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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Session 9 Movie Review | Psychological Horror Which Received The Tittle of Cult Classic Movie

December 18, 2022 0
Session 9 Movie Review | Psychological Horror Which Received The Tittle of Cult Classic Movie

Psychological Horror Which Received The Tittle of Cult Classic Movie

Session 9 ( 2001 )  Movie Review & Film Summary  

Since Brad Anderson's emergence in the film  industry we can find a kind of fresh formula from the 80's in the 2000s to the present day because his film is so sticky with genres - genres that are quite complicated. He is known as a director who focuses his films in the Psychological genre and also Thriller movies, although the first 2 films are Next Stop Wonderland 1998 and Happy Accidents 2000 which if I think these two movies are a bit mellow yahh before he is known as a fierce director hahaha. And even more so since he released Psychological Horror Thriller entitled Session 9, I felt a new tension from the horror shutter that circulated in the 2000s. 

A new form of synergy in the horror shutter of Session 9 apparently also received a lot of scathing criticism from horror seniors, But there is no need to worry because this movie remains as scary even though the criticism has similarities that lead to Stainley Kubrick's film entitled The Shining ( 1980 ).  But to be honest, according to the results of the wild analysis that I found, it seems that Brad Anderson was referenced and influenzaed by Sutrada Alfred Hitchcock, Because the tension and paranoia effect provided by Session 9 is almost - almost equal to the film - the film directed by the legendary director. 

Back to the topic, Session 9 itself is a film that is so complex to explain because the cinematography toy in this film is a bit tripping and it's really fun to visualize it orally. And the Screen writing and narration of this film was so wild and un-predictable for us when we first watched it, Because I think Brad Anderson who collaborated with Stephen Gevedon in the creation of the script they were already far above a different level ( His writing skills mean _^ ).

The atmosphere given in session 9 is also different levels of tension along with horror, because Brad Anderson combines elements of Horror with Psychological Thriller so that it mutates into a horror film with a different level of horror than the usual horror films. Just like The Shining movie, Session 9 is not a movie that features Ghosts in physical form, Brad Anderson's Horror Portrayal is more of a psychological mind game that contains puzzles accompanied by horror in the narrative that Brad made, with the background story set against the backdrop of a historical building that has not been operated on for a long time, namely a psychiatric hospital called Danvers State Mental Hospital As a location spot that Brad  Anderson used it in the film, Making this movie seem more creepy.

Now from the location of the shoot spot that is allocated in an old and historic building, it seems that the narrative from Session 9 underlies the plot of the story that leads to a person or a disease related to the psyche, mind, and also the mental. That's why this film is called Psychological Horror which is full of puzzles that concern the 3 things above, when the audience watches the film.



Simple Plot :

Starting with Gordon Fleming, the leader of an old building cleaning group, Scene begins with Gordon being cheered up  by Phill because he is going through a period of money crisis, From the beginning of the Scene we have been shown by Fuzzy feeling which leads to a scene full of puzzles - puzzles by the nature of these two characters that will later make the audience ambiguous in predicting the narrative in this film.

Then proceed to an old building that they will later work on to clean up, starring 5 professional actors who have starred in underrated films with a variety of crazy genres! They are David Caruso (Phil), Peter Mullan (Gordon Fleming),  Josh Lucas (Hank), Brendan Sexton III (Jeff), even Screen writer Stephen Gevedon (Mike) also took part in broadcasting the Session 9 storyline with different levels of tension.  

These five characters will be shrouded in horror that would never have been thought of from the beginning of the story, Because Brad Anderson packs it in a psychological form that is highlighted more on the behavior of each character, So it makes it a bit difficult to guess where the plot leads to end.


Not only is the narrative packaging super unpredictable, all the elements in session 9 are all very well worked out, especially for the visual shots that are made like classic movies so as to add to the impression of horror on a different level.

I can't explain it succinctly for you because you must watch it yourself for those who like the Psychological Horror Genre, And for myself, Session 9 is one of the best horror films of several other horror films in the 2000s that became very popular year after year, so that is one of the factors that made this film included in the popular list of Cult Films  which has special fans. As we know in 2021, it is already difficult to find horror movies with different levels of horror in this year. 


Monday, November 14, 2022

Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie | the narrative is filled with luxury

November 14, 2022 0
Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie |  the narrative is filled with luxury

Under The Silver lake 2018 Review Movie & Summary

Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie |  the narrative is filled with luxury
Under The Silver Lake 2018 Review Movie 

Directors : David Robert Mitchell

If you've ever heard of Under The Silver lake 2018 Movie?  The movie under the silver lake which was released in  2019  is  a movie  with the  Mystery genre  that contains other  elements that certainly make this  film  very Luxurious because it is filled with   conspiracy.

  This movie is one of  the most stunning & interesting  films  to watch by  young people, many things & classic plots  such as secret messages that will make the audience ask questions    When watching the film Under The Silver lake which was released in  2018.  What's more, this film is filled with conundrum, with distributors by   a film company that accommodates  independent cultivators, namely A24  , making under the silver lake  even more  full of mystery.

   It was worked on by a director whose name    only recently  surfaced to the public in 2014 because of his film entitled It Follows which was successfully recognized by  film critics.   He is David Robert Mitchell,  a  cultivator who started  his career as an  independent  director using a low budget.

Although the films produced  by  David Robert on average use minimal  costs, never  judge a book by its cover. This  2018  Under The Silver lake film is a manifesta of  David's very wild way of  thinking, This film  is one of the  best works  of  several other  works of David.   By using  the  neo-noir  concept in  its visual application, this  film is even more luxurious for young people to watch.

In my own opinion,  the narrative written  by David is very  good and  will certainly amaze the  eyes of  cult classic mystery movie  lovers. Even though this movie is worked on by  a new director  whose flying hours are not as many as other senior  cultivators,  David has a distinctive so that this movie under the silver lake   can be classified as me became one of  the cult classic movies released  in  2018.

Under The Silver lake 2018 Review Movie & Summary
Many Conspiracies Revealed

Why is this movie  classified  as a cult classic movie?  this movie  has a lot of   plot twists that can only be understood When you have watched a lot of cult classics from the 1970's to the 1990's, that's why I mentioned that David is a genius, creative cultivator. He didn't need to use a lot of capital to make this film a cult classic movie in  this  modern year.


 Synopsis & Explanation

Andrew Garfield is main character of the mysterious under the silver lake 2018
Andrew Garfield is main character of the mysterious under the silver lake 2018

  Under the silver lake 2018,   which is full of  mysteries, is played by one main character who became an  iconic role in the amazing spider-man, Andrew Garfield.  His role in the film under the silver lake is very   different when he plays the  amazing spider-man, In this film under the silver lake  Garfield plays the  role of sam an unemployed man whose goal is  his life is unclear.

Sam is interested in    things  that  are rarely done by others  , he is interested  in  conspiracy theories &  secret messages contained in slogans such as McDonald's, Coca-cola, even  In this movie we  can know many conspiracy things  that  we have never  known before.



inspired by various cult movies
inspired by various cult movies

Under the silver   lake  is a  mystery film that is really  related to some other cult classic films, I think David was inspired a lot  by   some cult classic movie producers such as John Carpenter, Stainley Kubrick and several   others . Because the plots shown  in this film  will be very easy to understand if you have watched cult classic films that  already existed in the  1970's such as 'They Live 1988' & 'Lolita 1962'.


  The film   opens  with Sam an unemployed man  who  is goalless and is  on the verge of  a financial crisis.  But even if sam is   an  unemployed man with no purpose in  life, he    is interested in the conspiracies that exist in the  world, moreover he likes to find out the  secret messages contained   on a slogan, music.  Surely if you have vinyl (vinyl  records) of course you will know there is some mystery on the rock band 70's album  about a secret message  if the   vinyl record  is played  in  reverse then there is  a  secret message contained in the lyric  if the  vinyl you turn it upside down. 


  Under the silver lake is  a mystery  film that has psychedelic elements in its visual application, and  not only that is  the  first impression When you watch this film,  it will certainly feel like  watching horror movies because the application of visuals and backing sounds is made using horror elements so that it  will feel a little more tense and make the  audience curious about the  concept of narrative written by David himself.



Under the silver lake 2018 Review Movie |  the narrative is filled with luxury
Amazing Plot Twist From Under The Silver Lake 2018

David Robert  Mitchell wrote a very wild  narrative  and script to interpret,  in the 2018 film Under the Silver Lake David combined many  elements  of  dark comedy in his narrative that  can only be understood if you  is a cult classic movie  collector.

David also inserted   some satire  narrative narratives for some groups in the USA,  The   satire  narratives and the message I mean is like 'the biggest prostitution  is in hollywood'.    As I explained  above, if you like a conspiracy that has been planned for this world  , of course you  will be  very related to  the plot twist that   will be in present it in this movie.

With   a film  duration of  almost 2 hours, in  this film there are many plot twists  that reveal some conspiracies &  misleading messages contained in  cigarette advertisements,  Macdonald's advertisements,  old magazines, even movies & music there  is  a secret message that is shown to certain circles  like the upper class society.  This film  will really  open up a  fact about the conspiracy that exists even though the  story in this movie  is fictional, If you are a fan  of the movie  – the movie that smells of conspiracy    'Under The Silver Lake 2018' is one of  the modern cult classics that  you must watch.


Self Interpretation about under the silver lake 2018 film

For me, this movie  is the  slang movie I've  ever seen in  2018, With the revelations of mysteries and  also world conspiracies making this film  very wild. I think David Robert Mitchell is a  cultivator who learns  from some other cult classic movies  so he can make something as  fresh and refreshing as this 2018 under the silver lake.

The rating given by IMDb  is  6.5/10, I think the rating that is suitable for this film is  7.9.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Basic Instinct 1992 Summary & Explanation of Most Sensuality

November 10, 2022 0
Basic Instinct 1992 Summary & Explanation of Most Sensuality

Basic Instinct ( 1992 ) The Most Sensuality Desire Movie

Directors : Paul Verhoeven

Basic Instinct 1992 Summary & Explanation of Most Sensuality
Basic Instinct 1992 Poster By Stoneeman

Well, 'Basic Instinct'  is a film  that has been banned in several countries because it  contains many elements of sexual  violence & shows gender   deviance so that it  causes a lot of debate, a negative  criticism of basic instinct 1992.   But  no need to worry, if you are a fan of neo-noir movies along with suspense & Crime elements, Basic instinct is very worthy of your  viewing  meal at   midnight.

Basic Instinct 1992 is an Erotic Crime/Thriller that is given a  touch of psychological fiction in the disclosure of the mystery, Of course, the work on this film was done by a director who is known as a typical cultivator in highlighting violent content wrapped in the most exciting thing, namely sexuality, He is Paul Verhoeven. With the script of the story written by Joe Eszterhas, a screenwriter who is also known as an erotic screenwriter who is always used in films - seductive films like this basic instinct. 

Paul Verhoeven is a cultivator who has been pursuing & practicing the  development of neo-noir films since the  1970's, Verhoeven's films do have different characteristics  & tensions  when  watching the movie, In addition, he was a director who  was included as a  cultivator who helped pursue the  development of cult classic crime movies in the  1980's.   Actually, not  only  crime, he explores  several genres that do not only focus on  psychological crime fiction.

This movie is about a murder case against rockNroll artist (Johnny Boz) investigated by Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) with suspect suspects leading to Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) a fictional novelist who becomes a suspect who later these two main characters will guide us into an exciting and shocking scene.  The concept of Basic Instinct itself is not like a crime film that is so serious like other crime films, maybe because there is a slight deviation in the genre it seems to be well hahaha. 

Synopsis & Review :

By starring big actors like Michael Douglas whose reputation in the film industry is arguably massive, While Michael Douglas's co-star is an actor who is no less than douglas, and also she is a woman who is quite a genius among hollywood artists she is Sharon Stone. She was often used as a sex icon (sex symbol) in the 1990s because of the deepening of the character she did in her modeling career and also acting that highlighted deviations in sexuality,


Back to the topic, This basic instinct movie begins with a scene full of   sensuality & suspense featuring  an intimate relationship between a blonde girl (blonde) and one of the RocknRoll artists (Johnny Boz), The climax of the intimate relationship between the blonde girl suspected of being Catherine Tramell (Sharon) and this rocknroll artist ends viciously due to the death of artist   Johnny Boz  who was killed with an ice cube by his co-star when he was in the mood to climax ( You can see it at the beginning of a scene that is not cut ). 


Basic Instinct ( 1992 ) The Most Sensuality Desire Movie
Michael Douglas ( Detective Nick ) 

Then Scene continues to detective  nick ( Michael Douglas ) a detective who conducts a deeper  investigation into the   murder case of the RockNroll artist.    Michael douglass is  a character tasked  with revealing the rocknroll artist's murder  case.  The investigative investigation is  not  like a  crime movie whose work is too serious, Crime in its own basic instinct  narrative is decorated with  a romance between Detective nick (Michael Douglas) and  Catherine Tramell ( Sh  a ron Stone ) who became a suspect in the  heinous murder of the  death of the Rocknroll artist.


Basic Instinct ( 1992 ) The Most Sensuality Desire Movie
Sharon Stone ( Catherine ) 

In the 'basic instinct' film Sharon stone  who plays the  character 'Catherine Tramell' is one of the most charming, mysterious & deadly highlights, in this basic instinct film,  Sarah becomes  one of  the  suspects suspected   by Nick. Because  he is   a  novelist who is known  as  the author of crime novels that  are full of  controversial, moreover he writes  crime novels that tell about the murder of his  own girlfriend  , namely  johnny boz so  he  became a suspect because before  johnny     boz's  death he had published his  novel.


Basic Instinct ( 1992 ) The Most Sensuality Desire Movie
Sharon Stone The Most Iconic Sex Symbol In 1990's

What makes basic instinct one of the  Erotic Crime/Thriller films is the  role of the character 'Catherine Tramell ( Sarah Stone )' which is made very mysterious by paul verhoevenn.   Coupled with the  challenging plot, the  mystery solving in this basic instinct film is a bit more suspenseful  because of the  slippage of the plot –  the  suspenseful &  exciting plot.


Basic Instinct ( 1992 ) The Most Sensuality Desire Movie
Popular Scene In Basic Instinct 1992


 Moreover, in the footage of the scene above,  which  is  a very popular  scene among cult classic crime  movie  cultists, who doesn't know  the scene that is filled with sensuality desire in the  early minutes when   the movie   It enters the opening plot.

Of  course, for those of you in the  2000's generation,  many people don't know about erotic thriller films such as basic instinct, not only basic instinct  is a cult classic crime  group that  has elements  erotic. There  are several other films  in the  1980's-2000's  that are classified as  cult classic crimes that  Stoneeman will later discuss in  the next article, And my advice is that  you must watch this film   on  midnight  because it's not just your  thoughts that will be twisted here hahahaha.


Lords of Chaos 2018 | When the death metal become a real pain

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Lords of Chaos 2018 | When the death metal become a real pain

 Lords of Chaos 2018 Review & Explanation by Stoneeman

Lords of Chaos 2018 | When the death metal become a real pain

Director :  Jonas Akerlund


Lords of Chaos 2018  provided a horror & suspense that became real in the horror/Thriller film industry in  2018.   Since the release  of 'Lords of chaos'  in 2018   , When I watched it in  2020, this  film has never stopped giving me a  very traumatic impression. 

In  this review, I   will dissect the  2018 lords of chaos film which I admire so much because it  has inspired me to rise from  the  slump & the darkness that envelops, This film   is not direct is  a  biography film, that inspired by the  life  story of Oystein Aarseth or known by his stage name 'Euronymous'. 

Of course, Lords of Chaos 2018  is  a new Horror  film  that is very dramatizing and can make the audience  traumatized by blood when watching visuals full of sadistic  scenes in this film. Telling the story of the biography of a leader  , Euronymous from the black metal band named Mayhem  , Biographical Film  tells the  story of a fantastic life journey and can be an inspiration for the general public  , However,  the  lord of Chaos reveals  about a bloody tragedy  that befell Euronymous as the  founder or leader  of the mayhem band. 

This movie  was directed by Jonas Akerlund, he is known as the  drummer of one of  the black metal bands in Sweden, namely 'Bathory;    But for me Jonas is one of  the most  wild  producers in working on the film.

Writer/director Jonas akerlund  ( Assisted also by Dennis Magnusso ), 'Lords of Chaos'  is very well packaged  by Jonas akerlund.   Packed with  hate,Traumatic & sadistic is a fitting word  ornament to envelop the lords of chaos movie;' Lords of  Chaos' was apparently adapted from a book of the same  name as the film (written by Didrik Soderlind). 

The narrative that  takes place in the lord of chaos is   very neatly arranged  & slips a lot  of plot – a plot that deserves attention and has a deep meaning about death from my perspective  When   watched it. The totality of Jonas in working on this  film  must  be given credit,Because this  film  is a biography and introduction to the  norwegian black metal band  accompanied by the tragedy that occurred  to the band  in its past. 



Lords of Chaos 2018 Review & Explanation by Stoneeman
Based on Truth,Lies that should you watch and what actually happened.

Synopsis & Explanation


This film is the  scariest biography I've ever watched, as it  tells the story of the  biography of the  life journey of a 'Euronymous' leader of a black metal band from   the  Norwegian outskirts   of 'Mayhem'   to death as a  result of his life as a satanic  believer in metal music;  With the use of concepts like biographies and mixed with horror & suspense  elements, this  film is even more tense and can cause traumatic effects when watching it.  


The character 'Euronymous' is played by  a young actor  who has a charismatic personality he is 'Rory Culkin  ; The beginning of the Scene opens like a biographical film by   telling how  Oystein Aarseth AKA 'Euronymous' formed the  band mayhem for the first time.  It is told here that  Oystein is a very visionary  character in   forming & promoting his band  , Everything related to black metal he is in  even applying in his life on a daily basis,  he even formed a  cult called 'The black circle' which   was originally just a group of core  team of mayhem band  personnel. However,  when  the suicide  tragedy that occurred in  mayhem's vocalist 'Pelle' AKA 'Dead' made the  initial foundation  of mayhem  damaged & instantly varg ( Being bassist in mayhem )    came up with  Initially,   he was a poser who wanted to become one of  the black metal  fans in the  black metal  music scene in Norway at that time.


The film is a semi-biographical   adaptation of  the book 'Lord  of Chaos : The  Bloody Rise of The Satanic Metal Underground; With  the  theme of the book,  Jonas collaborated it with the  fictional narrative of drama/horror  so that a  semi-biographical fiction was  formed with a storyline  and characters that  were indeed happened in the past.


Self Interpretation :

Lords of Chaos 2018 | When the death metal become a real pain
Dead alive 1992 appearing in a while

What makes Lord of Chaos even more sinister  is that  Jonas  slips a lot of  easter-eggs in the plot  and combines them with a little dark comedy element in it. Like the  footage above, jonas completes the story of the lords of chaos film by showing Dead Alive 1992 in  the middle of  the storyline  as a  form of  warning or a sign that  the narrative of lord of chaos  is   more sinister  because it is based on past events.

  For myself, this  film  is already very terrible to watch because the  narrative & visuals are very dark for us to interpret ourselves When watching it.

At the end of the film we can see a little sense of humor about the true meaning of death, and a little quote from Euronymous 'Not to feel sorry for him'.

Monday, October 3, 2022

9 Psychological Crime Thriller Movies with Good Storytelling

October 03, 2022 1
9 Psychological Crime Thriller Movies with Good Storytelling


The Best Psychological Crime/Thriller Recommendation

The Best Psychological Crime/Thriller Recommendation

Well, like the title above, this time I will share recommendations regarding Crime films that have narratives and concepts that will surprise the audience every time. Not only that, the choice of movies that I give below is the best of the best psychological crime movies, which there are several adaptations of crime fiction novels that are very thick with understanding the behavior of a criminal. 


What are you waiting for, let's just watch the films below:


- Manhunter ( 1986 ) 


Directors : Michael Mann



Manhunter is a Crime-Thriller film adapted from a 1981 novel entitled Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, Thomas Harris is a novelist with the Criminology Behavior writing style which in his novels tells about an understanding of typical behavior and motivation. a murderer why he could commit such cruel acts, and also concerns the killer's psychology. With his most famous character, Hannibal Lecter, a Forensic Psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.



Okay, let's go on to the discussion of this movie, this movie is the result of an adaptation of Thomas Harris' first novel, Red Dragon 1981, which is where Hannibal Lecter's character first appeared. This movie was one of the first breakthroughs in a modern visual form at that time called Neo-Noir, And also this Manhunter Movie is a movie adaptation of the first Red Dragon novel which was later used as the basis for a subsequent film released in 2002 with the title the same as the novel And even after that many more novels written by Thomas harris were adapted into a film.



Manhunter tells the story of an FBI Criminal Profiler or can be called a strategy Investigator, where this agent is played by William Petersen (Will Graham). Will Graham is an FBI agent who has retired and is mentally disturbed due to his last assignment, which is to arrest Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Then he is persuaded to return to duty by his former boss Jack Crawford to handle a serial murder case committed by Francis Dollarhyde (Tom Noonan).

This is what's interesting about the films adapted from Thomas Harris' novels, where Will Graham investigates crime scenes in a unique way, namely trying to enter the mindset of the killer and finally finding some evidence to investigate further.


A little of the synopsis explanation of the storyline that I can convey, the rest about this film I can only convey to the actor who plays Will Graham (William Petersen) as an actor who is very intelligent in playing his role so that there is no feeling of boredom when we watch the movie.


- The Silence Of The Lambs ( 1991 ) 

Directors : Jonathan Demme



The Silence Of The Lambs is a film adapted from a novel by Thomas Harris "The Silence Of The Lambs (1988)" with the theme of Horror Fiction and Criminology Behavior (Psychological or the behavior of a criminal). Indeed, for novels of this class, if it is adapted into a film, it is something extraordinary in my opinion, where the director represents a work of other people's thoughts and makes it in the form of a visual scene that tells about solving a problem related to psychology.



This movie is very inspiring, of course, which basically provides a lot of lessons or descriptions about the behavior of a serial killer who is clearly suffering from mental illness. For those of you who are interested in Crime and thriller genre movies, this movie is very interesting to watch with the dynamics of tension that makes the audience enthusiastic and also mystery solving schemes that make us as viewers curious about what kind of story line in the future! 


Starring two well-known actors, namely Jodie Foster (Clarce Starling) & Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lecter), which tells the story of an intern FBI agent who just got his first assignment, namely to explore the serial murder case committed by Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine). To explore a motive and also solve a clue, this Clarice agent asks for help from a psychiatrist, genius killer and also a cannibal, namely Hannibal Lecter.


Although hannibal lecter is a murderer and also a cannibal but he is a genius and also adheres to social norms and behavior when talking one-on-one with Clarice, that's what makes the storyline in this movie feel more mysterious.

That's enough of a synopsis explanation, it's better to watch it right away for those who like to lick serial killer movies.


- Hannibal ( 2001 ) 


Directors : Ridley Scott


Hannibal ( 2001 ) is a continuation of the Hannibal Lecter movie series which is based on a novel written by Thomas Harris in 1991, this movie is a sequel to the movie The Silence Of The Lambs (1991). 

In this sequel, it was directed by Ridley Scott who was chosen to direct this film because of his success in directing the film Gladiator (2000). This hanibal movie is not as mysterious as the first sequel, but in terms of psychological crime and solving the mystery contained in this movie, it is still thick so that it makes us interested and curious about this movie. 


Tells about agent Clarice Starling (Juliane Moore) who is known as a famous FBI agent because of the previous case he managed to save the child of a president who was held hostage by serial killer Jame Gumb. most wanted. 

In this series, agent starling is tracking the genius and cold-blooded villain, namely hannibal lecter, in this series the character of Hannibal Lecter is the main character (main character) well even though in the previous series he was only used as an antagonist who is being locked up at home mentally ill, but here the character of Hannibal is highlighted very specifically. 


- Basic Instinct ( 1992 ) 

Directors : Paul Verhoeven 

Basic Instinct is an erotic-thriller movie using a classic neo-noir style combined with elements of criminal psychology in solving mysteries by detective Nick Curran. This film was directed by Paul Verhoeven, whose track record is a genius director from the Netherlands whose name has become legit in Hollywood and screenwriting was developed by Joe Eszterhas in 1980. 

This movie is honestly considered very controversial and gets a lot of criticism because it is considered too over sexuality and violence that is shown in the movie, but again, a movie like this is called a classic underground movie which tends to reveal the psychological condition of a criminal's behavior.


And indeed the Basic Instinct film can be said to be in the same class as the three films above because of its badass storytelling and of course the pressure of vulgarity given by this film will also make the audience's mood up and down, and of course don't forget the actors like Michael Douglas (Detective Nick Curran). )  & Sharon Stone ( Catherine Tramell ) who became the pioneers and the sensual spotlight on these two actors when exploring their roles. 


- Memento ( 2000 ) 

Directors : Christopher Nolan

Well, Memento (2000) Movies this one is a Psychological Fiction Crime wrapped in mystery solving with a narrative concept that is quite complicated to understand. Yup, he is Christopher Nolan, the cultivator of this fascinating film. Of course, this director is well known in his tactical crime, psychological, adventure & Mystery films, all of which are generally liked by all of his film graduates. Even this one director is a director that many cult classic movie lovers like this year because he is the drafter of the Apocalypse Trilogy on superman & batman films. 

Previously I have also discussed this one movie in the article below 

The Best Psychedelic Movies That Will Tripping You Out | Stoneeman Recommendation


Yup, I also included this film in one of the lists in the Psychedelic Movies Article because there are indeed some psychedelic elements and elements in this one movie. 



- The Call ( 2013 ) 


Director : Brad Anderson 


The Call (2013) is a movie that is quite impressive in the presentation of narration and visuals that will make the audience tense with the sensation of Thriller and Crime. Cultivator Brad Anderson is indeed the best in presenting Psychological Crime, especially in his previous films such as: The Machinist (2004), Transsiberian (2008), Session 9 (2001).  

The Call itself is a film that many like because its concept is not kidding, just like Memento, Solving the Mystery in The Call itself is quite complicated because Brad Anderson is known as a master of Psychological fiction crime concept in the 2000s.


- Misery 1990

Director : Rob Reiner

Misery (1990) is a movie that is quite popular because this film is a movie based on Stephen King's novel (Famous horror novelist  ) entitled misery (1987).

 Who does not know Stephen king a novelist who is famous for   his horror &crime novels  such as (The Shining 1977, Pet Sematary 1983) managed to be known to  many people until now   because of the uniqueness of the way the  narrative is written that he uses.

The film,   which is adapted from a  novel by Stephen King,  tells the story of  a Novelist, Paul Sheldon,  the  main character  , who was made Sandra by her die-hard fan  , Annie Wilkes.

  But honestly,  I think this Misery movie  is less tense in  my opinion,  but the narrative in this movie is what can be used  to our  estimate whether the famous Novelist Paul Sheldon will survive   his hostage or not.

- The Sixth Sense ( 1999 )

Director : M. Night Shyamalan

The Sixth Sense 1999,  this movie  is the  movie with the  best narrative and can change the   mood of the audience because honestly this  film is not too tense to be able to  categorize as a suspense movie, but this movie  has a different way of conveying a surprising Ending.

Short Synopsis :

It tells the story of  a   boy (Cole Sear)  who has supernatural abilities, namely he can speak and see dead spirits. The scene opens with the actor, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a Psychiatrist who  treats many patients with   psychiatric disorders.  Dr. Malcolm was killed by one of  his patients who had a  mental disorder, Because Malcolm died with his spirit still  not accepting his death he also became a curious spirit who  would later  in the help of  a boy who has supernatural  abilities.


- When a Stranger Calls ( 2006 )

Director : Simon West

When A stranger Calls 2006 is a Psychological/Horror Movie that has a very tense narrative, Just like  the Scream movie '  This one movie  has  the  same aura and sensation when the audience watches it.

 Plus this movie  is a remake of the first film directed by Fred Walton with the same  title. In its first movie  , which  was released in  1979', it was a movie dedicated as a  cult classic horror movie due to the many remake requests from die-hard fans  at that time.

 At First the movie who directed by Fred Walton  has been remake  in  1993 with the  title " When Stranger Calls Back", Because it has become one of  the lists of films that are crowned as Cult Classic Movie, this movie finally remake again and worked on  by  a  talented young Director  , Simon West in  2006 with the  same  title in  the first film made by Fred Walton, and screenwriting was rewritten  by jake Wade.

This movie is  a must-watch for you, especially if you like the Suspense genre,  this movie is very suitable to be your first menu  when  you  are looking at   a psychological movie Horror.