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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Investigate The History of Hippies, Great & Creative Movements that call Counter-Cultures

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Investigate The History of Hippies, Great & Creative Movements that call Counter-Cultures

What is a Hippies (Hippy) ? 




A New Culture That Inspires Many Young People

Like the Title you can see above, Today Stoneeman will discuss one topic that is still related to a topic that Stoneeman has previously discussed regarding psychedelic.


Of course, in this session Stoneeman will explain in detail about a culture or culture that has existed since 1960, Like a time machine, this culture is certainly well known in various parts of the country because of its fairly progressive movement at that time.


    Hippy History


Before we get to know     more about  the  history of hippies at the beginning  of their movement, let's  first know  where  the  word hippie  began to be known  and known to many people  to date.  Generally Hippie is known as a  movement related to the  rejection of the war  that occurred in 1955  - 1975 for American involvement ( USA ) in the vietnam war  which became  a  triggering    the  hippie movement to the surface and becoming a culture that  even continues to be generations  today.


The Origin of The Term Hippie


The original of the   word hippie is taken from the term "hip" or "hep" used  by the beat  generation. Beat generation is a literary and social  movement started by  a group of young people in the  1950s through a  paper  that influences and explores culture   and  even politics  In  postwar America.



The Origin of  the Beginning of this Hippie  Movement Began


Of the few  or few people who already know about hippie or other names are hipsters, generally the hippies movement is  known and begins to  peak due to   several  incidents that  occur  as a result of the war that occurred at that  time   in  the  1940-1960s, but what  many people know is the  incident that occurred  in the  vietnam war when america interfered    In that war  and many  young people from the  American side who were victims of  the war.


  But the  vietnam war was   just one of   several  forms of  protests by  young Americans at the time, Other factors  were based on  several  other  important international events.  such as the  African-American  civil rights movement in the 1950s, the Korean War ( 1950-1953  ) and the Hydrogen bomb test    in   1954. 


Of the many events and incidents that occurred in  the dark era  , which became a factor to  underlie the  movement carried out by these hippies  to demand that   the American  government change the  system   - a zionist system  that harmed young people  as  well as civil society at the time.


 Massive Pioneers Referred to as Beat Generation


Beat Generation is said to  be a group that pioneered the  Hippies  movement around the world.


 This generation is referred to  as a group of  young people who work in the  form of  written works who voice their voices through writing to oppose  American culture  - culture and politics  at  that time is considered unsettling by young people.


This beat generation  consists of some wild  young people who take drugs for  their substance in criticizing the government. In his writings they included sexual elements  that at that time   It was very taboo for the   public to criticize the government at that time.


This Beat Generation  was originally only engaged in  literature and  the  social movement eventually expanded to other  fields such as music,  painting, etc.  following the development of protestors at that time. 



The Impact of the Movement Carried Out by Hippies


The Movement of Humanity, Anti-War, Free Love And  the formation of the term Peace Love and unity is a symbol of the  movement that hippies do when voicing their voices.   Not only that due to the  widespread community and  hippie participants,  the  Hippies Movement itself has also grown to be very large and even worthy of being said  to be a  culture that was created because  resistance to the  government  at that time  which was in  full swing in  the   fight against the communists in 1960 ( USA ).


Hippies themselves voiced their   voices  not only in the form of  social movements, They voiced   their form of protest  through various fields & media which were very impactful at that time   such as :

  • Art (Starting from Style & how to use, Painting, Hippies has its own motifs in it)
  • Music  
  • Film

From the much  information about hippies, surely you already know that these hippies  are counter-cullture ( or you could say the  founder of several sub-cultures that follow    the  development hippies  themselves ). Like Art, Music & Film, Hippies have their own  characteristics in  exploring media, especially art media,  so as to create new sub-genres   in each of the  fields  they use . 


Hippies are synonymous with ?


Hippies is a  new cultural movement that was flattened by  young people in the early  1960s  to  voice opposition to the  old-fashioned culture of  previous generations who were only concerned with  a  profit  from the  fruits of warfare,  (   Substantially from Psychedelic Drugs ) The movement made by young people  at that time was very  creative,  the Style and the way they protested   was very  democratic.  They use   unique properties  and the decorations they wear have a deep message  such as "Love is more colorfull without war", therefore  hippies are often classified as    flower generation ( Flower Generation ).


  And don't forget to characterize  hippies for men at that time  was long hair which declared a freedom of life without restrictions.


A widespread movement  to form a Culture that  is modeled by other Countries ?!

Starting from  famous musicians such as The Beatles,Gratefull Dead,Croshby Still & Nash,  The Who,Creedence Clearwater revival, Santana, Jimmi Hendrix, Janis joplin,Jefferson Airplane And Notables -  famous figures like Jack Nicholson,Jim  Carrey, Andy Warhol who joined the  vibe when the hippies  movement peaked in  1967.



Due to the  Hippies  Fever which became increasingly popular and known as a new style  that was popular at that  time  was finally noticed by musicians  - musicians and  big figures  joined the peak  atmosphere from  1967 to 1969 with the music performance of  the Woodstock festival in Bethel,New York ( 1969 ). 


Because of the huge impact made by hippies and great figures and     musicians who participated in enlivening the peak vibes of hippies  fever at that time, it inspired many young people  from countries Another  to  follow the  hippies  ' style of voicing a voice to the government.


List of Musicians - musicians who participated  in the hippies movement :

  • The Beatles
  • janis joplin
  • Gratefull Dead
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • The Who
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash
  • Santana
  • Jimmi Hendrix
  • Canned Heat
  • Jefferson Airplane

 Hippies Culture & Style spread  to  several Europe & Asia countries, moreover  Indonesia.


 Hippies Style  Fight Form in Indonesia


From several countries that followed the  development of hippies culture  in  the 1960s, young  people in  Indonesia in  the 1970s were also  influenced by new  cultures originating from America.


Although in Indonesia only adopted a handful of  some hippies cultures such as long hair and followed fashion trends that were quite unique at that time.


The form of resistance voiced by  young  people in the country at that time was  about the  government system being too tough and taking  for  granted the long-haired young people  in  the  1970s, Child -     Young Indonesians at that time voiced a nepotist and anti-criticism  government system.  


At that time  even though the youth  in Indonesia only adopted hippies as  a  fashion  style, the Indonesian government in that era  considered long hair  a serious problem.  Young people with  long hair at that time  were not ignored by  the government as it is today, Because  the indonesian government system  at that time was authoritarian, the Government established a Coordinating  Board   Eradication of Long Hair  ( Bakorperagon ). The institution, which is also cooperated by  military officials tasked  with  cutting hair-  the hair of  young men who  are long on the  grounds that they are judged to be 'inconsistent   with the  identity of the  nation.


In the New  Order Era  , the young man with long and  long hair  was attached to the stigma of being declared a  criminal & rebel of the country.




Art media is the purest medium  in voicing the  voice of hippies youth at that time, it can be said that  the  hippies  movement  is the most creative   movement because it  uses art & music as  a medium They are  to explore in voicing their resistance.


From the results of ex-ploarsi and  collaboration between american artists, artists  & musicians at that time, Hippies was further divided  into several fields and groupings of each    in  each  medium they channeled. Hippie itself is a counter culture (  Counterculture  ) which has derivatives that are identical to: Psychedelic Art, Psychedelic  Music, Even Psychedelic  Movies.


I've previously discussed 'What is  Psychedelic?!' You can read the article   below  :

What Is Psychedelic Mean ? 


 Meanwhile, along with the development of the  Hippies  fever in 1960-1969  , there were several film directors who participated in  enlivening the hippies  fever at that time  by making  hippies films that were  averagely packed with the  Drama Musical Movies genre which was identical to   the elements of  its psychedelic.


The Development of  Hippies  Culture From the Golden Period to the Present


Starting from Art, Music and Even Film,  Hippies Culture evolved into a  broader  substance  'There are even some hippies  culturalists in the USA who  really understand the substance as  hippies  ,after they  passed through the golden age  of that era- until  now  they still adopted and made it a way to live.



Personal Understanding and Interpretation of the Hippie  Movement


The Hippies  movement itself is known as one  of the  Counter-Culture  movements that developed in the United States, this movement was born because of several underlying factors, namely freedom and way of  thinking.   The previous generation was very tough and obedient  to a  system that was contrary to the  norms of humanity at that time. 


 Historically,  this movement was founded by a group of  young people referred  to as Beat Generations, to fight against the previous generation  Beat Generations was born  as the antithesis of  the  previous  generation  who were in  value is too authoritarian and old-fashioned, as a result of the  radical thinking of  previous generations  blinded  by the ambition of  conquest, war and Power !     Hippies formed a movement known as the new Left   movement.




Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Cult Classic Film : The classified as a Cult Classic movie

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Cult Classic Film : The classified as a Cult Classic movie

Cult Classic Movie Full Explanation ( The terms of Cult film definition )
The Meaning of cult classic movie

Cult Classic Movie Full Explanation ( The terms of Cult film definition ) - Since the day goes by day the cave performance in reality is not too busy (Aka being idle ), the Cave will provide a discussion that will certainly add to our shared insight into worldly Filmmaking.

What is that discussion?

As a result of the cave reviewing many movies and there are several movies that the cave marks and caves label it 'Cult Classic Movie', Finally the cave is pulled to discuss the topic of " What is a Cult Classic movie?!  Since when and from where did the term Cult Classic Film come about?!  What Is The Explanation Of Cult Classic Movies ?!  "

Since I really want to discuss things like this, let's just look at the same - the same discussion below:


What is Cult Classic Movie?

Well, at first I thought that Cult Classic Film was a genre in the film industry. However, this estimate is totally wrong, Cult Classic films can apparently be interpreted into several transitional groups that are quite widespread in the definition of cult classics or Cult movies.

The meaning of Cult Classic Film itself can be interpreted as a Club of Classic Movie Devotees who are still popular or a fanbase (hardcore fans) that has developed from time to time and become a subculture for the formation of the term Cult Classic Movie.

Not only that, the term Cult Classic Film was also formed because of an assessment of audience participation, which is where a film that can be said and classified as a Cult Classic movie must have some quite possessive assessments.

Here are some of the Groups That Include Cult Classic Movies:

* El Topo

* The Holy Mountain

* The Shining

* Prince Of Darkness 

* Wonderwall


Of the several movies above, those are some of the many classes of Cult Classic films with various genres. Like the elements, the films above are films that have elements or types that concern the Cult Classic.

The Beginning of Cult Classic Movie formed

As we already know, the name for Cult Classic Film emerged from a fanbase or audience formed in the 70s, along with the development of the Hippie Community in the 1960s! Cult Classic also developed like a fan association dedicated its time just to discussing and dissecting movies. How come the Cult Classic Term appeared in the 70s?!

For those of us who certainly learn about the history and development of technology, especially in the film industry, of course, the term Cult classic film originated in the 70s which indeed in that era the film industry in Europe and America at that time was very fiery - fire in its progressive stage of development in the 1970s. Films in the 70s have been made colorful and have begun to develop in terms of editing and other formulations so that a community has emerged that pioneered the term Cult Classic Movie.


Not only that, due to the formation of an exciting analysis of Cult Classic Film since the 70s, Cult classic film continues to develop and has widespread provisions for the movie class or it can be said that there are several elements and judgments from the audience to be formulated as Cult Classic movies.

Cult Classic film itself can be interpreted into several provisions of the  insinuation, From some who have been researched and analyzed, the following are some of the definitions of these Provisions !

What Provisions and Judgments underlie a movie can be classified as a Cult Classic Movie?

To be honest, for this Cult Classic analysis has been going on since the 70s until now, The results of each analysis of the term Cult Classic itself vary from time to time, There are several things that need to be considered to distinguish classic films and films that are classified as Cult Classics.  Not all classic films can be said to be Cult Films, because the audience of Cult Film itself states that there are values accompanied by deep aesthetic principles to distinguish Classic Film and Cult Classic.

In the 70s the term a film can be said to be a Cult Classic movie is a film that provides a depiction of underground culture by combining it with transgressive art that can increase audience sensitivity by highlighting violence (Violence), sexuality that violates basic norms. As a result of this analysis, another term was formed from Cult Classic movie which was classified as Underground Movies  & Midnight Movies.

Now from the explanation above, we can find that the basic principle of a film that can be classified as a Cult Classic Movie is a film that has a deep aesthetic value accompanied by complexity, which of course must be anti-mainstream in the presentation of the Narrative and cinematography. Broadly speaking, Cult Classic Movie is marked with uniqueness and has a high level of art in the presentation of the story and also the visual shooting which can certainly hypnotize the audience with the presentation of the film that makes the audience's passion provoked when watching Cult Classic Movie.

Underground Movies & Midnight Movies Is Some Of The Following Classifications Of Cult Classic Film 

Like a sub-culture, Cult Classic movies apparently also have a fundamental type of derivative in the cultural development that occurs in the film industry from year to year.


As I explained earlier above, Cult Classic is a culture that has types and criteria for its development from time to time, If from the analysis that already exists Cult Classic elements have honestly existed in several old films in the 1900s such as:


* A Trip To The Moon ( 1902 ) 

* Nosferatu ( 1922 ) 

* Lolita (1962) - Lolita (1997)

* The Trip ( 1967 ) 

* Wonderwall ( 1968 ) 

* Psych-Out ( 1968 ) 

* 2001 : A Space Odyssey ( 1968 ) 

* The Devils ( 1971 )

* A Clockwork Orange ( 1971 ) 

* El Topo ( 1970 ) - The Holy Mountain ( 1973 ) 

* The Hourglass Sanatorium ( 1973 ) 



From some of the movie lists above, there are a few of the developments of midnight movies that have become popular and categorized as Cult Movies because of their uniqueness and there are several things that can be said to be taboos (Breaking cultural taboos). Yup exploitation  and taboo are often implemented into the term cult classic movie, From some of the movies above such as El Topo ( 1970 ) and The Holy Mountain ( 1973 ) these two movies have strange elements accompanied by a level of taboo that deviates from logic and basic norms, That's why I call it a high level of Art because the property and narrative in this film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky uses ideas and creativity  high level (In different levels on imagination stage), that's why he is referred to as The Father Of Midnight Movie. 


But we need to realize, although the term Cult Classic Movie was formed because of the support of the fanbase that loves a masterpiece, it means that long before the existence of the Cult classic movie fanbase there were already pioneers and pioneers of its development in the film industry.


Several Directors who also decorated the Development of Cult Classic Movie!


Of course, the emergence of the eccentric Cult Classic is not just formed as a community or fanbase that becomes a cultural branch! If there is a fanbase designation, of course, there is a role for a media and a large studio that participates in spearheading the development of Cult Classic Movie to get a Value.

If it is true, of course, Cult Classic Movie is also a material that was developed and popularized by several directors (Directors).


Therefore, in this section, I will provide some information related to the Row of Directors who helped popularize the Cult Classic Film from its golden era:

  • Alfred Hitchcock

Well Alfred Hitchcock is one of the cultivators who is probably one of the seniors who influenced several directors such as Stanley kubrick, Because he is a senior Director who has worked for more than 6 decades in the film industry. He is often referred to as an impactful director in the film industry, moreover he is known as a mystery expert (Master of Suspense).

  • Alexander Jodorowsky

Anyone who has ever watched this film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, surely you are a person who likes to explore history by meditating through masterpieces created by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Damn, He is a Director who has an intellectual and creative level like a god, because the typical film he directs is a bit complicated to interpret.


He is one of several well-known Directors who became a Pioneer in the development of Cult Classic Film, Not only that Alejandro is often referred to as The Father Of Midnight Movies Because the method he uses in visualizing his films uses elements of Exploitation that are eccentric and full of Psychedelic (Holy Spirit) genres in the visuals or properties that Alejandro uses in his film production.

  • Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick is an American director who is known as a genius director in every production of his films, Different from Alejandro Midnight Movies elements can also be found in kubrick films. Not only pursuing One genre Kubrick seems to explore in other genres such as Psychological Horror, Sci-fi, Erotic Thriller, War, Drama which on average has no flaws and is always perfect in every film.


Moreover, in the film The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut,2001 : A Space Odyssey,Lolita, A Clockwork Orange, Of all the films I published, they have unpredictable endings and have a unique distinction in the application of cinematography.


  • Ken Russell

The british director was one of those who co-authored the Development of Cult Classic Film in decades, Almost like Alejandro and Stanley Ken himself have a distinctive application in films. He is known as a creative producer who is thick with exploits that are filled with Controversial in each of his films.



To be honest, there are many more directors who continue to be generational in implementing Cult Classic Movies until such time as Alan Parker, Brian De Palma, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and many more.


My Final Interpretation :


Just like nostalgic and there's a passion when I discuss the cult clasic of this film, Well, that's the point. for less or more let's discuss together - together in the comments column below, My gratitude to all of you.




Friday, October 21, 2022

Sejarah Kemunculan Psychedelic Art Beserta Literaturnya

October 21, 2022 0
Sejarah Kemunculan Psychedelic Art Beserta Literaturnya


Sejarah Kemunculan Psychedelic Art Beserta Literaturnya
Psychedelic Art By Stoneeman

Sejarah Kemunculan Psychedelic Art Beserta Literaturnya – Apakah kalian sebelumnya pernah mendengar istilah dari psychedelic ?  mungkin bagi beberapa orang yang sudah mengenal ‘psychedelic’ akan sangat relate dengan artikel kali ini. Pada kali ini stoneeman akan membahas topik yang tentunya akan berhubungan dengan ulasan stoneeman sebelumnya yang membahas mengenai ‘Psychedelic’ secara lengkap.


Tahukah kalian apa itu psychedelic art ?


Well, jika kalian pernah mempelajari apa itu ‘psychedelic’, Psychedelic sendiri dari literatur umumnya di artikan sebagai Mind-Manifesting yang artinya memanifestakan pikiran. Tak hanya itu, Psychedelic pun sejujurnya adalah sebuah sub-culture yang berkembang akibat adanya percobaan,eksperimen,yang akhirnya dimanifestakan dalam sebuah pergerakan yang dilakukan oleh hippie ( Counter-culture ) pada tahun 1960’s di united stated amerika.

Kemudian munculah psychedelic art yang bisa di katakan sebagai sub-genre dari psychedelic yang berkembang di tahun 1960’s  sampai 1970’s akhir.


Kalian bisa membaca secara lengkap mengenai ulasan psychedelic dibawah ini :

The word psychedelic comes from two Greek words meaning “mind manifesting.”


Awal mula kemunculan psychedelic art

Apakah kalian pernah mendengar mengenai hippie ? Jika belum baca ulasan mengenai ‘Pergerakan Bersejarah Kaum Hippie’. Sebuah pergerakan massive yang di sebut sebagai pelopor ( Counter-Culture ) perkembangan psychedelic culture.

Mungkin kalian berpikir Psychedelic art adalah bagian dari sebuah genre music, memang Psychedelic adalah sebuah culture yang banyak meramba banyak bidang,mulai dari ‘Music,Art,Movie’.psychedelic sendiri sudah menjadi budaya local di Amerika karena movement yang dilakukan oleh para hippie di tahun1970’s, Dikarenakan movement yang di penuhi dengan kreatifitas tersebut terciptalah cabang – cabang/bidang baru yang di ciptakan akibat dampak movement yang dilakukan oleh para hippie di tahun 70’s.

Psychedelic art adalah salah satu bidang yang hippie gunakan dalam meng-implementasikan protesnya terhadap pemerintah kedalam bentuk media kreatif. Pada kala itu hippie banyak mendapatkan bantuan support mulai dari para musisi, seniman, sastrawan dalam meramaikan pergerakan mereka, Karena hal tersebut lah Psychedelic bisa di katakan sebagai culture yang sudah melekat dalam perkembangan budaya hippie kala itu.


Pelopor artist yang menekuni perkembangan psychedelic art di tahun 1960

Sejujurnya ada salah satu grafis yang Sudah memperkenal gaya psychedelic didalam seni pada tahun 1922 ia adalah William Addison Dwiggins, seorang seniman tipografi Amerika pada tahun 1922’s silam ( Roots of psychedelic art artist ). Akan tetapi perkembangan psychedelic art sendiri mulai berkembang pada tahun 1960’s yang dimana hippie mulai menerapkan dan mengembangkan gaya psychedelic art nya dalam bentuk poster yang banyak mengandung unsur tipografi & perpaduan warna contrast yang akan menyejukan mata Ketika melihatnya, berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh karya psychedelic para hippie kala itu :


1.Wes Wilson

Sejarah Kemunculan Psychedelic Art Beserta Literaturnya , stoneeman
Psychedelic poster art/cover album created by Wes Wilson

wes Wilson adalah seorang artist yang umumnya di kenal sebagai bapak poster konser rock tahun 1960s,Beliau adalah salah satu seniman/artist yang paling di kenal sebagai salah satu perancang poster psychedelic paling terkenal kala itu.

Berikut adalah karya – karyanya yang menekankan unsur typografi dan warna contrast yang menjadikan ciri khas psychedelic art kala itu.  


2.Stanley Mouse ( Mouse & Kelly )

Sejarah Kemunculan Psychedelic Art Beserta Literaturnya , stoneeman
Psychedelic poster art/cover album created by Stanley Mouse

Stanley George Miller atau biasa di kenal sebagai stanley mouse, Dia adalah seorang amerika artist yang turut menekuni perkembangan psychedelic art di tahun 1960’s. Stanley mouse menjadi terkenal karena desain poster konser rock psychedelic  yang ia buat pada tahun 1960’s untuk cover album band psychedelic yaitu gratefull dead, Journey,Jefferson Airplane,thirteenth Floor Elevators.

Khas psychedelic art di tahun 1960-1970’s yang terdapat pada poster ataupun album cover kala itu mempunyai ciri khas yang di tandai dengan bentuk font yang dibuat melikak-likuk dan di kolaborasikan dengan warna – warna yang contrast.

3.Contoh Psychedelic film poster terbaik di tahun 1960’s – 1970’s

Sejarah Kemunculan Psychedelic Art Beserta Literaturnya , stoneeman
Good Psychedelic Poster Movie You Should Watch

Tidak hanya pada album cover,poster festival music,Psychedelic art di tahun 1960’s bisa kita temui juga dalam poster – poster film, rata -rata sih film yang memakai psychedelic poster seperti diatas adalah film dengan kategorial psychedelic movies. Layaknya sebuah penanda poster psychedelic diatas adalah beberapa film cult classic movie yang popular di tahun 1960-1970 akhir.

Kalau bicara soal psychedelic movie poster, kebetulan stoneeman juga sudah sering membahas & memberikan refrensi ataupun informasi seputar psychedelic movie, cult classic movie, kalian bisa membaca ulasannya di bawah ini :

Psychedelic Movies

1.The Hourglass Sanatorium 1973

2. Best Psychedelic Movie Recommendation

4. Mati Klarwein

Mati Klarwein adalah seorang pelukis asal perancis yang juga mempunyai style yang cukup  unik  &  sangat di kenal dengan karya nya yang mempunyai style surrealist,Jika saya boleh meng-interpretasikan sedikit tentang karya beliau yang cukup fenomenal pada album abraxas yang di rilis oleh santana pada tahun 1970, Carlos santana memakai lukisan yang dibuat oleh mati untuk cover albumnya karena mempunyai nuansa psychedelic didalam lukisan tersebut.

Sejarah Kemunculan Psychedelic Art Beserta Literaturnya ,Stoneeman
Psychedelic art cover album created by Mati Klarwein

Pada karya – karyanya mati kalrwein kita dapat menganalisa bahwa pada di tahun 70’s ia telah menciptakan sebuah formula baru dalam perkembangan aliran seni Lukis, terlebih lagi terhadap aliran psychedelic art.  Dan di tambah ketiga cover album yang di buat oleh mati klarwein diatas adalah album – album terbaik yang bisa kalian dengarkan jika kalian menyukai jazz,jazz fusion,funk,soul. Karya mati klarwein banyak di pakai oleh musisi – musisi keren dan liar seperti santana yang juga meriahkan puncak pergerakan budaya hippie di Woodstock pada akhir tahun 1969-1970’s.


Seperti yang sudah pernah saya jelaskan pada ulasan sebelumnya mengenai psychedelic, Psychedelic adalah sebuah sub-culture yang berkembang di tahun 1960’s akibat movement kreatif yang dilakukan oleh para hippie. tentunya bicara soal  aliran psychedelic & psychedelic art tidak akan lepas dari para hippie karena mereka lah yang memulai budaya tandingan Ini terhadap pendahulu mereka yang katanya kolot.

Karena banyak mendapatkan support dari beberapa musisi/artist/seniman,bahkan juga beberapa director yang turut meramaikan vibes para hippie ini kedalam bentuk cinema ( film ), sehingga psychedelic  terbagi – bagi kedalam beberapa scena & bidang.

Perkembangan aliran psychedelic art didalam bidang seni visual kala itu  di sebut juga sebagai pop-culture yang masih berkembang hingga saat ini.


Perkembangan  Psychedelic art dalam design visual modern


Tidak bisa di sangkal, pada era yang modern ini psychedelic art bukanlah wajah baru didalam bidang design. Psychedelic art adalah sebuah trend pop yang sudah ada pada tahun 1960’s dan di kembangkan menjadi sebuah budaya seni yang masih di lestarikan hingga saat ini oleh seniman/budayawan & designer.

Dan perlu di ketahui bahwa pop culture yang sudah ada pada tahun 1960’s tersebut adalah sebuah formula visual yang menguntungkan dalam perkembangan psychedelic art saat ini, Di era yang modern ini psychedelic art berkembang kedalam bentuk yang bervarian. Jika kalian adalah seorang praktisi design ataupun pengamat tentunya sudah tidak asing dengan istilah psychedelic art.


Poster Created By Stoneeman  ( @Horcux_07 )
Poster Created By Stoneeman  ( @Horcux_07 )

Karena saya sendiri adalah seorang penggiat/praktisi design yang suka & menekuni aliran psychedelic art, kalian bisa cek sendiri di Instagram official stoneeman ( @horcux_07 ). Bagi saya di era yang modern ini Psychedelic art adalah visual yang dapat dikombinasikan kedalam berbagai elemen  design seperti manipulation art,surealm art,pop art, dan banyak lainnya yang dapat kita ketemui di media seperti Instagram,facebook jika kalian ingin mendalaminya. Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh psychedelic art modern yang stoneman buat :


Psychedelic Art Visual By Stoneeman ( @Horcux_07 )
Psychedelic Art Visual By Stoneeman ( @Horcux_07 )


Self Interprestasi

Jika saya boleh menafsiran pengertian psychedelic art didalam aliran seni visual pada era yang modern ini; Psychedelic art bukan lah sesuatu yang tercipta karena adanya substansi,melainkan psychedelic art adalah bagian dari apa yang bisa kita rasakan didalam kehidupan kita sehari – hari. Bagi saya penerapan dalam pembuatan psychedelic art tidak lah rumit, Jika kalian mempunyai ketertarikan ataupun feel & soul yang kuat, Kalian hanya perlu mengembangkan formula yang sudah ada di tahun 1960’s dan mengkombinasinya kedalam bentuk visual yang imaginary.