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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Session 9 Movie Review | Psychological Horror Which Received The Tittle of Cult Classic Movie

December 18, 2022 0
Session 9 Movie Review | Psychological Horror Which Received The Tittle of Cult Classic Movie

Psychological Horror Which Received The Tittle of Cult Classic Movie

Session 9 ( 2001 )  Movie Review & Film Summary  

Since Brad Anderson's emergence in the film  industry we can find a kind of fresh formula from the 80's in the 2000s to the present day because his film is so sticky with genres - genres that are quite complicated. He is known as a director who focuses his films in the Psychological genre and also Thriller movies, although the first 2 films are Next Stop Wonderland 1998 and Happy Accidents 2000 which if I think these two movies are a bit mellow yahh before he is known as a fierce director hahaha. And even more so since he released Psychological Horror Thriller entitled Session 9, I felt a new tension from the horror shutter that circulated in the 2000s. 

A new form of synergy in the horror shutter of Session 9 apparently also received a lot of scathing criticism from horror seniors, But there is no need to worry because this movie remains as scary even though the criticism has similarities that lead to Stainley Kubrick's film entitled The Shining ( 1980 ).  But to be honest, according to the results of the wild analysis that I found, it seems that Brad Anderson was referenced and influenzaed by Sutrada Alfred Hitchcock, Because the tension and paranoia effect provided by Session 9 is almost - almost equal to the film - the film directed by the legendary director. 

Back to the topic, Session 9 itself is a film that is so complex to explain because the cinematography toy in this film is a bit tripping and it's really fun to visualize it orally. And the Screen writing and narration of this film was so wild and un-predictable for us when we first watched it, Because I think Brad Anderson who collaborated with Stephen Gevedon in the creation of the script they were already far above a different level ( His writing skills mean _^ ).

The atmosphere given in session 9 is also different levels of tension along with horror, because Brad Anderson combines elements of Horror with Psychological Thriller so that it mutates into a horror film with a different level of horror than the usual horror films. Just like The Shining movie, Session 9 is not a movie that features Ghosts in physical form, Brad Anderson's Horror Portrayal is more of a psychological mind game that contains puzzles accompanied by horror in the narrative that Brad made, with the background story set against the backdrop of a historical building that has not been operated on for a long time, namely a psychiatric hospital called Danvers State Mental Hospital As a location spot that Brad  Anderson used it in the film, Making this movie seem more creepy.

Now from the location of the shoot spot that is allocated in an old and historic building, it seems that the narrative from Session 9 underlies the plot of the story that leads to a person or a disease related to the psyche, mind, and also the mental. That's why this film is called Psychological Horror which is full of puzzles that concern the 3 things above, when the audience watches the film.



Simple Plot :

Starting with Gordon Fleming, the leader of an old building cleaning group, Scene begins with Gordon being cheered up  by Phill because he is going through a period of money crisis, From the beginning of the Scene we have been shown by Fuzzy feeling which leads to a scene full of puzzles - puzzles by the nature of these two characters that will later make the audience ambiguous in predicting the narrative in this film.

Then proceed to an old building that they will later work on to clean up, starring 5 professional actors who have starred in underrated films with a variety of crazy genres! They are David Caruso (Phil), Peter Mullan (Gordon Fleming),  Josh Lucas (Hank), Brendan Sexton III (Jeff), even Screen writer Stephen Gevedon (Mike) also took part in broadcasting the Session 9 storyline with different levels of tension.  

These five characters will be shrouded in horror that would never have been thought of from the beginning of the story, Because Brad Anderson packs it in a psychological form that is highlighted more on the behavior of each character, So it makes it a bit difficult to guess where the plot leads to end.


Not only is the narrative packaging super unpredictable, all the elements in session 9 are all very well worked out, especially for the visual shots that are made like classic movies so as to add to the impression of horror on a different level.

I can't explain it succinctly for you because you must watch it yourself for those who like the Psychological Horror Genre, And for myself, Session 9 is one of the best horror films of several other horror films in the 2000s that became very popular year after year, so that is one of the factors that made this film included in the popular list of Cult Films  which has special fans. As we know in 2021, it is already difficult to find horror movies with different levels of horror in this year. 


Friday, December 2, 2022

7 films with the title of Midnight Movies You Should Watch in 2023

December 02, 2022 0
7 films  with the  title of Midnight Movies You Should Watch in 2023


7 film you should watch in the middle of the night
7 film you should watch in the middle of the night

Holla,  today will discuss/provide a reference to the film which is certainly very interesting & memorable When you watch it at midnight.  The following  are 7 films  with the  title of cult classic movie  that you must watch at  night, you can say from the  seven films below that  I will explain later there    are indeed  Several films that have received the  title of cult classic movie because they are worked on by directors who pursue & implement the development of cult classic movies to date. 


 Immediately you look at  7 movies with the  title of cult classic movie that  you must watch at midnight  :



1. The Thing ( 1982 )

Directors : John Carpenter 


The Things 1982 was a  cult classic movie that became one of the  best science fiction horror  films in  the golden year of  cult classic movie  development in the   1980's. The Things 1982 was worked on by the director who  has the  title 'The master of horror  fiction' he is  John Carpenter, The things itself is one of the best horror productions  from several other films  that have indeed received a lot  Good appreciation  from the cult classic horror community.


The Thing 1982 is   a perfect meal for you   midnight movies connoisseurs, this movie that gets the title of  cult classic movie  has a distinctive that is attached to the narrative & visuals.


2. To Die For ( 1995 ) 

To Die For 2005 Film

Directors : Gus Van Sant


To Die For 1995 is a biographical  film packaged into a satirical/black comedy film directed  by  Gus van Sant, and screenwriting by    bucky henry. To Die for is  a film  biography adapted from the  novel  of the  same name written by novelist 'Joyce Maynard'.


The film is inspired by a  novel that tells the story of a tragedy   of premeditated murder  committed by 'pamela smart', because this film is worked on by  a director  who does have the title of director who   Many elevate  marginal  cultures/marginalized subcultures.   With  his distinctiveness,  he is also  included in the group of  directors who preserve the development of cult classic movies to this day.


To Die For    is   a must-watch because it  is based on  a  true story that  takes place in the real world  & this film  has an appeal that is filled with sensuality, obsession so as to make a film    this is  one of  the midnight movie  groups because it  has elements that can hypnotize the audience when watching it at  midnight. 

3. Buffalo '66 ( 1998 ) 

Director : Vincent Gallo 

Vincent Gallo is a Director and Main Actor in this film, It can be said that Vincent Gallo is a Multitallent artist who did have a different Taste in the making of Buffalo '66.


With a lead actor named Billy Brown who has just Escaped from his five-year prison term. During his time in prison he lied to his parents that he had a job and was married. But when he quickly visits his parents' house he kidnaps a dancing woman named Layla, Lalu devises a lie so that he can escape the bad shadows of his parents towards him. But Billy brown also holds a grudge against Scott wood because scott wood has plunged him into jail for losing the bet. But Billy realizes that his actions are a mistake that will plunge him back into the Detention Cell, and plus he realizes he has found his love interest, Layla. And happy ending!!

Indeed, when you hear the movie that ends up Happy ending is a very practical thing and is very often found in movies today. However, according to the cave, there is an important message contained in this film that is especially shown to someone who experiences mental illnesss ( Mental disorders ) or Bipolar Disorder !

4. Big Bad Wolves ( 2013 ) 

Directors : Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado

The film directed by these two people is Crime,Thriller from Israel which makes the cave interested in listing this Movie/Movie in the reference that Gua will share this time. Gua was attracted to this film because it combines elements of Thriller-Crime and Dark Komedy which makes this film interesting to watch.


At the beginning of this movie scene, 2 girls and one boy are seen playing hide-and-seek in an empty house, and suddenly one of the girls disappears. And the scene turned to the police who had found the main suspect who was being interrogated inside an empty house.

Indeed, there have been many cases of kidnapping of little girls that lead to rape and murder, And one of the main suspects has been caught, namely Dror (Rotem Keinan) a teacher who was released because it has not been proven, But because there were eyewitnesses who recorded when the police interrogated Dror and uploaded it on the internet, The video became a boast - a boast of the community and Dror was temporarily quit his job.

But the investigation is still continuing and finally the girl's body is found, Because the father cannot take it for granted because his daughter was killed he also intervenes to unmask the Dror. Gidi ( Tzahi Grad ) is the father of the murdered girl is a military veteran who conducts investigations in his way, And he also cooperates with Micki a policeman to interrogate Dror in a cruel way.

Anyway, you must watch this film to fill your free time, with suspense and also full of mystery, The dynamics of this film become very good and make the audience curious.

5. Cashback ( 2006 ) 

cashback 2006 movie poster

Directors : Sean Ellis 

Cashback 2006 is a romance/comedy movie that contains artistic elements in a British style directed by Sean Ellis, The movie directed by Sean Ellis deserves thumbs up because initially this movie was only exhibited at an art exhibition in 2004 as a short film, Then Sean also developed the short movie he made into a 1hr42-minute film by combining the British style and artistic elements that we can understand if  We understand more deeply about the delivery of this movie.

At first, at first glance, this movie was a biography because the storytelling style in this movie was divided into 2 directions, namely Present time and past time which focused on the life process of Ben Willis (the main character). But it turns out that this is all the result of a thought written by Sean Ellis himself. From the visual concept and also the storyline in this movie, it is very exciting because it smells - an artistic smell that is combined with comedy-romance so that it creates a taste like watching a semi-biographical movie.

6. Odd Thomas ( 2013 ) 


Directors : Stephen Sommers


Odd Thomas 2013 is  a mystery  /thriller  film with a supernatural  feel like a horror film but the  essence of horror in  this film is not so thick, this film is more inclined to the mystery disclosure made  by  the main character  is Odd Thomas who has supernatural  powers like an indigo  child.


Odd   Thomas 2013 is worked on with a fairly simple  narrative  for the  mystery  film  because it  is combined with supernatural  elements, more precisely this film  can be said to be a science fiction horror that  of course,  you  must watch it at night  because this movie  is included in the Midnight Movies  group.




7. The Call ( 2013 )

 Directors : Brad Anderson


The Call 2013 was the  best psychological crime/thriller movie  in  2013, This film was worked on by a director  who is classified as a  cultivator who helped preserve the  development of cult classic movies this year.  He  is  Brad Anderson, a producer who has a  distinctive psychological  element in film,  Average the psychological  film he worked on  is quite  complicated to interpret, especially in the  film 'The Call 2013'.


The Call 2013 is one of  the psychological crimes  that   you must watch at night, because psychological  crime films such as 'The Call 2013' are movies that get the title of  'Cult Classic Movie', 'Midnight Movies;





Monday, November 14, 2022

Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie | the narrative is filled with luxury

November 14, 2022 0
Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie |  the narrative is filled with luxury

Under The Silver lake 2018 Review Movie & Summary

Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie |  the narrative is filled with luxury
Under The Silver Lake 2018 Review Movie 

Directors : David Robert Mitchell

If you've ever heard of Under The Silver lake 2018 Movie?  The movie under the silver lake which was released in  2019  is  a movie  with the  Mystery genre  that contains other  elements that certainly make this  film  very Luxurious because it is filled with   conspiracy.

  This movie is one of  the most stunning & interesting  films  to watch by  young people, many things & classic plots  such as secret messages that will make the audience ask questions    When watching the film Under The Silver lake which was released in  2018.  What's more, this film is filled with conundrum, with distributors by   a film company that accommodates  independent cultivators, namely A24  , making under the silver lake  even more  full of mystery.

   It was worked on by a director whose name    only recently  surfaced to the public in 2014 because of his film entitled It Follows which was successfully recognized by  film critics.   He is David Robert Mitchell,  a  cultivator who started  his career as an  independent  director using a low budget.

Although the films produced  by  David Robert on average use minimal  costs, never  judge a book by its cover. This  2018  Under The Silver lake film is a manifesta of  David's very wild way of  thinking, This film  is one of the  best works  of  several other  works of David.   By using  the  neo-noir  concept in  its visual application, this  film is even more luxurious for young people to watch.

In my own opinion,  the narrative written  by David is very  good and  will certainly amaze the  eyes of  cult classic mystery movie  lovers. Even though this movie is worked on by  a new director  whose flying hours are not as many as other senior  cultivators,  David has a distinctive so that this movie under the silver lake   can be classified as me became one of  the cult classic movies released  in  2018.

Under The Silver lake 2018 Review Movie & Summary
Many Conspiracies Revealed

Why is this movie  classified  as a cult classic movie?  this movie  has a lot of   plot twists that can only be understood When you have watched a lot of cult classics from the 1970's to the 1990's, that's why I mentioned that David is a genius, creative cultivator. He didn't need to use a lot of capital to make this film a cult classic movie in  this  modern year.


 Synopsis & Explanation

Andrew Garfield is main character of the mysterious under the silver lake 2018
Andrew Garfield is main character of the mysterious under the silver lake 2018

  Under the silver lake 2018,   which is full of  mysteries, is played by one main character who became an  iconic role in the amazing spider-man, Andrew Garfield.  His role in the film under the silver lake is very   different when he plays the  amazing spider-man, In this film under the silver lake  Garfield plays the  role of sam an unemployed man whose goal is  his life is unclear.

Sam is interested in    things  that  are rarely done by others  , he is interested  in  conspiracy theories &  secret messages contained in slogans such as McDonald's, Coca-cola, even  In this movie we  can know many conspiracy things  that  we have never  known before.



inspired by various cult movies
inspired by various cult movies

Under the silver   lake  is a  mystery film that is really  related to some other cult classic films, I think David was inspired a lot  by   some cult classic movie producers such as John Carpenter, Stainley Kubrick and several   others . Because the plots shown  in this film  will be very easy to understand if you have watched cult classic films that  already existed in the  1970's such as 'They Live 1988' & 'Lolita 1962'.


  The film   opens  with Sam an unemployed man  who  is goalless and is  on the verge of  a financial crisis.  But even if sam is   an  unemployed man with no purpose in  life, he    is interested in the conspiracies that exist in the  world, moreover he likes to find out the  secret messages contained   on a slogan, music.  Surely if you have vinyl (vinyl  records) of course you will know there is some mystery on the rock band 70's album  about a secret message  if the   vinyl record  is played  in  reverse then there is  a  secret message contained in the lyric  if the  vinyl you turn it upside down. 


  Under the silver lake is  a mystery  film that has psychedelic elements in its visual application, and  not only that is  the  first impression When you watch this film,  it will certainly feel like  watching horror movies because the application of visuals and backing sounds is made using horror elements so that it  will feel a little more tense and make the  audience curious about the  concept of narrative written by David himself.



Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie |  the narrative is filled with luxury
Amazing Plot Twist From Under The Silver Lake 2018

David Robert  Mitchell wrote a very wild  narrative  and script to interpret,  in the 2018 film Under the Silver Lake David combined many  elements  of  dark comedy in his narrative that  can only be understood if you  is a cult classic movie  collector.

David also inserted   some satire  narrative narratives for some groups in the USA,  The   satire  narratives and the message I mean is like 'the biggest prostitution  is in hollywood'.    As I explained  above, if you like a conspiracy that has been planned for this world  , of course you  will be  very related to  the plot twist that   will be in present it in this movie.

With   a film  duration of  almost 2 hours, in  this film there are many plot twists  that reveal some conspiracies &  misleading messages contained in  cigarette advertisements,  Macdonald's advertisements,  old magazines, even movies & music there  is  a secret message that is shown to certain circles  like the upper class society.  This film  will really  open up a  fact about the conspiracy that exists even though the  story in this movie  is fictional, If you are a fan  of the movie  – the movie that smells of conspiracy    'Under The Silver Lake 2018' is one of  the modern cult classics that  you must watch.


Self Interpretation about under the silver lake 2018 film

For me, this movie  is the  slang movie I've  ever seen in  2018, With the revelations of mysteries and  also world conspiracies making this film  very wild. I think David Robert Mitchell is a  cultivator who learns  from some other cult classic movies  so he can make something as  fresh and refreshing as this 2018 under the silver lake.

The rating given by IMDb  is  6.5/10, I think the rating that is suitable for this film is  7.9.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Two Evil Eyes 1990 Review movie | Best 90's Cult Classic Horror Movies

November 11, 2022 0
Two Evil Eyes 1990 Review movie | Best 90's Cult Classic Horror Movies


Two Evil Eyes 1990 poster movie, review movie

Two Evil Eyes 1990 Review & Explanation

Directors : George A. Romero & Dario Argento

Two Evil Eyes 1990 is a psychological horror that uses the concept of film anthology. This two evil eyes film  is also included in the  cult classic movie  class, with psychological horror elements/genres that managed to grab the  views of cult classic  horror movie  lovers in the 1990's.

Movie Two evil  eyes 1990 is a  film with the  concept of anthology,The cultivator of the  movie two evils eyes itself is George A.Romero & Dario Argento who collaborated on the creation of the best  psychological horror  in  the 1990's,  Degan   two different  narrative plots, namely " The  Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar" worked on  by George & starring the  horror actor  of  the legend  of the golden year,  Adrienne Barbeau, and  the second narrative entitled "The Black Cat"  was  worked on  by Dario Argento and starring  Harvey Keitel.

  The two different narratives  are adapted from a short  novel written by  a novelist & poetry  who  was  given the title of figure of romanticism in the  18th century, he was Edgar Allan Poe.


The 1990 two evil eyes movie is  a psychological horror  movie that  has been named a cult classic horror movie because the narrative and visuals  in this  film were   carefully worked on by George & Dario, both directors are also  cultivators  which also played a  role in the  development of cult classic horror movies in  the 1990's, Just like Brain Dead 1992 which was worked on by petter Jackson.Brain Dead  is  a film that  is as old as the   same  1990 Two evil eyes    – the same has a distinctive work on  horror classics that flourished in the  1990's.


Synopsis & Explanation

This movie is   divided into  two different  storylines  with the same elements  and uses suspense  elements whose  level of tension is also the same, usually movies that use the  concept of film anthology such as  This has a difference in the tension that hangs if the  first storyline is  different from the second   storyline.  But Two evil eyes 1990's was  carefully worked on  by a duo director who had the title  of cult classic horror cultivator in the  1990's.   The 1990 Two Evil eyes  film was not the result of the  first collaboration between the two of  them, In  1978 George & Argento had collaborated well  on the film Dawn of The Dead.

This duo director   does have a different signature that also enlivens the development of cult classic horror movies to date.


The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

The fact in the case  of M.Valdemar is the  title of the  prologue  of the   first storyline  of psychological horror which  will later be played by  the legendary cult classic horror actor   Adrienne Barbeau.

Adrienne Barbeau Movie
Adrienne Barbeau

   If you are one of the  fans of cult classic horror movies, of course you   are familiar with this senior actor.   Adrenne Barbeau  is  a legendary actor  who was active from the 1970's and is one of the  actors who  has appeared in many films – the horror classic films of the   1970's  until now  is actually  her  face  It is still widely used in horror   films, just because now this senior actor  is aging,  he only appears as a side character in horror films today.

Back to the topic, The film  opens with the  character Adrienne who is riding a  taxi to  go to  a bank, in a taxi    Adrienne is training her acting so that  she can deceive the bank     to get  agreed to the  application for  taking money in the name of the  old husband she married. Well, actually, this psychological Horror  narrative is  not  complicated to understand because  I think the  fictional script  in this film  tells about a reality. which actually happens a lot in the reality of human life.

  I think George  is very smart  in adapting the  narrative of the short novel made  by  Edgar, George makes this film  more mature  in dramatic  horror elements by making visuals, sound effects + property/ Wardobe is like a cult classic horror movie  in  the 1970's. 


The Black Cat ( Diadaptasi dari short novel Edgar Allan Poe )

  As  I explained above, this film is divided into  two different storylines. The first prologue   entitled The  fact in the case of M.Valdemar was worked on by  George A.Romero, while the  second narrative entitled 'The Black Cat'  was worked on by Dario Argento.

Even   though the    storyline is different  and worked on by  two different directors,  the synergy  or atmosphere of tension contained in the film with the two titles  still provides tension / sensation creepy  the same – just as bitter.

Harvey Keitel Movies
Harvey Keitel

   If in terms of title &  narrative  it is different, in casting the black cat itself uses a different character  also from the narrative of  the first film  . Here we can find one of  the  actor legends who  appeared in many films  – cult classic films from the early  1970's to the 2000's, he was Harvey Keitel.

This senior  actor is the main character  in   the  second story of the  prologue of the psychological horror film two evil eyes 1990, Here Harvey plays the main character as a villain where  he is motivated to do things    cruel because of his work as a crime scene photographer in the police force.   Against    the backdrop of  his work that is always related to  murder, Harvey Keitel suddenly becomes a  somber man   and starts doing cruel things  to cats his wife's pet  black.


The movie that  Dario  argento worked on is very carefully set-up and the use of visual effects and backing sound effects can make a thrilling sensation.  Two evil eyes 1990 was indeed worked on by  different directors,  usually   if 2 short films  are made into one with different  cultivators   there will usually be  a difference in tension When  Watching it, especially since Two Evil Eyes 1990 is a mystery film with psychological/suspense  elements. These two short films  with  different   titles have the  same  horror  sensation – equally tense, Two evil eyes are successfully classified as one of  the cult classic horror movies  Because two  crazy cultivators collaborated so well to create a new signature in  the Rana Cult Classic Horror movie in the  1990's. 

 I highly recommend this  movie   as a cult classic movie that  is suitable for you to enjoy in the middle of the night.