself is a film that is so complex to explain because the cinematography toy in this film is a bit tripping and it's really fun to visualize it orally. And the Screen writing and narration of this film was so wild and un-predictable for us when we first watched it, Because I think Brad Anderson who collaborated with Stephen Gevedon in the creation of the script they were already far above a different level ( His writing skills mean _^ ).

The atmosphere given in session 9 is also different levels of tension along with horror, because Brad Anderson combines elements of Horror with Psychological Thriller so that it mutates into a horror film with a different level of horror than the usual horror films. Just like The Shining movie, Session 9 is not a movie that features Ghosts in physical form, Brad Anderson's Horror Portrayal is more of a psychological mind game that contains puzzles accompanied by horror in the narrative that Brad made, with the background story set against the backdrop of a historical building that has not been operated on for a long time, namely a psychiatric hospital called Danvers State Mental Hospital As a location spot that Brad  Anderson used it in the film, Making this movie seem more creepy.

Now from the location of the shoot spot that is allocated in an old and historic building, it seems that the narrative from Session 9 underlies the plot of the story that leads to a person or a disease related to the psyche, mind, and also the mental. That's why this film is called Psychological Horror which is full of puzzles that concern the 3 things above, when the audience watches the film.



Simple Plot :

Starting with Gordon Fleming, the leader of an old building cleaning group, Scene begins with Gordon being cheered up  by Phill because he is going through a period of money crisis, From the beginning of the Scene we have been shown by Fuzzy feeling which leads to a scene full of puzzles - puzzles by the nature of these two characters that will later make the audience ambiguous in predicting the narrative in this film.

Then proceed to an old building that they will later work on to clean up, starring 5 professional actors who have starred in underrated films with a variety of crazy genres! They are David Caruso (Phil), Peter Mullan (Gordon Fleming),  Josh Lucas (Hank), Brendan Sexton III (Jeff), even Screen writer Stephen Gevedon (Mike) also took part in broadcasting the Session 9 storyline with different levels of tension.  

These five characters will be shrouded in horror that would never have been thought of from the beginning of the story, Because Brad Anderson packs it in a psychological form that is highlighted more on the behavior of each character, So it makes it a bit difficult to guess where the plot leads to end.


Not only is the narrative packaging super unpredictable, all the elements in session 9 are all very well worked out, especially for the visual shots that are made like classic movies so as to add to the impression of horror on a different level.

I can't explain it succinctly for you because you must watch it yourself for those who like the Psychological Horror Genre, And for myself, Session 9 is one of the best horror films of several other horror films in the 2000s that became very popular year after year, so that is one of the factors that made this film included in the popular list of Cult Films  which has special fans. As we know in 2021, it is already difficult to find horror movies with different levels of horror in this year. 


Saturday, December 17, 2022

Possession 1981 Movie Review | Obscured Psychological Horror Movie

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Possession 1981 Movie Review | Obscured Psychological Horror Movie


Possession 1981 Movie Review | Obscured Psychological Horror Movie

Possession 1981 movie review

Director : Andrez Zulawski – Are you a person who is very addicted to horror  films?  This time  stoneeman will  discuss one of the films with the  title of  cult classic  horror that  will give a horror  sensation that is different from other horror films.  


Possession 1981 is a psychological horror drama film that has a very wild  narrative to be digested by   normal thoughts. Psychological Horror, which was worked on  by a  polish  director,  is indeed very wild and in addition to Possession 1981, Andrez Zulawski also  worked on The   Devil (1972  ), On The Silver Globe (1988) Both movies that   he  had previously worked on Garap is two of the best movies  with cult classic movie titles in the 1970's era.

Andrez Zulawski is one of the  directors who also pursued the  development of  cult classic movies in the old era.  Andrez Zulawski Director from  Poland also has   different characteristics in every work  on the  film, starting from the visuals, sound, and  also the narrative;    he made it in  a very exhibitionist form even more so  in his visual  cultivation. 


From polish directors  I know like Wjociech Has & Roman Polanski In scena the film 'poland' has a very wild visual  & narrative, the  most distinguishing is the  visual  style found in polish films  has a unique distinctive & different sensation  from other directors.


Continuing to the  topic of our discussion  , namely possession 1981, Possession 1981 is the  only Andrez Zulawski film  that uses English because  the 1981 possession film collaborated with   the American novelist 'Frederic   Tuten', In working on the narrative  Andrez & Frederic collaborated to create a narrative that would shake the  psychological of  the audience.  


 Possession's  film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival  in  1981, the interesting thing is that this  film  was  banned in  several  countries because it   was disgusting to be watched by several groups of  people.   Inseparable from that for me this film  is still the  best cult classic horror in the  1980's, moreover  the  female actor who became the  antagonist of this film  was crowned as a cast member best in her role in this 1981 possession film, she is isabelle Adjani.



Synopsis & Explanation



Possession 1981 Movie Review | Obscured Psychological Horror Movie
Isabelle Adjani & Sam Neill

Before we enter the  synopsis of  this film,   first introduce the two characters who will play roles in this legendary psychological horror classic film  .  The two main characters in this film  are Isabelle Adjani  (Anna)  & Sam Neil (Mark).


Possession 1981 Movie Review | Obscured Psychological Horror Movie

The scene begins  with a meeting with Mark  who finally meets  his wife Anna who   wants to ask mark for a divorce  , With reasons that are not specific enough anna leaves mark and his son Bob who   is still very small.

Because the plot in this film is very  complicated to digest and there are so many   scenes  / scenes that  are not easy to understand because they have a very  deep  meaning between the  storyline & the roles of these two characters. With the nuances of psychological horror whose narrative plot is filled with mystery that can make our logic spin When watching it, Stoneeman will explain a little bit of the main plot of this film.

Possession 1981 Movie Review | Obscured Psychological Horror Movie

Possession 1981 is a  horror film  that can drain all our feelings and minds because of its very wild narrative, After Mark goes through a  bed split  with anna  mark discovers  that anna  has an affair with Heinrich ( Heinz  Bennent  ). Finally,        mark's  domestic condition with Anna became more heated and there were a lot of  violent scenes that could not be expressed by a series of words.


The situation between mark and anna which was already chaotic finally became even more strange because of  anna's behavior that made mark want to investigate,  mark's  investigation began When  mark  went to see Heinrich and got anna   no longer  With Heinrich.


As we have said above,  this psychological horror film  is the best, because it  has a very deep meaning  & meaning in a divorce that can damage all happiness in   alive.


Possession 1981 Movie Review | Obscured Psychological Horror Movie

Speaking of happiness, this 1981 possession  film  is the  film with the  cruelest  narrative stoneeman has ever  discussed.  Because  this film  is packaged into a horror  film, of course, the  story or  narrative in this film  cannot be separated from a sect or belief in Christians about the  power of the devil that has  exists in this world.


The depiction of the devil  in this   film  is also similar to  that of rosemary's baby ( 1968 ), Like a cult of movie  fans with satanic  elements in it, I honestly don't want to reveal this part   in  this discussion.  But if you want to find out the  similarities of the 1981  possession movie you can find it  in the 1968 film Rosemary's Baby.  



Possession 1981 Movie Review | Obscured Psychological Horror Movie

  As I  have said above that the  plot in the 1981 possession  is very difficult to  explain, even I  myself need to watch this film  repeatedly because  of the narrative  & also   the taking  The visuals in this film   really have a deep  meaning.  

And not only that, in this 1981 possession film, there are also  scenes that will drain a  lot of  our emotions and feelings.   Like  the scene  above isabelle is being filled with anger like a trance.    Isabelle Adjani's  perfomance above was one of the  wildest  moments where she earned the  title of the best performer of this 1981 possession film.


Conclusion & Self Interpretation

For me Psychological Horror like possession 1981 is a  new formula for the  application of psychological horror this year, And indeed this 1981 possession  managed to become a film that was loved by   cults/cultists  cult classic horror   because it has a different horror characteristic and sensation.

Films like possession 1981  are  psychological horror films  that are hidden from the  public   because this film  can be said to be  an underatted film because of the  use of a budget that is not too large, unlike   a boxoffice movie that  we will very easily meet in public.


And also from this film we can also learn that divorce is something very scary if it happens / happens to us in real life, This film is a depiction that is so real & creepy if the narrative in this film is indeed depicted for someone's suffering if they experience a divorce in a family relationship that they have built.


Monday, November 14, 2022

Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie | the narrative is filled with luxury

November 14, 2022 0
Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie |  the narrative is filled with luxury

Under The Silver lake 2018 Review Movie & Summary

Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie |  the narrative is filled with luxury
Under The Silver Lake 2018 Review Movie 

Directors : David Robert Mitchell

If you've ever heard of Under The Silver lake 2018 Movie?  The movie under the silver lake which was released in  2019  is  a movie  with the  Mystery genre  that contains other  elements that certainly make this  film  very Luxurious because it is filled with   conspiracy.

  This movie is one of  the most stunning & interesting  films  to watch by  young people, many things & classic plots  such as secret messages that will make the audience ask questions    When watching the film Under The Silver lake which was released in  2018.  What's more, this film is filled with conundrum, with distributors by   a film company that accommodates  independent cultivators, namely A24  , making under the silver lake  even more  full of mystery.

   It was worked on by a director whose name    only recently  surfaced to the public in 2014 because of his film entitled It Follows which was successfully recognized by  film critics.   He is David Robert Mitchell,  a  cultivator who started  his career as an  independent  director using a low budget.

Although the films produced  by  David Robert on average use minimal  costs, never  judge a book by its cover. This  2018  Under The Silver lake film is a manifesta of  David's very wild way of  thinking, This film  is one of the  best works  of  several other  works of David.   By using  the  neo-noir  concept in  its visual application, this  film is even more luxurious for young people to watch.

In my own opinion,  the narrative written  by David is very  good and  will certainly amaze the  eyes of  cult classic mystery movie  lovers. Even though this movie is worked on by  a new director  whose flying hours are not as many as other senior  cultivators,  David has a distinctive so that this movie under the silver lake   can be classified as me became one of  the cult classic movies released  in  2018.

Under The Silver lake 2018 Review Movie & Summary
Many Conspiracies Revealed

Why is this movie  classified  as a cult classic movie?  this movie  has a lot of   plot twists that can only be understood When you have watched a lot of cult classics from the 1970's to the 1990's, that's why I mentioned that David is a genius, creative cultivator. He didn't need to use a lot of capital to make this film a cult classic movie in  this  modern year.


 Synopsis & Explanation

Andrew Garfield is main character of the mysterious under the silver lake 2018
Andrew Garfield is main character of the mysterious under the silver lake 2018

  Under the silver lake 2018,   which is full of  mysteries, is played by one main character who became an  iconic role in the amazing spider-man, Andrew Garfield.  His role in the film under the silver lake is very   different when he plays the  amazing spider-man, In this film under the silver lake  Garfield plays the  role of sam an unemployed man whose goal is  his life is unclear.

Sam is interested in    things  that  are rarely done by others  , he is interested  in  conspiracy theories &  secret messages contained in slogans such as McDonald's, Coca-cola, even  In this movie we  can know many conspiracy things  that  we have never  known before.



inspired by various cult movies
inspired by various cult movies

Under the silver   lake  is a  mystery film that is really  related to some other cult classic films, I think David was inspired a lot  by   some cult classic movie producers such as John Carpenter, Stainley Kubrick and several   others . Because the plots shown  in this film  will be very easy to understand if you have watched cult classic films that  already existed in the  1970's such as 'They Live 1988' & 'Lolita 1962'.


  The film   opens  with Sam an unemployed man  who  is goalless and is  on the verge of  a financial crisis.  But even if sam is   an  unemployed man with no purpose in  life, he    is interested in the conspiracies that exist in the  world, moreover he likes to find out the  secret messages contained   on a slogan, music.  Surely if you have vinyl (vinyl  records) of course you will know there is some mystery on the rock band 70's album  about a secret message  if the   vinyl record  is played  in  reverse then there is  a  secret message contained in the lyric  if the  vinyl you turn it upside down. 


  Under the silver lake is  a mystery  film that has psychedelic elements in its visual application, and  not only that is  the  first impression When you watch this film,  it will certainly feel like  watching horror movies because the application of visuals and backing sounds is made using horror elements so that it  will feel a little more tense and make the  audience curious about the  concept of narrative written by David himself.



Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie |  the narrative is filled with luxury
Amazing Plot Twist From Under The Silver Lake 2018

David Robert  Mitchell wrote a very wild  narrative  and script to interpret,  in the 2018 film Under the Silver Lake David combined many  elements  of  dark comedy in his narrative that  can only be understood if you  is a cult classic movie  collector.

David also inserted   some satire  narrative narratives for some groups in the USA,  The   satire  narratives and the message I mean is like 'the biggest prostitution  is in hollywood'.    As I explained  above, if you like a conspiracy that has been planned for this world  , of course you  will be  very related to  the plot twist that   will be in present it in this movie.

With   a film  duration of  almost 2 hours, in  this film there are many plot twists  that reveal some conspiracies &  misleading messages contained in  cigarette advertisements,  Macdonald's advertisements,  old magazines, even movies & music there  is  a secret message that is shown to certain circles  like the upper class society.  This film  will really  open up a  fact about the conspiracy that exists even though the  story in this movie  is fictional, If you are a fan  of the movie  – the movie that smells of conspiracy    'Under The Silver Lake 2018' is one of  the modern cult classics that  you must watch.


Self Interpretation about under the silver lake 2018 film

For me, this movie  is the  slang movie I've  ever seen in  2018, With the revelations of mysteries and  also world conspiracies making this film  very wild. I think David Robert Mitchell is a  cultivator who learns  from some other cult classic movies  so he can make something as  fresh and refreshing as this 2018 under the silver lake.

The rating given by IMDb  is  6.5/10, I think the rating that is suitable for this film is  7.9.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Review Movie & Summary

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 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Review Movie & Summary

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus Summary 

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Review Movie,Summary
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Poster by stoneeman

 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 2009 review movies

" The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus"  is a film entitled fantastical morality,  This exhibition  film  is a   masterpiece directed by Terry Gilliam.  The film   is  one manifestation of  an imagination written by Terry Gilliam & Charles McKeown.  For those who already know Terry Gilliam  , surely you  will not be surprised by his film works like this. 

Terry   Gilliam can be said to  be  a director who pursues the  fantasy genre with psychedelic elements in it,  The style of cultivation in each movie - the movies made by Terry Gilliam have unique characteristics    in the wild cinematic & Script work.


Terry Gilliam is one of the  directors who can be said that  he is involved in films that are classified as cult classic movies because of their uniqueness   and uniqueness that is very thick with imagination.    Like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Of  the many movies he worked on, of the few there  are indeed many that contain elements –  psychedelic elements because I think  terry really likes experimenting in  movies  so  that   Many combine elements –  expressionist elements in the cinematic.

If   you are asking questions  and want to read what is  the meaning of cult classic movie, just  visit the link below:


Back to the  topic  of  our discussion about the film The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus,  this film is a  film with a cinematic uniqueness & narrative full  of  imagination.  Plus  the movie worked on  by Terry Gilliam is very thick with psychedelic nuances / elements in the cinematic visuals.   with the  narrative in the film full of  fantasy & imagination so as to strengthen the  psychedelic  elements in the film.  

The first impression  of The imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus -  This fairy tale film  with a fantasy  theme is not an ordinary fairy tale film  like other fantasy  fairy tale films, this film directed   by Terry Gilliam  is a   film with a fairly complex narrative/story because it incorporates a philosophical understanding of the  structure of the world and the  human psyche to the  way  the world  works.


Synopsis & Film Summary

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is a  truly riveting work, With the   theme  Fantasy doctor parnassus can be said to  be one of the best psychedelic films   of  the 2010s, This film    has  managed to  amaze & managed to brighten the mind because of its narrative and cinematic     visuals  that are really creative.

Who is Dr.Parnassus & Mr.Nick

The showdown between  the  mysterious Dr.parnassus & the charismatic Mr.Nick is the  main plot intrigue of the movie, Then who are they ?

In Narasi in this film, it tells the  story of Dr. Parnassus is a  monk who has lived in the world for a long time  and he is the owner of a  theater that performs a show about imagination, like   spreading a  teaching Dr.parnassus wanders and spreads a story using his supernatural powers  to show the  universe  he   created himself,  the supernatural   powers he  possesses  named  "Imaginarium"  he  can use it When he focuses in a hermitage state.

Meanwhile, Mr.nick is told in this film  as an embodiment of the  form of a demon who rules the  structure of the working world.  However, the image of the    devil made in this film  is very contrary to the nature  of the devil, usually  the  devil  has a cunning disposition & does not like justice.  But in this movie  is  different, Mr.nick himself is a fair & wise demon in this film.

 These two characters are important plots  if you want to understand the movie, Dr.parnassus & Mr.nick is  like a  gamble between a  god and a devil.     You've never thought that god  & devils are actually playing bets to see how the world works towards humans today.

Around sheep imaginarium ?

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 2009 review movies
Inside The Mirror of Imaginarium,You can get what you deserve

 As  I have said above, Dr.parnassus is the owner of an ancient theater that offers & advocates to  everyone who has the  courage to go on a  journey that   amazing through a world of illusions & dreams.  When  someone enters the mirror  and  it is a  portal or entrance  to the  (dream) imagination of a person, in the mirror it is  someone who has entered into   the mirror The space in  the mirror will be shown its desires in  the form of imagination (dreams) like it is in fantasy. 

But for a  person who has a  lust for the flesh in  himself then  he  will feel hell in it if he  chooses the wrong  path.

  That's the  imaginarium in the film directed  by Terry Gilliam. 

Who are the actors who took part in this film?

Heath ledger(Tony)-Digantikan oleh Johnny Depp karena ledger Meninggal dunia ,Verne Troyer ( Percy),Lily Cole ( Valentina),Andrew Garfield ( Anton ), Tom Waits ( Nick The Devil ),Christopher Plummer ( Dr.Parnassus ).

Well, of   the  several actors  you may know, Johnny Depp is one of  the actors who enlivened  this film   as  a stunt double because Heath Ledger passed away while this film was still in  cultivation process.


Self interpretation

If you have ever watched The Hourglass   sanatorium 1973, I think the film the imaginarium of doctor parnassus almost  resembles and has similarities  to the 1973  film the  hourglass sanatorium  which was worked on by a  Polish director  , Wojciech Has.   If  you have watched the movie  , maybe you will assume that Terry Gilliam was inspired by  the surrealist movie  The Hourglass Sanatorium. Indeed,  if we look at it in detail, the visual  transition effect contained in the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus almost resembles the   movie the hourglass, and with a narrative complex enough   to  understood by the audience.

It  is clear that The  Imaginarium is one of the  psychedelic films, because the  visual  effects and narrative in  the film use the  concept of  surrealism so that the  film the imaginarium of doctor parnassus is rather complex    to   be understood because it combines elements that are not easy for the general public to understand  .

If I   can give a  rating for   this movie, I would suggest that   for friends who like psychedelic movies & midnight movies you must watch this movie  at night  while enjoy the night.

Friday, October 14, 2022

10 Psychedelic Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

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10 Psychedelic Movies That Will Blow Your Mind


10 Psychedelic Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 10 Psychedelic Movies Of All Time - A list of the best psychedelic movies ever made.

As the title above, this time  I will share an article about the 10 best Psychedelic movies  that must be watched in   2022.  As before – previously I have shared several articles about Psychedelic movies that   you can read below  :

Psychedelic films are often misunderstood, but they've had an enormous influence on popular culture. In fact, many people believe that these movies were responsible for the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

The Psychedelic film genre is characterized by  the impact of psychedelia in films. Psychedelic films generally contain  visual distortions and   narratives that are full of experimental, and often emphasize the elements or elements of sound effects, visual effects and most importantly the narrative in the film. So the 10 movies below  are the  best choices of stoneeman that  you must watch at night.



- The Mole (1970)


Director : Alejandro Jodorowsky


El Topo is the first movie produced by a crazy director or often called The Father Of Midnight Movies, namely alejandro jodorowsky, Who doesn't know this director with all the high-level forms of art that he distributes to every movie he works on. From several movies that he worked on such as El Topo (1970) then followed by The Holy Mountain (1973) Average starting from the screenplay, storyline, and also the visuals are very surreal and combined with mystical and also religious genres so as to make the movie contain many meanings or can be said to be multi-interpretation.



- Wonderwall ( 1968 )


Director: Joe Massot


A Trippin movie on this one will certainly make us convulsive - convulsive with the classic visual style and also the backing sound which will make the audience hypnotized by the accompaniment sound ( tone ) which is packed with Indian-style culturistics, the backing sound cultivators who are so Chruncy are 2 legend musicians, namely George Harrison and Eric Clapton. This psychedelic movie was the best hit in the late 1960s by Joe Massot who collaborated with Gerard Brach, a senior screenwriter from France ( France ) , There is no doubt that Joe Massot, an American-born gandengan collaborated with Gerard Brach who is from France.


The problem is that on average, French or Polish Directors, they are very skilled in designing and incorporating elements of Surrealism into the script or in the form of live visuals, for example the cultivator Wjociech Jerzy Has with his film entitled: The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973).


A little plot that I can describe in this Wonderwall film is a film that combines psychological elements against an old scientist named Oscar Collins ( Played by a senior actor in the cult classic movies shutter, Jack MacGowran ) who was obsessed with the culture of young people at that time in the 1960s, namely Hippies. He is obsessed with his ambitions for hippies, especially interested in one of the female ^_^ hippies , Yup his name is also Psychedelic Movies must highlight the sensuality of human ambitions hehehe.



- The Hourglass Sanatorium ( 1973 ) 


Director : Wjociech Jerzy Has 


As I mentioned above, The Hourglas Sanatorium is one of the psychedelic movies that also has strange-elements like the two films above that I have explained. With a polish cultivator, of course, it is not much different from alejandro jodorowsky ! Jerzy is one of the cultivators who pursues Surrealism / Surrealist art in each of the

movies, especially The Hourglass Sanatorium itself is very thick with the nuances of Surrealism which is certainly a Cult among Psychedelic Movies fans.



- Psych-Out ( 1968 ) 


Director : Richard Rush


well, Psych-Out 1968 movies this one is a psychedelic film with a drama-musical genre. This film certainly almost resembles a wonderwall film because it carries the theme of American culture at that time, precisely in San Francisco which tells about hippies culture, Psychedelic Music, Psychedelic Art which became a counterculture movement in the 1960s. The only thing that distinguishes this film from the

wonderwall is that Psych-out is thicker with cultural introductions (Like Documenter Historical Film), and of course this film has become a cult among psychedelic fans of the film.


Apart from that, of course, this Psych-out movie is not a film that is too heavy to understand like other psychedelic films, But what I like about this film is Two legendary actors, jack Nicholson and Susan Elizabeth strasberg, are acting in a hipster romance full of sensuality. And not only that, in this film we can see how dashing Jack Nicholson is when he is young hehehe.


- 2001 : A Space Odyssey ( 1968 ) 


Director : Stanley Kubrick 


Trippin Movies on this one is the best of the best psychedelic movies that are so complex and unpredictable To understand, 2001 : Space Odyssey is Sci-fi ( Science Fiction ) & Adventure Film directed by Stanley Kubrick. the work of this senior director's film has not failed and has always been a cult among fans of psychedelic films or other audiences, because Space Odyssey is one of the science fiction films with the most intense Psychedelic elements.


Because Kubrick is a director who is known as the best senior director in the design of Narratives, Photography, and also Cinematic Visuals which has a distinctive and formula that not all directors at this time have.


For Synopsis in the film A Space Odyssey, it seems very futuristic because the theme of the narrative is about the Advancement of technology and the rapidly developing way of thinking of humans who are packaged in the concept of travel in space to research a living monolith that exists in space. But that was if you've ever watched other films by Kubrick such as: The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut! On average, the film contains deep meaning and interpretation of all aspects, And that is the so-called High-level presentation of art that allows the audience to explore the film - kubrick's film which is full of puzzles and mystery.



- Naked Lunch ( 1991 ) 


Director : David Cronenberg


Naked Lunch this one film will definitely amaze the junkies all over the world hahahaha, My opinion about naked lunch is a junkies film that is packed intellectually by the producer David Gronenberg, But to be honest This film is the result of an adaptation of a fiction novel which of course is a novel itself has been very wild to be converted into visual form. The novel with the same title Naked Lunch as the film adaptation was written by William S.Burroughs an American writer who was known as a popular influence of culture in his time.


To be honest, I really like the work by David Cronenberg on this one, because this Director has a unique distinctiveness also in every film work. Like The Fly, Videodrome ,To Die For, Gilak is a film directed by this one is crazy men, And doi is also one of the directors who included preserving Cult Classic Movies in the early 80s - 2000s.


And the last word to say is, You can dig up all of the best psychedelic film from that old man yaw ! Even Fear & loathing in las vegas is inspired by David Cronenberg work on this film.


-  Memento ( 2000 ) 

Director : Christopher Nolan 

Memento, Hmm sounds familiar ? Of course, this film is a Thriller & Mystery that is so complicated and can make the audience ling-lung when they first watch it. Yup, that's Christopher Nolan, a producer who is known as a director who cannot be forgotten today who has become a Cult among Sci-fi fans and mystery films.


Memento, which was released in 2000, will certainly anesthetize us all with the storyline of the film which uses the Foward -> Backward technique and the concept of this film is also based on a novel written by nolan's brother, Jonathan Nolan with the novel title Memento-mori. well of course this is a really chill out brotherhood relationship between Christopher and jonathan, Sampe collaborated together to make a movie.


Apart from the very intense fraternal relationship, It seems that this film also has elements of Psychedelia that are very dense from the visual packaging and also the narrative, This film is made like a dark film and uses black-and-white images at certain moments so that it seems tense.

 3 The Best From Directors Darren Aronofsky

-  Requiem For a Dream ( 2000 ) 

Directors : Darren Aronofsky

Requiem For a Dream (2000)  a unique movie  with high  ratting  on this one is a psychological drama or can  also be called a dark drama movie directed by Darren Aronofsky.


Darren Aronofsky himself is known as a  director who pursues the  field of Psychological fiction (Psychological Fiction) in films, the average  film work he works on is an achievement of life in the modern era. Moreover, darren's  name also began to change when he received an award in  1998 with the  nickname of the best independent spirit award  in scriptwriting.


Short Synopsis :

  It   tells the story of a lonely old woman ( Sara Goldfarb ) who lives alone in the  midst of an individualist urban  civilization, Her husband has long since died and  his only child  ( Harry Goldfarb ) is busy with his own world. The poor old  woman could only enjoy her old age  by watching Tv and she really liked one of  the  tv game shows that she really  coveted - coveted to be able to  participate participated in the event. When it was a  dream that he coveted -  he  would be close to reality when he received a  telvon from one of  the tv programs that broadcast his favorite show, He was optimistic and obsessed with  slimming down so that  she  could wear the  red  dress she had worn when Harry graduated precisely at the golden age of  her  family's harmonious relationship .


- The Fountain 2006

The Fountain 2006, A movie directed by Darren Aronofsky also with the  romantic drama film genre.    This director is indeed an expert in making blended movies such as The Fountain, Requim For a Dream, and also Pi.

The Fountain itself is not an ordinary romantic drama film   like movies –  romantic drama commercial films that  are widely scattered at  this time, The Fountain can be said to be a film that  combines many elements of   Science Fiction,Fantasy, History, And Spiritualilty.

If you have watched  Requiem For a Dream & Pi, surely if you have watched  the  two films  you will know the difference between the films - films with Psychedelic elements directed by Darren Aronofsky  are a little different from    director – other directors.


Pi 1998

Director : Darren Aronofsky

This one  is the most curcial movie  you must watch as your meal at night. Because it can be said  that this movie  is a  midnight movie because the  visuals used in this movie are  black & white so it is very suitable to be watched at night  . Not only from the visual appearance  so that this movie  can be said to be a midnight movie,  the  storyline  and narrative contained in this movie are  also crazy so that it  can make  people who watch it become like  they're confused.

Actually,    it's not just that  , Movie Pi (1998) is a Psychological Thriller that is combined with the science and visuals used in darren's movie  using cinematic film noir which was commonly used  in  the 1940s as  classic period films  in  that year.  Not only that, what makes this  film not worth watching by teenagers who are only 16 years old, the Sound Effect and high contrast that envelop the visuals in  this Pi  movie are almost  the same as  the film Naked Lunch ( 1991 ).

Indeed,   the ratting in the 1998 Pi movie is very high for originality and entertaining narrative, but this  movie  is not a film for entertainment or entertaining mainstream movies like other movies.  This movie is a little different and almost the same as Naked Lunch 1991, If you want something different Pi 1998 It's worth  watching at night.